Natural Ways of Relieving Pain

Natural Ways of Relieving Pain

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If you have ever experienced chronic pain or long term illness, you will know that pain is not something that is easy to live with. There’s no getting used to it, no matter how long it lasts. Medical professionals have invested hundreds of years’ worth of research into how to best relieve pain, and yet there are still unanswered questions when it comes to this area of medicine.

If you regularly experience  pain due to injury, illness or a chronic condition, you might be in search of an alternative method of pain relief. Hospital-prescribed pain relief can be extremely helpful, but there are downsides, such as addiction and financial difficulty.

In today’s post, you will learn some natural ways to relieve pain that are said to work wonders for people all around the world.

1. CBD/Marijuana

Although a somewhat controversial subject, marijuana has been used for decades as a form of self-medication. Now, in some parts of the world, doctors are even able to prescribe marijuana-based products, and consumers can buy them in stores.

The cannabis plant has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe aches and pains. Although it’s not for everybody, using CBD (an oil extracted from the cannabis plant) or traditional marijuana works wonders for some users with chronic pain. If you are concerned about how it might look to the people in your life, you don’t have to tell them! Your method of pain relief is private to you. You can invest in a “doob tube”  that discreetly stores your marijuana in a simple case.

2. Massage

Massage is regularly sold as a spa-day kind of treatment, but in actual fact, massage has powerful healing properties for pain. Masseuses are able to correct postural issues over time, as well as improving lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation and providing muscle relaxation – all of which can contribute to low pain overall.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is a herb that is used medicinally for all sorts of ailments, including arthritis, IBS, menstrual cramps and skin problems. A powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric can soothe irritated areas of the body if consumed daily in tea, tablet form, or in delicious recipes.

4. Gentle movement

There’s a well-known phrase: “Movement is medicine.” Gentle movement can be an antidote to things like rheumatoid arthritis, poor digestion, or an acute injury. Doing vigorous exercise is unlikely to help with chronic pain, but slow, controlled movement such as tai chi,  yoga or even walking can be a great natural pain remedy.

5. Physiotherapy

In a similar way to massage, physiotherapy can help solve acute problems, such as bad posture, pain after injury, or stiffness caused by illness. Working with a physiotherapist who can give you at-home exercises is always worth the investment if you experience large amounts of pain.

Final thoughts…

If you are struggling to find medical pain relief that works for you, why not try any of these five natural pain remedies? Always consult a physician before trying any of these natural pain treatments, as not all of them will be suitable for every person with chronic pain.

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4 Things Your Business Needs To Do To Be Considered Safe

4 Things Your Business Needs To Do To Be Considered Safe

If there is one thing that all businesses today need to be concerned with, it is health and safety. It does not matter whether you run a construction company or you are in charge of an accounting office, health and safety is an area whereby you cannot cut corners. No matter how safe a working environment is there are always going to be risks. With that being said, read on to discover some important health and safety tips for all business owners to follow.

Get familiar with the legislation pertaining to your business

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the rules and regulations that are in place. You need to make sure that you are up-to-date with all of the laws that relate to you. This includes general health and safety regulations, as well as those specific to your industry. There are also regulations on certain working practices, for example, manual handling. Most businesses will have a sizeable number of rules they need to adhere to. Of course, there are specific rules per industry, as nursing home neglect lawyers will tell you, as there are incredibly stringent rules in the care sector.

Keep a well-stocked first aid box

No matter the size of your company, you need to make certain that you have a first aid box, and you need to make sure that is stocked properly too. There should be someone assigned to monitor the contents of the box so that you can be sure any items are replaced as soon as they need to be. You also need to make sure that there is always someone on-site that has an up-to-date first aid qualification.

Always research suppliers carefully

It can be very tempting to simply leave your business’ health and safety in the hands of a contractor. However, you need to remember that the level of service provided by these businesses is going to have a massive impact on your own. If you do not choose with care and the service in question is not carried out properly, there are still going to be health and safety risks, and it will be your neck that is on the line. Whether it is asbestos roof encapsulation you are looking for or you need a provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), take your time to carry out all of the necessary research and read reviews too.

Keep a written record

This is the final piece of advice, and it is a pivotal one. You need to keep a record of all of the health and safety measures you are taking as a company. Not only this, but you need to record any accidents, injuries, and illnesses that happen in the workplace.

So there you have it: some of the most important health and safety tips for all businesses to follow today. It does not matter what business you run, what your working environment is like, or how many employees you have at your business, you need to make sure that health and safety is your main priority. Follow the advice and suggestions that have been provided above as a starting point but make sure you read up on all of the legislation that is relevant to your business and your industry.

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How You Can Get Through an Injury

How You Can Get Through an Injury

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Getting injured whether it is through an accident or medical malpractice is already a stressful scenario, but knowing how to overcome this will help you immensely when you are not sure what to do. Here is some advice on what you could do if you find yourself dealing with an injury and do not know what to expect. 

Get Yourself Checked Out By a Medical Professional 

Getting medical attention is most definitely important when you have acquired an injury. You want to ensure that you get the medical attention that you require. Even if you think you are being a burden to the doctors, you just never know what long term health effects you may have after acquiring an injury. 

Hire Legal Representation 

The legal world is full of complicated terms and conditions that can easily overwhelm you if you are not familiar with how it works. So sometimes it is necessary to consult a professional in this field such as an attorney. In this instance if you have required an injury that was not necessarily your fault after seeking medical treatment, then it will be useful to consult with medical malpractice attorneys. They are proficient in this area of the law and would be able to provide you with the necessary advice that you need to overcome such a stressful and difficult situation. 

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Organize a Meeting With Your Employer

The injury you are currently dealing with may require you to have some time off from work which is something that is out of your control. Ideally they should be supportive towards your recovery but it is important to inform them of this updated situation so that they can plan cover for your shift. You should then keep in contact with them to provide them with updates regarding your recovery and when you are fit to return to work again.  

Look After Your Own Wellbeing 

Ensuring that you spend time resting both mentally and physically will be necessary for your own recovery plan. You want to allow your body and mind to heal properly so to do this you need to look after your own mental wellbeing. Work on strengthening your body after your injury with various exercises, a good diet plan and consulting a mental health professional to help you discuss any anxieties you may have. 

Keep Yourself Busy 

If you need to spend prolonged time at home recuperating then you want to prevent yourself from getting bored, so that you do not become lazy, particularly mentally. Keep your mind active with puzzles, reading books and doing creative activities, along with laying on the sofa watching Netflix.

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Is There A Way Of Curing Hearing Loss?

Is There A Way Of Curing Hearing Loss?

There are a lot of different sorts of hearing loss. In this blog post specifically, we are going to take a look at sensorineural hearing loss and how this can be treated. 

For those who are unaware, sensorineural hearing loss occurs when damage has happened to the inside of the ear or the nerves that travel from the ear to the brain. This is a permanent form of hearing loss. It can result in loud noises sounding muffled. If you experience this type of hearing loss due to some surgery that has gone wrong, hiring a medical malpractice attorney comes recommended.

With that being said, read on to discover more about sensorineural hearing loss and how this can be treated.

What are the symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss?

There are a number of different symptoms that are associated with sensorineural hearing loss. This includes your perception of loudness being affected. There are a number of other signs to look out for as well. This includes your capability to distinguish different types of speech signals deteriorating. You may also have reduced sensitivity to soft sounds. If these are all symptoms that you have noticed, it is important to get in touch with a hearing loss specialist as soon as possible so that they can diagnose the problem and help you to get to the bottom of it. 

What are the causes of sensorineural hearing loss?

There are a number of different reasons why people experience sensorineural hearing loss. This includes birth-related and congenital hearing loss. Injections that are given during pregnancy, as well as hereditary predispositions, premature birth, and complications during birth, can all result in sensorineural hearing loss in newborns. In addition to this, genetic conditions can cause sensorineural hearing loss, which can impact infants from birth or develop later in life. 

Aside from this, sensorineural hearing loss can be caused because of noise exposure. Being exposed to loud noise can result in inner ear damage. Drugs and medication can also be to blame. As sensorineural hearing loss can be a side-effect of certain medications and cancer treatment. However, the main cause of all forms of hearing loss is aging. The first signs of progressive hearing loss can be issues in understanding speech when there is background noise. 

Sensorineural hearing loss

Early treatment is a must when it comes to sensorineural hearing loss. This can lead to reduced life quality and isolation. This kind of hearing loss can rarely be turned around using surgical or medical procedures. However, hearing aids can often help to make life better and more comfortable for someone who is experiencing this type of hearing loss. It is best to visit a professional hearing aid specialist in order to get assistance with diagnosing and treating sensorineural hearing loss.

When you see a hearing loss specialist, they will carry out testing to determine the prognosis. They will ensure that you have the right type of device and that it is tuned to suit your requirements.

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Females: That Time of the Month.


The friend that never lets you down, Aunt Flo, The Curse… There are dozens of nicknames for a women’s monthly period. Some would say, ‘On the Rag’ is the crudest one of them all. However, the phrase comes from what was used before disposable pads were invented.  Thanks to some nurses in France who were inspired by the original, war-time invention from Benjamin Franklin, started using wood pulp bandages for that specific time of the month. This then, encouraged manufacturers created the first disposable pad for purchase in 1888. Still, rags, also called, Sanitary Napkins, were still commonly used in household throughout the 1950s.

Period Poverty

In today’s society, a majority of women have at least experienced one period overload or ran out of pads just went they needed one the most. But can you imagine not having a pad or even rags during that time of the month? That is exactly the case for some females in some parts of the world. The belief in some cultures is that a woman is impure during that time of the month and must be banished until she has finished her cycle.

The largest problem with not having a pad or rag to discreetly hide a female’s monthly ‘friend’ is the lack of sanitation during that time. We know that the body sheds a lot of stuff during that time, so it is a major health risk to oneself and others to not have it confined into one area. Plus, the inability to wash their hands in some locations can cause a snowball of health complications.

Disposable Pads: The Convenience is Great, but so is the Harm?

Disposable pads are a blessing, for sure. Yet, pads and diapers have taken a large toll on the environment. It is believed that biodegradability for a single diaper is 500 years. However, these disposables can now be recycled! In Canada and other places in the world, they can toss pads into the regular, curbside recycling bins. Other locations in the world must put in a little more effort. There are several companies out there that have specific pick-up collection companies for pads and diapers.

Going Old School with a Twist

For those that don’t have the time to find a local pickup service for their used feminine products, but still want to go with an old-school way of handling their monthly flow, in a way more sanitary method than back in the day, there is a product from Reusable pads.

Reusable pads are included for every kind of flow day needed. The reasonably priced kit that is available includes 2 light-flow, 2 medium-flow and 2 heavy-flow pads. Each dark-gray, microfiber pad is infused with bamboo charcoal to prevent odor while encased in a recycled waterproof lining to prevent leakage. The soft material is non-irritating, and the snap closure keeps the pad in place on underwear. Washing is also easy. Rinse (or soak with tea tree oil to help remove stains) and toss into the washer. Line-dry is the best option, so the pad doesn’t lose shape. Using them might feel different, at first, but you will soon find that you can confidently replace disposable pads with reusable ones to get the same protection.

Helping Out Others

Being a woman has its challenges, for sure. Yet, could you imagine missing work or school because it’s that time of the month? Sadly, it happens in places all over the world. A lot of great companies understand the seriousness of period poverty and are choosing to do something about it. and other manufacturers of feminine products have decided to make a solid guarantee to us, the consumers. When you purchase one of their products, they will donate a supply to a female in need to help in the fight against period poverty. donates to women and girls around the globe, along with educating menstrual health in West Africa.

Our Mission: To End Period Poverty – Trade To Aid

As females, we all have our own menstrual stories and nightmares, but at least most have those experiences with some form of protection. Pads and tampons reduce exposure to many diseases and viruses during a monthly flow passing though the vagina. Just think, some women don’t have that luxury. But remember there is something you can do to help our fellow sisters in the world. When shopping for sanitary pads, whether it be cloth or disposable pads, be sure to look for a product that is allowing you to help out others just by buying something you already need.

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How To Appreciate The People In Your Life

How To Appreciate The People In Your Life

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In a poll involving over 2000 Americans, 60% admitted to showing gratitude towards people who go out of their way to do something nice for them. Undoubtedly, there are people in your life who do much for you, and it makes sense to want to do something good in return to preserve memories. Whether family, friends, or a loved one, appreciating them is the way to go. Therefore, if you don’t know how to make them feel recognized, below are a few ideas. In the long run, it’s the thought that counts. 

1. Be there for them

Sometimes, making people feel appreciated is not entirely about buying a physical gift. Instead, it is about the deliberate efforts taken to spend time with them. It is also about the physical closeness, the frequent phone calls to check on them, and any other deliberate action that displays how often you have them in mind. Again, show up at their special events, remember their birthdays, or offer to perform a chore for them. Action, they say, speaks louder than words, and that is what you should be aiming for. Moreover, in many cases, people appreciate efforts that cannot be quantified.

2. Design a handwritten “Thank You” card

If you thought this was just something kids do, you thought wrong. A self-designed ‘thank you’ card can be done by anyone, regardless of age. It also means that you value them enough to spend time out of your busy schedule to create a card purposely for them. Indeed, the handwritten card should not necessarily be for a special occasion. It can be delivered at any time, mainly because the primary purpose is to express gratitude for something they did. Moreover, in the era of the internet and typing, it would be nice to put pen to paper, in a literal sense. Let them know the specifics of what you value about them and how much of a difference they make in your life.

Again, it is the thoughtfulness that makes all the difference. Your loved one is not expecting you to be a grand artist (you’re probably not) with this handwritten card. Your job is to put into words how much you love them and to acknowledge their positive actions towards you. How do you go about it then? Fortunately, there are several blank ‘Thank You’ cards in gift shops around the country. You will also find others on online shops that you can order. Another option you may want to consider is to create a love book

3. Pay the kindness forward

One good turn deserves another. In this case, however, that ‘good turn’ can be paid forward. In other words, someone else could benefit from the kindness. You can do this through volunteerism or giving to charity. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to let your ‘benefactor’ know that you’re taking these actions as a way to pay the kindness forward. They couldn’t be prouder to know that their actions impacted you so positively.

Indeed, there are several ways to value the people in your life without necessarily making it seem like spending huge sums is the only form of appreciation. Kindness and appreciation are signs of humanity, and you can never give or receive too much of them.

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Can IV Therapy Treat Stress?

Can IV Therapy Treat Stress?

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Living with stress is not easy at all, and people that aren’t stressed will never know how lucky they have it. Stress comes from different sources, and it can weigh down your mind and cause physical health problems as well. Finding stress relief treatments is essential, but what can you do to treat stress?

One idea that’s doing the rounds is IV therapy. It’s not necessarily a new concept, but it has only started coming into the public eye lately. If you are suffering from stress, can this treat it?

What is IV therapy?

First of all, what is IV therapy? 

Most of your direct involvement with IVs will be within a hospital setting. The process is when a bag of fluid is hooked up to your body via your veins – hence its real name: intravenous therapy. The fluid contains various things that will enter your bloodstream directly. 

In hospitals or clinical settings, IVs are most commonly used for extreme pain relief. They are combined with morphine or ketamine therapy to help patients feel less pain and drift off into a healing sleep. Other IV’s contain good stuff in restoring fluids.

How can IV therapy help stress?

Taking the above into account, how on earth can IV therapy help people suffering from stress? Well, it all boils down to the IV concoction you are given. 

Typically, IVs that treat stress will include some of the following nutrients and minerals:

  • Vitamins B and C
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Water

The idea behind this is that all of these things can improve your internal system and handle chemical imbalances in your body. After all, stress is a response to chemical imbalances that mean your body releases high amounts of cortisol. This is the main stress hormone that makes you feel panicked, raises your heartbeat, and leads to the typical stressed feelings you have every day. 

It is believed that by giving your body the right blend of vitamins and minerals, you can reduce cortisol production and increase your production of serotonin. For those that don’t know, this is basically a happiness hormone that improves your mood. 

How does this differ from taking vitamins and mineral supplements?

A very good question and the answer is that, well, it doesn’t. The only main difference is that these things enter your bloodstream directly, so you might absorb more of them into your body and see faster effects. You could still see similar results if you kept taking a blend of supplements every day, though it would take longer to feel stress relief. 

So, does IV therapy work for stress?

Yes and no.

It can help if your problem is primarily a chemical one. It’s particularly good if you naturally have hormonal imbalances, helping to restore balance to your body. However, you still need to address the main causes of stress. It’s all well and good trying to improve your hormonal balance, but will it do anything if you’re still feeling stressed because of external factors – like work or your relationships? Overall, you can say that it is a possible stress relief method to add to the others out there.

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How To Take Better Care Of Your Oral Hygiene

How To Take Better Care Of Your Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene matters just as much as your personal hygiene. Taking good care of your teeth and gums can prevent an array of issues and diseases. If you struggle to take good care of your teeth or want to improve your routine, here are the best tips. 

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Attend routine checkups

Your routine checkups are an essential part of your oral hygiene. They are there for a reason and are there to assist with the health maintenance of your teeth. Should your routine checkup result in no work needing to be done, that’s a bonus. Even if you have no issues as a result of every appointment, it is still important to attend then regularly. You will not want to miss them and avoid discovering an underlying health condition. A place like Infinity Dental will help you stay on top of your oral health and keep your oral health in good check.

Regular treatments and expert cleaning

Using your time wisely at home could mean that you spend an hour wisely deep cleaning your teeth. You could create spa experience at home and pamper yourself whilst whitening and cleaning your teeth. Or, you could ask an expert to professionally clean your teeth. A deep clean and treatment will free your gums and teeth of a buildup of bacteria and plaque. 

Brush your teeth twice a day (or more)

When a dentist tells you to brush twice a day, make sure to take their advice. They aren’t just saying it for no good reason. It is so important to brush your teeth when you wake up and when you go to bed. Cleaning your teeth will free your gums and teeth from dirt and plaque, which if not removed, can cause infections or poor tooth health. Brushing twice a day is advised. Yet, if you can remember to brush more (after each meal, snack, or drink) then you will be able to achieve optimal oral hygiene. 

Brush your tongue

As well as brushing your teeth, it is important to brush your tongue too. Lots of bacteria and plaque can build up there, which can deteriorate the health of your gums and teeth. It is useful to get a separate tongue brush or toothbrush so that you don’t can maximize the hygiene of your brushing. 

Don’t forget to floss

Aside from brushing both your teeth and tongue, it is important to get in between your teeth with floss. It is easy for food or bacteria to get stuck between your teeth and the best way to get rid of it is with floss. Make sure to floss twice a day if you can so that nothing gets stuck between your teeth for too long. If you forget to floss, the food or germs could lead to an infection in your gums and cause pain and inflammation. 

Following these tips, you can attain optimal oral health and hygiene at home and be on your way to optimal teeth health. 

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Moving House? Take A Moment To Read This

Moving House? Take A Moment To Read This

Has the time come for you to sell up and move to a different house? If so, then there will be many things to do and sort out before you can list your current home on the market. You will need to find a top-rated realtor to help you sell your home. Remember, prospective buyers don’t often want to move into a fixer-upper so be sure that your home is move-in ready for the new owners. 

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You should take some time to declutter your property. This includes all rooms and places such as the garage. Wherever people will be looking when they want to buy your home needs to be clear of your belongings. The reason to declutter is that when people look around they need to be able to envision their own items filling the space in your home. They won’t be able to do this if your stuff is filling every space and gap. Another reason is that if your home is filled with junk then it will make the rooms look small and cramped. If you open up these spaces by putting your items away then the rooms will look roomier. You don’t want to lose a sale due to your personal items being around the place. 


Once you have decluttered it is important to spend some time cleaning your property. Dust, dirt, and other debris can gather over the years and can be missed in general cleans. This is okay and can be sorted with a simple deep clean. Areas to focus on are extractor fans and oven hoods, these can get especially dusty. Rooms to focus your attention on are the kitchen and the bathroom, when these are dirty it can be extremely noticeable. You need to ensure they both sparkle ready for pictures to be taken and buyers looking around. Take extra care to ensure that there is no black mold around the bath. 

Floors will need to be cleaned as well as the rest of the house. This takes care of any dust or pet hair leftover from cleaning. As well as hoovering, carpets should be shampooed. This ensures all ground in dirt is taken away and the place is left smelling amazing. If you don’t want to do this yourself then you can call in a professional carpet cleaning service and they will do it for you. 


Finally, one last thing to check your home for is anything that needs repairing. As mentioned above buyers will not want to move into a property that needs repairs. Now is the perfect time to make your way through that repair to-do list. One particular area to double-check is the roof, this can be sneaky and there may be a leak that you have missed. Unfortunately, if you leave this it can cause bigger problems for the new owners. 

You could lose a sale due to repairs not being carried out. When someone wants to buy your home they will send out a building surveyor to make sure everything is okay with the structure of your home. If anything major crops up on this then you could lose yourself a home sale. 

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