5 Ways To Get Self-Care Right

5 Ways To Get Self-Care Right

Self-care is something that we all need to think about because looking after yourself is super important. If you don’t, you could find that you burn out and can’t do anything at all, so it is totally worth it to give yourself a little break now and again. But how do you actually do this, and do you really have to go to a yoga class to feel like you are looking after your mind and body?

Luckily, self-care comes in many different shapes and sizes, so you are likely to find something that suits you. Here are 5 ideas to get the self-care newbie started.

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#1: Switch off

If you’re going to take some time to recuperate from all of the stresses that life throws at you, then you need to switch off like really switch off. Its not enough to just chill out on the couch with your phone in your hand; you should try not to go on it for a few hours, and just do something that you really enjoy. If you are still getting stressed out about emails, then you are not chilling out enough!

#2: Look after your body

Another simple way to exercise some self-care is to look after your body on a regular basis.

One effective way to look after your body with everything you put it through is to visit a spa and get some massage therapy by an experienced professional. Massage is a great way to look after the body on a much deeper level than just the surface. Muscles hold a ton of stress and toxins, but a masseuse can help elevate both. Going below the surface first is the best way to care for your body and watch the efforts appear on the outside. By drinking more water and having a healthy, balanced diet, you will nourish your body from the inside out. Sure, treating yourself to something every now and again isn’t an issue, but getting your fruit and veggie intake nailed will make you feel on top of the world, so it is worth giving your body some loving. Avoid smoking and alcohol if you can, as this will also help.

#3: Do what you love

Self-care looks different for so many people because we all enjoy different things. Whether you want to get your game face on or you prefer to go for a long walk through nature, the important thing is to do what you really love. If you make time for this, you soon find that you feel a lot more fulfilled, so don’t just follow the self-care routes that others lay out!

#4: Have a candlelit bath

Look, we are not saying that a hot, candlelit bath can fix everything. OK, we might be. Chilling out and really letting your muscles relax is a great form of self-care, and you also come out the other side feeling clean and comfortable. If you want to add a face mask in for good measure then this is certainly an idea that we can get behind, so get those candles lit, and find the bubble bath.

#5: Reconnect with loved ones

When the world around you seems like a stressful and confusing place, sometimes self-care looks like calling up a loved one. Whether you head out for dinner together or catch up over the phone, it is just nice to know that the people that you care about are there and that you can put the world to rights with them. We say that the warm, fuzzy love feeling was self-care enough, don’t you think?

Enjoy nailing self-care, however you do it!

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