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Reducing Low T Symptoms Naturally

Reducing Low T Symptoms Naturally

Reduction in hormones is a commonality of aging. However, since this pandemic, there have been strange occurrences of all kinds of ailments and reduced chemicals in the body.

What is Low T?

Low T is lower levels of testosterone. It mostly affects men, but women also have smaller amounts of testosterone. When levels drop, all kinds of side effects can happen.

What are Symptoms of Low T?

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Low sex-drive
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Weight gain
  • Balding
  • Infertility

How to Know If You Have Low T?

To know if you have low testosterone levels, you must talk with your doctor about your symptoms. They will draw blood to determine if it is low T.

Treating Low T Naturally

Eating a balanced diet and exercising are good things to do to keep a body balanced naturally.


There are certain foods that help testosterone levels, naturally.

  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Garlic
  • Spinach

Amino Acids

Amino acids have also been known to help boost hormone balance. L- Arginine can help with testosterone and sperm count.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D-3 deficiency can lead to low testosterone levels.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Hormone Replacement

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is supplemental testosterone that your doctor can prescribe.

Be sure to talk to the doctor before starting any herbs or supplements to see if they are right for you.

Off-balanced hormones can wreak havoc on your body and mood. If you are concerned make an appointment with your doctor right away.

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More Gift Ideas for Him

More Gift Ideas for Him

Shopping for a man can be one of the most challenging things on the planet. That’s because 46% percent of men shop for themselves, according to a survey. That means they have already bought everything they need for themselves in most cases. So, when it is time to buy the man in your life something special, what do you do?

Go for Something He’d Never Buy for Himself

This strategy is a gamble, but one that could pay off very well. For example, he’s been using the same wallet that his grandpa gave him when he was in high school and is falling apart slowly. Yes, I’m sure it has sentimental value to him, but a new leather wallet from you might just be a fantastic upgrade that he will appreciate more than you know.

Think Outside the Box

All men have certain fantasies (and I’m not talking about explicit ones). It’s kind of like how some women truly believe in the fairytale, some men want to be a super spy like James Bond. Why not feed that fantasy with a feel-good present to show him that you think he’s THAT cool. Bond had his staples like a martini set, a nice watch, a gorgeous suit and his intense need for speed, hence the driving gloves. The thought that you consider him your personal James Bond will be the true gift that counts.

Thoughtful with Purpose

As times and technology has grown, we all have more gadgets and things we need to commute with us. Society has always accepted and treasured women’s handbags of all shapes and sizes, but has criticized the man-purse. Fair? Not at all. But is it even worth the argument when there are plenty of awesome bags that are universally accepted as unisex as the duffle bag, backpack or laptop bag? has an array of bags specifically designed for him.

I can concur that the Denton Canvas Satchel is a gorgeously constructed messenger that has pockets for days! Its sleek design is perfect for not feeling bulky, but has plenty of room for a laptop, padfolio and whatever else the guy in your life might need for work or class. So, when in doubt, go for a useful bag he can use for work or the gym and it will probably be a winner.

When it comes to shopping for a man don’t overthink and freak out. Consideration and thoughtfulness go a long way. And, if you are really struggling to find something that they need or want, just ask them the question. It’s not that they’ll be helpful always, but there might be something they remember at that moment that they need.

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Gifts That’ll Up Your Man’s Style Game

Gifts That’ll Up Your Man’s Style Game

Image Credit: Monicore from Pixabay.

You’ll have quite a lot to look after during the holiday season. There’ll be people to see, events to go to, and more. In the lead-up to this, there’s also a lot of gift-giving. Though some people will be easy to buy for, some won’t. The man in your life could be one of the more complicated.

You might have already gotten him the more obvious gifts that you can think of. There are ways around that, however, especially if he’s style-conscious. Even if you want to upgrade your man’s style, there are a few Christmas presents that you should consider getting him.

Gifts That’ll Make Your Man More Stylish

Stylish Footwear

When most people think of style, they often overlook the shoes. That’s especially true of men’s fashion. They can make or break an outfit, however. While there are multiple options to choose from, a pair of stylish sneakers could be recommended.

If your partner has a more casual style, then these could be the perfect option. You can adjust this depending on what his overall style is. If he prefers something more formal, for instance, then a high-end pair of leather shoes or boots may be the best option.

You’ll need to keep a few things in mind when you’re buying these. His exact size will be the most obvious of this. You’ll also need to make sure that the shoes fit with his overall style. Making sure that’s the case should be more than enough to make sure he likes them.

Grooming Kit

Women aren’t the only ones who can take care of their hair and skin. There are a wealth of male-focused products that you could pick up for your partner. A grooming kit may be the most recommended, especially if he doesn’t already have a routine.

Taking this approach lets them find a brand and products that suit him. All of these will naturally focus on helping him look and feel better. Once he’s in the habit of using them, you should notice a positive difference in his appearance.

If your partner is bearded, then you can even pick up a few options focused specifically on that. That should be more than enough to get him looking more stylish while also showing him that you love him.

You can pick these up from multiple places, although comes highly recommended.

Leather Wallet

When it comes to Christmas gifts for men, and men’s fashion in general, many people overlook the small things. Accessories can tie an entire outfit together, despite how overlooked they might be. While you might think of jewelry for this, his wallet could be just as vital.

Picking up a high-quality leather wallet may be the best-recommended option. Not only will these look nice, but they’ll be much more durable and reliable. That’ll not only make it look stylish, but it’ll be a practical Christmas gift for your man.

Some of the more high-end options even come with multiple features, such as RFID wallets. It’s a protection that blocks electromagnetics, which could make their credit cards and overall cash much more secure. This could be a very attractive benefit.

Everyone needs a new wallet every once in a while, so why not pick your partner up a nice leather one?

Electric Razor

While the baby-faced look never gets old, more and more men have opted for a certain amount of facial hair. Regardless of what camp your partner falls into, he could benefit from an electric razor. There are more than a few that you could pick up.

It may be worth going for one of the more high-end options. If your partner has facial hair, then he’ll be able to take care of it much better with these choices. That’s primarily because of the various accessories that typically come with them.

Armed with one of these, your partner should look much nicer after putting in some maintenance. He could even start experimenting with different style options, which could take his style game to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, picking up presents for a man can seem like a hassle. For a style-focused guy, however, there are multiple things that you can pick up. You shouldn’t have to spend a significant amount of money on them.

Each of the above should be more than affordable. They should also be Christmas presents for a man that everyone should enjoy. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from picking them up.

Even going with a combination of each could be an attractive option. What’s stopping you from making your man more stylish this Christmas?

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