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Should Adults Consider Getting Braces?

Should Adults Consider Getting Braces?

In the past, most people saw braces as a sign of adolescence. In some cases, you might see late teenagers with braces, but it was rare to see an adult wearing them. However, things have changed since then and the benefits of braces are starting to be noticed by adults as well. If you’ve never worn braces then there’s a good chance that some of your teeth may seem crooked or misaligned. These effects can be more apparent as you get older.

There’s really no reason why adults shouldn’t get braces as they can still perform the same function as they do for children. While younger people will see more benefits from braces, it doesn’t mean that they don’t work for adults–it just takes a little longer. So here are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider getting braces.

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Increases your self-confidence

One of the best reasons to get braces as an adult is to improve your self-confidence. It’s easy to feel conscious about our teeth, especially in social situations where you need to smile. Nobody wants to have crooked or misaligned teeth in a family or wedding photo, so it’s completely normal to want to see an orthodontist to straighten their teeth. This is a common reason for people to get braces and we highly recommend it if you believe that straighter and more beautiful teeth can help with your confidence.

Easier to maintain your teeth

Braces can also make it easier to maintain your teeth in the future. Some people find that flossing teeth can be hard when your teeth aren’t aligned properly, and it can also make brushing a little more difficult. Once you’re done with braces, you’ll find that brushing and flossing to take care of your teeth and gums becomes a lot easier. Your toothbrush will have an easier time reaching into every nook and cranny of your teeth to keep your mouth fresh and free of food debris and bacteria.

Plenty of discreet options

When you visit a dentist about braces, you’ll be presented with lots of unique options for styles of braces. Some of them are like traditional metal braces, but others might be transparent which makes them a lot more discreet than usual. These options are fantastic for people that might feel conscious about their teeth, especially if they’re trying to hide the fact that they’re getting braces. These can be easily taken off as well, making them an extremely convenient option.

Fixing bite-related issues

Finally, adults should consider getting braces to fix any bite-related issues they might have. When your teeth are misaligned, it can lead to bite problems known as malocclusion. If left alone, it could potentially lead to difficulty chewing, broken teeth, or even tooth loss. Braces could fix these bite-related issues by ensuring that your biting force is evenly distributed across the mouth. This can make it easier to consume food and will prevent you from biting too hard which can damage your teeth.

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Why Health is Often The Most Contributive Factor Of Beauty

Why Health is Often The Most Contributive Factor Of Beauty

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When we think of what it is that defines “beautiful,” many of us have different impressions and beliefs. After all, while we might think of a flawless catwalk model as someone who is the absolute pinnacle of beauty thanks to their symmetrical features – and there’s no denying those people look incredible – it’s just as easy to find beauty in a colleague or a family member despite perhaps not living up to “the standard” that professional photographers and fashion moguls may wish to hire.

For this reason, it’s important to note that there are many factors that add to beauty, and beauty itself can be levied in many different ways. We’ve all met someone who may not be conventionally attractive, but their personality transforms them into one of the most engaging people we know. 

Another good way to improve your own beauty is to think about your health. This is a heavily contributive factor in beauty – and all we need to do to confirm this is to take a selfie once after getting a full night’s sleep, and next after pulling an all-nighter working. But how else does this come into play? Let’s see this, below:

Skincare & Grooming Is Essential

Skincare and grooming are often seen as self-care, but they’re also healthcare, in that making sure your skin is protected against the sun each day, ensuring you’re hygienic, and that you treat certain areas of your body, such as rashes, your hair health, and things such as your posture can make a major difference. Making sure that you cultivate the proper treatment each morning and night, such as using condition-specific skin creams, can help you glow more readily.

Dental Care Can Aid Your Natural Smile

There’s nothing better than smiling wide in photographs or when laughing with friends, and not feeling insecure about it. Cosmetic dentistry can make a major difference as far as this is concerned, helping you resolve issues that might have come from dental conditions or perhaps bad habits in the past. You’d be surprised as to how well this can help, and how relieving it is to have conditions identified ahead of time.

Exercise Helps You Become Confident

Confidence is an attractive trait, and can often help people get away with risky fashion decisions or at least wear who they are with pride. Ultimately, you become more beautiful when you don’t have to ask permission for being who you are. Exercising can help you feel just like that, as it enables you to directly invest in yourself, helps your posture, allows you more energy and to feel stronger, while also allowing you to feel comfortable in your own skin compared to a usual sedentary lifestyle. It’s so much easier to feel confident at an event when you’ve taken care of your stress that day by running or going for a hike.

With this advice, you’re certain to properly curate your health as the foundational and most worthwhile element of beauty. When you can approach that, you’ll be taking care of yourself properly, with your priorities set.

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Hands the Same Color as the Easter Eggs? Remove Dye from Hands.

By Tia Cristy

Problem: Tia, how do you get the dye off the kids’ hands after dying Easter eggs?

Photo by cottonbro:

Tip from Tia: Having a blast coloring eggs for Easter with the kids, is a lifetime memory. But, you don’t want the kiddos to have that color on the hands by the time Easter pictures roll around.

A quick way to remove the dye from their hands, without using anything too abrasive, is peroxide. Take the kids over to the sink, have them cup their hands and pour peroxide into their hands and have them rub together.

(Side Note: Make sure they don’t have any large cuts on their hands. Warn child of the funny tingling sensation while applying; It’s best to give them a heads up if they’ve never experienced an un-painful use of peroxide)

Let it sit on the hands for a couple seconds to a minute, rinse and then wash with soap. Repeat process if necessary. 

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Do You Know When To Visit A Dentist?

Do You Know When To Visit A Dentist?

As a rule of thumb, most people should visit their dentist every 6 months for a check-up, however, a surprising number of people fail to adhere to this guidance and only visit a dentist out of necessity. There are a whole host of reasons that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. To help keep your teeth and mouth in top condition here are some examples of when you should be visiting your dentist. 

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One of the most obvious reasons to visit your dentist is for toothache relief. Toothache can be a common occurrence with many a regular culprits causing the pain. Typical causes of toothache include cavities/decay, failing or broken fillings, cracks, breaking or broken teeth, and inflamed gums. 

If you are experiencing a dull ache, pain, or sensitivity to hot and cold foods it is advised that you see your dentist. Even if the pain is not constant it is still recommended you have your teeth looked at. It could be that there is a problem forming and early intervention could save you considerable discomfort and money. 

Broken tooth 

Although teeth are designed to be strong, they can still break, crack or fracture for a variety of reasons. Commonly, breakages can occur as a result of an accident, eating, or cavities. Whatever the cause of the damage to your tooth it is important that you see a dentist immediately. Even if the break or crack does not hurt. Your dentist may be able to save or restore your tooth and prevent further complications or breakages. 

Sensitive teeth

Teeth have a protective layer of enamel encasing them, which is designed to protect teeth from sensitivity to hot and cold. This enamel can wear away over time and the level of protection you have will deplete meaning you will become more sensitive to the exposure of hot and cold temperatures on your teeth. You can avoid this erosion by not using too much pressure when you brush your teeth and by using sensitive toothpaste. That said, there could be an underlying cause of the sensitivity. If you have noticed a change in the sensitivity of your teeth or can identify a particularly sensitive tooth or area, then you should visit your dentist. It could be that the nerves in your tooth are exposed or unprotected, which if left untreated could become very painful, potentially infected, and require extensive treatment. 

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can be a subconscious reaction to stress that takes place during the day or night. Alternatively, teeth clenching can also happen for reasons unknown during your sleep without you even knowing it. Those who unwittingly grind their teeth or clench their jaw are likely to experience a sore or stiff jaw, erosion of the teeth, and potentially headaches as a result. The type of treatment available will vary on the nature of your grinding or clenching and the causes. There are however a variety of treatments your dentist can offer to help alleviate the discomfort and negative side effects. 

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How You Can Improve Your Self-Esteem About The Way You Look

How You Can Improve Your Self-Esteem About The Way You Look

Do you avoid looking in mirrors? Or cringe at photos on social media? Do you spend ages trying to decide what to wear or always seek validations from friends and loved ones before leaving the house? This could be a sign that you are struggling with your self-esteem regarding your appearance. If it sounds all too familiar to you then consider some of the below steps that you can take to help boost your self-esteem and feel good about the way you look. 

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Re-define beauty

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder so throw away societies or the media’s definition of beauty and define beauty by your playbook. Women have been objectified in the media for decades and it has resulted in an unhealthy relationship with how society can define beauty. You alone cannot change what the media or influencers put out there, but you can choose to look away. Fill your social media accounts with people who build you up, improve your well-being, and who make you feel better about the way you look. People you can relate to. Look for beauty in the way you want to see it not the way society tells you it should be. If certain media outlets, Instagram accounts, or even friends and acquaintances make you feel bad about your appearance take steps to either remove them or distance yourself from them.

Undertake treatments for you only 

There is no denying that the beauty and cosmetic industry is booming and there is a vast amount of beauty and cosmetic procedures available. Undergoing beauty or cosmetic treatments whether it be eyelash extensions or dental implants can have a really positive feel-good effect on your mood and self-esteem. After all, everyone needs a little self-care from time to time. Just be sure that any treatment or procedure you undertake is for you, to make you feel better and not to meet the expectations of anybody else, as it may not have the effect you had hoped for and thus damage your self-esteem further. 

Stop comparing yourself 

Chances are you compare yourself to other people all of the time without even really thinking about it. However, the negative effects of this can be damaging to your mental health, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth. By comparing yourself to others it can result in you feeling inferior whether that was the intention or not. No two people are the same and as such the act of comparison is futile and unnecessary. 

Reconsider how you talk to yourself

This is a hard one and unfortunately is unlikely to happen overnight as chances are you have years of bad-mouthing yourself to overcome. However, when you look at yourself in the mirror try to talk to yourself as you would your best friend, who you know doubt treat with compassion, love, and respect. Work on being kind to yourself, focusing on the many positive attributes you possess and do not get sucked into picking out and focusing on your worst traits or insecurities. 

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