Getting Covid Antibody Testing

Getting Covid Antibody Testing

Covid is on the rise again as we move into warmer weather. Oddly enough, a spring flu is hitting many parts of the world, too. Home tests have become the easiest way of testing after being exposed, but how accurate are home tests?

Home Testing

Rapid testing is simple to do, but how accurate is the home test? Some studies show that home tests are 91% accurate, while others only claim 75%. Some scientists believe that you will only test positive on a home test when you are contagious even if you are symptomatic.

When I got strong symptoms a few weeks ago, I took a home test. I wasn’t mentally prepared for it to be the dreaded Covid. So, when the test was negative, I sighed with relief. The doctor said it could be the new flu going around, but just quarantine to be safe.

The Symptoms Of Covid

The symptoms were a mix of every symptom listed on everyone else’s covid list. Runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, body aches, headache, blurry vision, jitters and a bad smell up my nose. It sounds much like the flu, but felt slightly different.

It took about a week to feel better, and when I did, thank God, I was great! I continued to quarantine for another few days. When I emerged from hibernation, I wore a mask. It’s important to have compassion for others, even if it was the flu. All I know is that the sickness I had going on wasn’t a picnic and I wouldn’t want to share that with anyone else.


Now, that I was feeling great, did I have to be concerned with my immune system being low and watch out for Covid, if this was, in fact, the flu? Was it covid and I now have covid antibodies? I researched the Covid Antibody test.

It had to be done at a lab. You don’t need a doctor’s script to get one, but if a doctor doesn’t prescribe it, you may be responsible for the payment.

Got The Script

I asked my doctor for the script and took it to the lab. I was able to walk in without an appointment since I was no longer contagious. It was a few easy questions followed by a simple blood draw.


The results for Covid Antibodies only takes about a day or so to get the results. It won’t tell you how many antibodies are there or the level of immunity, but it will say that you have been vaccinated or had covid within the last 3-4 months. If you weren’t vaccinated recently, it’s easy to come to the logical conclusion.

Getting an antibody test isn’t difficult to do. So, when in doubt, and if your doctor agrees, get the test to give you peace of mind. The virus is still out there mutating and causing major illness, so remember to be safe, mask up, sanitize and vax if you want. Keep up with CDC guidelines and information. Not everyone has a stellar immune system, so it is about keeping yourself and others safe while this virus adapts into a common cold, eventually.

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