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Getting Covid Antibody Testing

Getting Covid Antibody Testing

Covid is on the rise again as we move into warmer weather. Oddly enough, a spring flu is hitting many parts of the world, too. Home tests have become the easiest way of testing after being exposed, but how accurate are home tests?

Home Testing

Rapid testing is simple to do, but how accurate is the home test? Some studies show that home tests are 91% accurate, while others only claim 75%. Some scientists believe that you will only test positive on a home test when you are contagious even if you are symptomatic.

When I got strong symptoms a few weeks ago, I took a home test. I wasn’t mentally prepared for it to be the dreaded Covid. So, when the test was negative, I sighed with relief. The doctor said it could be the new flu going around, but just quarantine to be safe.

The Symptoms Of Covid

The symptoms were a mix of every symptom listed on everyone else’s covid list. Runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, body aches, headache, blurry vision, jitters and a bad smell up my nose. It sounds much like the flu, but felt slightly different.

It took about a week to feel better, and when I did, thank God, I was great! I continued to quarantine for another few days. When I emerged from hibernation, I wore a mask. It’s important to have compassion for others, even if it was the flu. All I know is that the sickness I had going on wasn’t a picnic and I wouldn’t want to share that with anyone else.


Now, that I was feeling great, did I have to be concerned with my immune system being low and watch out for Covid, if this was, in fact, the flu? Was it covid and I now have covid antibodies? I researched the Covid Antibody test.

It had to be done at a lab. You don’t need a doctor’s script to get one, but if a doctor doesn’t prescribe it, you may be responsible for the payment.

Got The Script

I asked my doctor for the script and took it to the lab. I was able to walk in without an appointment since I was no longer contagious. It was a few easy questions followed by a simple blood draw.


The results for Covid Antibodies only takes about a day or so to get the results. It won’t tell you how many antibodies are there or the level of immunity, but it will say that you have been vaccinated or had covid within the last 3-4 months. If you weren’t vaccinated recently, it’s easy to come to the logical conclusion.

Getting an antibody test isn’t difficult to do. So, when in doubt, and if your doctor agrees, get the test to give you peace of mind. The virus is still out there mutating and causing major illness, so remember to be safe, mask up, sanitize and vax if you want. Keep up with CDC guidelines and information. Not everyone has a stellar immune system, so it is about keeping yourself and others safe while this virus adapts into a common cold, eventually.

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Self Tanner Application Steps

Self Tanner Application Steps

It is the season for bronzed bodies and the smell of cocoa butter SPF. The sun is important to get a good source of Vitamin D, but too much sun can be very damaging to the skin.

Pale is the new trend for whatever skin tone you have. From fair to dark, every skin tone has a shade of pale to it. However, when we hit the summertime fun, it’s difficult to not have a little extra color on your legs when flaunting an adorable dress or a pair of shorts.

Applying a self tanner can eliminate any subconscious feelings about your legs without subjecting yourself to harmful rays. Some skin tones don’t tan at all. They just burn. A self tanner can help reduce this pain. Darker complexions will use self tanners that have a sheerness to provide a sun-kissed glow.

Finding A Good Self Tanner

Finding the right self tanner can be a trial and error. Some tanners sumudge or run, while others turn orange. Finding what works for your skin tone, might take a bit of time. Some higher-end tanners offer samples at beauty counters.

Also, check the ingredients. Using something with harmful chemicals in the product can be worse than exposing your legs to the sun. What out for parabens and other junk that isn’t good for your dermis.

Applying Self Tanner

There are several available methods for applying self tanner.

Some products are aerosols, which take practice so you don’t end up with runny spots or heavy areas.

Lotion is fairly easy to apply. Colored lotions are wonderful for fair skin to see where you are applying. However, white lotions can evaporate instantly and vice versa for darker tones.

Airbrushing tans are amazing, but it usually takes two to get the right coverage. Some folks have mastered the solo act, but it will take a lot of practice to get the coverage correct.

Maintaining Color

Keeping a sunless tan for as long as possible will need to be moisturized. If the skin gets dry, the tan will flake as you lose dry skin cells. Waxing legs will remove color, so wax a few days before applying tanner.

As tan fades, plan a reapplication. Most self-tanners will last a week or two before fading. Be sure to exfoliate before applying a new coat of tan. Tanners can build up in certain areas causing the skin to look dirty or like a fake tan.

Don’t over-apply the coats of self tanner. It’s better to apply a light coat and reapply another light coat the next day to achieve the perfect completion.

Let’s put it this way, it’s easier to apply than remove sunless tanner.

So, have fun in the sun with a gorgeous sunless tan, but protect your skin with a good SPF.

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Allergy Season Got You Down

Allergy Season Got You Down

Seasonal allergies are the worst! Over 50 million Americans suffer from sneezing, headaches and watery eyes each year. Taking over-the-counter meds to combat the symptoms can be daunting. Some medications can leave you drowsy or groggy, while others don’t seem to work.

There are some natural ways to tackle seasonal allergies that might work or that can go well with taking allergy medicines.

Know You Triggers

Allergies can be triggered by certain environments or elements. Knowing what makes your body overreact and staying away from it can help ease your symptoms. For example, if trees are your kryptonite, then don’t go to the woods to have a picnic in the height of spring.

Clean The House

Keeping the house clean will help prevent allergy attacks. Opening a door or a window will allow pollen to enter each time. So, dusting and mopping will reduce the chances of that pollen getting onto your hands and into your respiratory system.


Gargling with salt water can help disinfect and keep your throat clean of pollutants.

Use a 1/4 teaspoon of salt mixed with 8 ounces of room temperature or warm water.

Gargle and spit.

Saline For Your Nose

Keeping your nose clean and moisturized with saline solution will keep irritants from sticking in the nostrils and getting into your system. Buying a premade mix is affordable and easy. However, if you want you can make your own saline.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Many food allergies or intolerances can cause other allergy sensitivities. Get tested for food allergies if you are suffering from seasonal allergies. There are certain foods that are known to help with allergies.

  • Citrus and foods that are high in Vitamin C and work well to boost the immune system.
  • Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce many allergy symptoms.
  • Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory that can drastically reduce swelling as well as booth the immune system.
  • Bee Pollen and Honey has been known to relieve allergies. However, only if you aren’t allergic to bees.

Call The Doctor

If you are struggling with seasonal allergies and finding no relief, call your doctor. Swollen canals can lead to infection. Having a doctor in the loop can keep you healthy. If you feel confused, light-headed, tightness in the chest or having difficulty breathing, seek emergency help right away.

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Dating Tips For Shy People

Dating Tips For Shy People

Have you always been a shy person? Have people always pointed this out about you? A lot of people find shyness to be an endearing quality, but when it comes to dating, it can be a serious obstacle. For shy people, talking to someone new can be a real challenge. If you’re shy and trying to date, it can feel impossible to do. However, shyness doesn’t always have to make dating really uncomfortable. Try not to think about shyness as just the way you are, but as something that you can work on to lessen over time. 

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It can be very helpful to keep an eye on the harmful aspects of shyness that can make dating even more of a challenge, such as avoiding meeting new people and avoiding people who might be interested in you. 

There is a link between shyness and avoidance when it comes to dating, which could cause you a problem. If you’re someone who is naturally shy, dating can feel very scary for a number of different reasons. Dating is a one-on-one activity that can leave you feeling under pressure to carry on a conversation. It often involves talking about personal topics, which can be intimidating for very shy people. You might also feel worried that your date is forming a bad opinion of you and doesn’t like you, or you might be afraid that you’re bad at making conversation and a bad, boring date. All of these reasons can make dating a scary idea for someone who is shy. 

In the short term, choosing to avoid dating altogether might feel like a big relief, but in the long term, continuing to avoid dating can lead to you having an unhappy love life, leaving you feeling lonely and with low self-esteem. It’s important to find ways to challenge yourself, whether you try online dating or singles events to meet new people and stop avoiding the chance of going on a date. 

Dating Tips for Shy People

Dating when you’re shy can be a challenge, but these tips can make it feel easier and less frightening. 

  • Write out the pros and cons of asking someone out on a date. Which of your lists wins? Do items on one list carry more weight than the other? 
  • Practice being more confident when asking someone out by standing up tall, smiling, and speaking clearly. These are all nonverbal signs that make you seem confident. You might find that practicing these steps can actually make you feel more confident. 
  • Handle rejection with care. If you get turned down for a date, think carefully about why this might be. You might assume they said no because there is something wrong with you, but try not to jump to this conclusion, and don’t let rejection keep you from trying again. 
  • Choose a date activity ahead of time. For someone who is shy, making conversation over dinner might be the hardest thing to do on a date, especially if the dishes are taking a long time to be served. Instead, try to plan an activity that is more engrossing for a date. This could be something like wine tasting, horse riding, or attending a cooking class together. These activities, and others like it, will let you focus your attention on the activity you’re doing while still giving you some time for conversation. If you’re stuck for something to say, you can talk about what you’re doing.

Tips for When You’re On a Date

  • Put your focus on the other person. Shyness and discomfort can increase when you’re focusing on yourselves, your own thoughts, insecurities and appearance. Shifting your focus to your date and the conversation you’re having can help you to feel more present and engaged. 
  • Don’t be a mind reader. Do you really know what the other person is thinking about you or are you just guessing and assuming the worst? Mindreading is often inaccurate and upsetting. 
  • Practice an easy manner with a sense of humour. Dating while feeling shy can feel demanding and scary. Try to break the tension by smiling, walking in a leisurely way, sitting in a comfortable way, and making a few jokes. Just be careful not to overdo the jokes. 

These tips can help you get a date and enjoy it. However, keep in mind that there is a difference between ordinary shyness and social anxiety. If you’re struggling with the latter, professional help may be a better option than pushing yourself to date. 

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Small Tactics That Can Save You A Lot Of Energy.

Small Tactics That Can Save You A Lot Of Energy.

There is no reason not to want to save energy around the home when you think about it. After all, less energy usage means less of a strain on the environment and your wallet! The good news is that you don’t have to move to a custom-built, sustainable home to lower your energy usage. There are many small actions you can take that will all add up to a massive energy saving. Read on to find out what they are. 

Get smart with your TV

Not many people realize that most TVs’ brightness settings come up to the max when you first get them from the supplier. Of course, this means you can waste a great deal of energy without even realizing it. 

To that end, be sure that you access your TV’s menu and turn the brightness setting to a more appropriate level. Additionally, if your TV has a clever piece of tech known as an ambient light sensor – turn it on! This is because it can adjust the brightness of the screen according to how light or dark the room is, so you will always achieve the perfect level, and save energy at the same time! 

Replace less energy-efficient windows 

The next way you can save energy around the home is by switching out old, energy-inefficient windows for ones that are designed to reduce your energy consumption. 

The good news is that there are plenty of windows, including the ones on offer from renewal by Anderson on the market designed to do this. This is because they use SmartSun™ Low-E4® glass which helps keep the temperature stable inside your home, something that means you need to use less energy in heating or cooling it. 

Ditch your printer 

Home printers are notoriously unreliable, so many of us would jump at the chance to get rid! Of course, they use loads of energy and create plenty of paper waste as well, which is also bad for the environment. 

With that in mind, opt for the digital QR versions of aeroplane tickets, and information booklets, and you can save plenty of energy. 

Stop opening the oven door to check on your food 

While it is tempting to crack the oven door to take a peek at how your cake is baking, doing so wastes a great deal of energy. This is because as heat escapes the inner temperature of the oven drops, and additional power is required to raise it again. 

That is why it’s best to opt for an oven with a glass door that allows you to check the progress of your meal, without needing to open it. You can even get some suggestions on how to keep your oven door shiny and clean so you can clearly see what is going in inside, in the video below. 

Final thoughts 

Whether you choose to follow one, or all of the suggestions above, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be making your home more energy-efficient, and saving money on bills at the same time! 

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