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Can You Live At Home When Renovating

Can You Live At Home When Renovating

Want to make changes to your house while you still live there? It might be less expensive than finding temporary housing somewhere while the repairs are being made. Yet, if you’re undergoing major renovations, it can be difficult to continue your daily life while construction is in progress. Whether you are installing sliding patio doors or decorating a bedroom, it’s certainly easier if you can save money and stay home. 

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So, what should you know before deciding to stay put while renovations are underway?

Where Will You Live? 

Do you plan to gut your current kitchen and build a new one? Or, perhaps, a complete makeover of the basement? Consider how this task will impact your day-to-day activities, whatever they may be.

If you need something from a room that will be out of commission for a while, you’ll have to figure out a way to get it to another part of the house. Get acclimated to having restricted space and amenities before construction even begins by making these preparations in advance, if possible.

You Will Need Storage 

Some or all of your household goods and furniture may need to be stored. The quantity of space you require for storage is going to change based on the specifics of the project at hand. It is prudent to compile a list of essentials and store the rest. Some people will just store their belongings in the garage. Those who have a lot of stuff to store may want to look into renting a storage container.


When Will You Be At Home? 

Since you call that place home, it stands to reason that you will frequent it. But, being aware of how much time will be spent at home during the job will help you adjust to having strangers in your home and the associated disruptions. If you believe you won’t be able to handle things, especially if you have kids, taking some time away from the situation may help you get through it.

Look At Your Expectations From A New Angle 

It’s unusual for everything to go off without a hitch. As this is your first time living through house improvements, you may have some unrealistic expectations. Unforeseen difficulties, shortages of materials, employee illness, and sudden events can all delay the completion of the project.

The expectation of a flawless job can be removed by allowing a flexible time frame and working on worst-case scenarios. Since one cannot be disappointed if one prepares for the worst, one should always do so.


Employ A Project Manager 

Self-management of a project is an appealing concept, but it isn’t necessarily practical. How much time are you able to commit to managing the job and the contractors on top of your current commitment? Removing the burden of project management and employing someone to take on this position might be a relief for homeowners who must remain in their homes throughout substantial renovations.

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Major Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home

Major Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home

Not all homes are meant to be forever homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little work on them while you’re there. If the current economy is anything to go by, plans can easily change, and you may end up staying in your current home longer than you expected.


Renovations can be a great way to add some value while also helping you make the most of your home right now. When the time eventually comes to sell, you can feel confident knowing you’ve taken care of your investment.

Explore some of the major renovations that will add value to your home and make it a better place to live too.

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Replace dated or damaged fixings and systems

It’s normal for houses to show wear and tear over time, and while you may be able to live with some of the issues in your home now, taking care of them could benefit you in the future and help you sell the property too.

Some of the signs that your home needs a renovation include an outdated home and a lack of space. Addressing some of these issues will pay off by adding value while also helping to make your home a much more efficient place to live.

Install new windows and doors

Windows and doors are an important part of your home, and while they are designed to last a long time, they will start to wear or become damaged over time. A full-service window and door replacement from Renewal by Andersen can help you modernize your windows and doors, which will make them more energy efficient. Newer windows and doors will help make your home warmer, saving you money on your heating bills too.

Rearrange your floor plan

If you’re faced with a lack of space or want to use your home differently, you could do some work on rearranging your floor plan. Removing walls and combining rooms can help free up space in areas like your living room or your kitchen, giving you all kinds of new possibilities that could help you create a better home for your needs. Creating a more open living space can give your home a lot of appeal, adding to its value with larger areas that continue to be popular with buyers.


Add an extension or remodel your basement/attic 

An extension or remodel is another way to make the most of the space you have. It can help you add some space or make the most of a space that isn’t being used, helping you add extra bedrooms, living spaces – whatever you want! There are a lot of amazing before and afters to give you some inspiration to show you what can be done in your home. 

While major renovations can take a lot of time and a lot of work, they’re worth it for the difference they can make to your home. Besides adding value to your home, renovations will help you get the most out of your property to help turn it into a dream home.

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4 Reasons why your Home is So Cold

4 Reasons why your Home is So Cold

If you feel cold in your home, then you will know how annoying this can be. You might feel as though nothing you do ends up helping and that you are always struggling to get your thermostat high enough. If this sounds like you, then you have nothing to worry about. There are many things you can do to try and turn things around, and if you follow this guide, you should find that it is easier than ever for you to make a positive change.

Cold Air is Leaking

If you feel a draft, then this could be because cold air is leaking inside your home. If this is the case, then you have to make sure that you seal your home’s envelope. The envelope is essentially a physical barrier that protects the inside of your home from the weather outdoors. If you want to try and seal this envelope, then make sure that you go outside, and seal the cracks and gaps around the windows. You can use a bead of acrylic to do this, or you can simply use polyurethane caulk. Next, take steps to install some weatherstripping. This will seal any cracks that you may have in the exterior of your doorway. If, during the day, you notice that there is sunshine passing through the side of the door, then weatherstripping should do the trick.

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Your Heating Doesn’t Cover your Home

If you have a home that is two stories, then you won’t be able to make do with just one heating or cooling system. Ideally, you need to make sure that you have two separate units so you can control both levels of your home. What’s realistic and what’s ideal will usually be very different things. If you have two systems, then this can boost your comfort on each level, and it can also help a lot with the heating costs.  If you want to help yourself here, then having a zoned ducted system will help. You will only need one heat pump, and this can save you a great deal of money. Investing in a solid heating system won’t do you any favours if you don’t have good windows, so be mindful of this if you can. If you want to take steps to combat this, then learn more here.


Your Home Needs Better Insulation

Insulation has a huge impact on the general efficiency of your home. For this reason, you have to try and keep your attic insulated so you can keep the cold air out of your living space. Insulation is usually based on an R-value, and this can range from 2 to 9 per every inch of insulation you have. The equation is very simple here, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation will work.

Your Filter is Old

Air filters do not last forever. You have to make sure that you change them out and that you clean them on a regular basis. You will usually have to do this every 90 days, so be mindful of that if you can. Filters trap debris and allergens, and this happens throughout your ventilation system. That being said, they can’t do their job if they are clogged. Replacing your filter is the best way to keep your home toasty.


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Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Renovations

Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Renovations

Home renovation is a great way to transform the space and give your home a much-needed facelift after a while. For some, it’s a project that they’ll undertake as and when it’s required. For others, it might be something that they do to help add value to the home, perhaps when selling.


If you’re looking to renovate your home in some way this year, here are five tips to get the most out of your home renovations

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Have a clear idea of what you want

Firstly, make sure that you have a clear idea of what it is you want from the renovations. It may only be a small-scale renovation that involves transforming a bedroom and fitting in wardrobes and other feature interiors. For others, it may be a larger-scale project where you’re ripping out the current bathroom or kitchen fittings and starting from scratch.

Understanding what your needs are so that you can be confident in communicating your vision to any and all laborers who are involved in the home renovation project itself. The last thing you want is miscommunication which leads to undesirable results.

Set a budget

Next up, you want to set yourself a budget. Consider how much you want to spend on these home renovations and, realistically, how much is available. Not everyone has tens of thousands to spend on home remodeling, which is why it’s important to set a budget that you can maintain.

Setting the budget is one that you want to be smart with and one that you don’t want to underestimate, especially as it can lead to spending way beyond your means.

Find a home remodeling company

To help get the most out of your renovation, consider the services of a home remodeling company. This is important because you may not have much experience in DIY and knowing visually what you want from this project.

Having expertise on it can certainly be helpful and is something you might definitely want to consider getting for your property refurbishments. Of course, it’s important to do your own research to find the best home remodeling company out there.

Invest in quality furnishings

Make sure you’re investing in quality furnishings when it comes to home renovations. When you’re spending the money, you may as well spend it on the best quality out there and that way, it’s going to last for a lot longer as a result.

Make sure you factored in interior furnishings beyond just the physical tearing down and updating structures around the home.

Work project by project

Every project is going to be different, bringing with it its own set of challenges. With that being said, when you’re working on these projects, make sure you’re doing them one at a time. Taking on too many projects at once will end up turning your home into a bomb site, which is not a great living condition to be in, especially with children.


These tips should hopefully ensure your home renovations go successfully this year.

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The 6 Best Types Of Vehicle For An Epic Road Trip

The 6 Best Types Of Vehicle For An Epic Road Trip

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When planning an epic road trip, it’s important to consider what vehicle you’ll be traveling in. Certain vehicles are definitely not built for long-distance trips and could negatively affect the overall experience. To make sure that your road trip is as comfortable and thrilling as possible, you may want to consider one of these types of vehicles.



While some of us associate SUVs with school runs, they are, in fact, the perfect vehicles for a road trip. SUVs are designed to have a lot of passenger space and a lot of trunk space, as well as enough ground clearance to cover most terrains, from highways to rugged mountain roads. This makes them very comfortable cars that you can pack a lot of luggage in while being able to take on any road (or even venture off-road).

SUVs don’t always have great fuel economy, but many are getting much better. It’s worth comparing the MPG of SUVs to save yourself money on fuel. 


A convertible car is any type of car with a retractable roof. These cars are perfect for enjoying the warm weather and taking in the sights on a long summer drive.

Most convertible cars are saloons or coupes and don’t have much trunk space, which can be a downside when planning a long road trip. However, you can get convertible SUVs such as the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

Off-road utility vehicle

Off-road utility vehicles are designed for taking on off-road terrain. They have increased ground clearance and a springier suspension – more so than an SUV – so that they can take on any terrain. This makes them ideal vehicles for off-road adventures through deserts, mountains, and other environments where proper roads may be few and far between.

Most off-road utility vehicles are quite rugged and not the comfortable ride for a long-distance drive. However, there are others such as the Ineos Grenadier, found at these Ineos Grenadier dealerships that have the on-board luxuries to compete with an SUV. 

Pexels. CCO Licensed.


Campervans are essentially vans with designated space to sleep in the back. This gives you the option to save money on accommodation.

The most popular and renowned campervan make is Volkswagen – aside from their traditional 50s camper, they have many other purpose-built models. However, there are other models from other makes on the market to consider, too, such as the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo and Toyota Proace Matino. Of course, it’s also possible to make your own campervan by buying a regular van and converting it. 



Although motorhomes and campervans are sometimes used interchangeably, most people would agree that motorhomes are a step up. They don’t just contain a bed but also other facilities like a kitchen, toilet, and couches – making them feel like a mini holiday home on wheels. 

Motorhomes can save you money on accommodation in a more stylish way than a regular camper van. However, they are more expensive to buy. Due to their size, motorhomes can also be more challenging to drive and may not be suitable for some narrow roads. 

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Touring motorcycle

You don’t have to plan a road trip on four wheels. A motorcycle could be a more thrilling way to enjoy a road trip – especially if you’ve got friends who also own motorbikes. Touring motorcycles are specifically designed for road trips. They have more storage space, a bigger fuel tank, and increased rider room. They are more expensive than regular bikes but are a worthy investment if you want increased comfort and range.

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