Making Exercise Fun Again

Making Exercise Fun Again

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We all know how important exercise is for a whole multitude of reasons, but so many of us get into a rut with our workouts; they become a chore and we find it hard to get the physical activity we need to be as fit and healthy as possible.

The good news is when you just aren’t feeling your workouts anymore, there are lots of things you can do to make the whole thing fun again…

Do something else at the same time

If you really aren’t feeling your exercise routine,  one thing that can really help is to do something else that you do enjoy at the same time. For example, you could listen to a gripping audiobook while you hike in the woods, watch TV while you run on the treadmill, or listen to a favorite podcast as you work your arms on the rowing machine. The fun thing you’re doing will take your mind off how tough the exercise feels and you’ll actually start to have fun again.

Try something new

Often, we stop having fun with exercise because it becomes mundane. We do the same HIIT workout or run the same route every day and our brains lose interest. Luckily, we can reignite our passion for movement by trying something new. It only takes a brief glance at to show that there are so many different sports and activities out there that you can dive into right now and maybe find that fun new passion, Even if you don’t find the one exercise you truly love, you’ll have a lot of fun trying them out nonetheless.

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Do it with someone else

There are numerous studies that show we have better fun and are more likely to keep exercising when we do it with someone else and this really makes sense because you can talk and laugh, and cheer each other on along the way. So, if exercise has lost the fun factor for you, try bringing a friend along and you will soon be smiling the whole time, even if you are a bit hot and sweaty too.

Change the timing

Just because you’re always scheduled your workouts for 5 am doesn’t mean that you keep having to do so if the thought of getting up so early in the harsh winter months is not appealing to you. There is nothing wrong with moving your workout around so that it comes a long at a time of day when you are most likely to be receptive to it.  Exercise is only fun when you’re feeling it, so there’s no point in scheduling it in for any other time.

Have a goal

Having a goal gives you something to aim for. It also enables you to make a game of exercise, constantly trying to beat your last personal best. If you’re the competitive type, this can make it a whole lot more fun.

As you can see, it’s often much easier than you think to start enjoying exercise again. Try the above suggestions, and pretty soon you’ll be back to your happier, healthiest, most active, self.

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