How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Men

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Men

A capsule wardrobe is basically a collection of timeless and high-quality clothing and accessories that you can mix and match for various occasions or events. Creating this wardrobe can help you save money and time by aiding you in choosing your outfits efficiently. It also prevents clutter in your wardrobe or home and allows you to keep the clothing you really need. If you love to travel, a minimal closet can make packing easy. In this guide, you will learn how to simplify your life with a capsule wardrobe.

  1. Look out for quality

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The first thing you should do when creating your capsule wardrobe is to look out for quality, as you want clothes that will last. Take a good look at the clothes you already own and fish out the quality ones you would like to keep as the base for your new wardrobe. It would be best to throw out or give away the clothes you don’t need so you will be able to tell exactly what you have to buy when making your list. Ensure you find a brand or clothing site you can trust or, if possible, shop in person. 

One of the ways to determine quality is to read the label. Synthetic materials such as spandex or polyester tend to be less durable than natural materials like cotton. You can also feel the material to deduce if it is high-quality. If it is flimsy or itchy, avoid buying it. You want to settle for a material that has enough density but isn’t too heavy. You can also do the wrinkle test by balling a part of the fabric in your hand. If it stays wrinkled for a while after you release it, the fabric will not hold up long-term.

  1. Consider versatility

The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to create different outfits with the same pieces of clothing. Whether you are purchasing a shirt or a pair of pants, you will need to figure out if they can go with at least two other clothing items to curate a new look. For instance, the five-pocket pants can be paired with a buttoned-up shirt for an anniversary dinner or a polo shirt for golf with the guys. It’s also important to avoid trendy styles and opt for timeless clothes. 

You want something that you can wear in and out of season as well as dress up or down. White shirts, for example, are a staple in your wardrobe because of their ability to go with anything. A few pairs of denim can also up your fashion game, whether you are enjoying a casual work day or running an errand. You can also invest in layering pieces like cardigans, overcoats, and jackets to help you adjust to cold or windy temperatures while elevating your look.

  1. Be mindful of colors

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Color is vital when building a core wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with having different shades here and there, but choosing neutral colors can be beneficial. Black, navy, tan, and white can make it easier to pair various pieces together. If you are in the corporate world, getting suits in these hues can give you a lot of range without having to spend a fortune buying more than necessary. They also stand out in every season and have a stylish, elegant appeal. For instance, a tan sweater will look great during winter. However, do not cancel out accent colors completely. A pop of red can complement your neutrals and make you look more interesting. 

  1. Pick out your footwear

You don’t need an enormous shoe closet to nail your style game. What you need are a few pairs of good footwear that will fit perfectly for any event. To choose your footwear, think of where you normally go or the kind of social gatherings you attend. If you are invited to black-tie events or you have a lot of in-person business meetings, you will need at least two pairs of formal shoes like oxfords and dress boots. For casual appointments like brunch with friends, a pair of sneakers or loafers will do. It would be helpful to choose colors that do not overpower your entire outfit. Ensure you invest in genuine leather shoes to avoid replacing them often. 

Consider the weather as well. For instance, lightweight shoes can be good for the summer, while leather boots offer a classic style while keeping you warm during the winter. Also, remember to opt for comfortable footwear. Ensure they have enough cushion to provide arch support and watch out for thick seams on dress shoes. They can cut into your foot as you move. It would also be beneficial to try on new shoes with the type of socks you usually wear to determine if the heels slip.

  1. Pay attention to accessories

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Accessorizing is an art that can make or break your outfit. While many use accessories as a means of self-expression, they are also a simple way of polishing your style. There are many options to choose from, such as jewelry, belts, bags, and sunglasses. In today’s world, men’s bracelets are commonly worn at different functions. Beaded bracelets in various sizes, as well as solid metal bracelets, have become quite popular due to the sexy, classy look they offer. While a lot of men don’t know how to pull off rings, the minimalist ones can help you create a fashion statement. 

Necklaces have become a staple item as well as an appropriate gift because of how they can upgrade something as simple as a turtleneck. Watches, on the other hand, have been timeless. While they have a functional aspect, they also add elegance. For your capsule wardrobe, an analog watch can be a good investment. It requires little maintenance and is durable. Leather belts are necessary for keeping your pants in place. Ensure you match them with the color of your shoes for a well-coordinated look. Classic dark sunglasses can also upgrade your appearance on bright and sunny days.

Forming a capsule wardrobe requires some basic tips mentioned in this article. You can start small with a few pairs of trousers and shirts and work your way up with footwear and accessories. 

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