How to Spice Up a Long-Lasting Marriage

How to Spice Up a Long-Lasting Marriage

When you’ve been with one partner for long enough, you’ve had the opportunity to see each other go through a host of different life stages, with different priorities. There’s dating, the honeymoon period, then young parenthood, then the middle stage of motherhood. As certain duties, especially childcare, take center stage, it’s easy for other priorities, such as your intimate connection with your partner, to fall to the wayside. Here, however, we’re going to look at how you can nudge it back into focus.

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Make time for date nights

Intimacy and attraction don’t spawn out of nowhere. Well, sometimes it can, more on that later. However, it’s often better built with a commitment to dating one another again and spending time as a couple. Schedule regular date nights to keep the romance alive. You can try new activities, or enjoy revisiting some of the favorite places you have been together.

Get into the habit of surprising one another

Just as you should try to date one another again, you should try to romance one another, too. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Little unexpected gestures or gifts to show appreciation and love can make a big difference. If you don’t have the time to engage fully, but you’re feeling amorous, a naughty love note can be very effective.

Buy yourself some lingerie

It’s a stereotype that men are predominantly visual creatures when it comes to sex. However, it’s one that’s very often true, so make good use of it. An exciting new outfit like lingerie by Honey Birdette can make an immediate impression. You can surprise your partner with it when they come to the bedroom one night, or you can use it as the climax for a wonderful date night. It gives you the confidence to be seen as a sexual, desirable woman and offers immediate excitement for your partner.

Explore different forms of intimacy

As energy levels can rise and drop, the introduction of new ways to be intimate can be a godsend for many a bedroom. You can introduce new playthings like sex toys from Luxe Vibes that can help you indulge in ways of play beyond the standard. If you’re considering introducing some kink, be sure to talk about it beforehand and establish boundaries early.

Communicate openly and honestly about intimacy

When sex falls by the wayside, we can kind of forget how to talk about it with our partners. Foster open and honest communication about your desires, fantasies, and concerns. Transparent dialogue can reignite intimacy and deepen your emotional connection. Start by asking about your partner’s wants and desires, letting them know that it’s a safe place to share their thoughts. That way, they’re a lot more likely to return the same courtesy to you.

A vital aspect of rejuvenating intimacy with your partner and spicing up your marriage is that you’re in it together. Make sure that you’re both putting in that work to rekindle the sparks, as enthusiasm is the best possible tinder you can find.

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