How to Start Going Green and Start Being Organic.

By Tia Cristy


Going green is everywhere, I feel like I’m outta the loop with it all. My girlfriend is all organic and gets mad at me. We have stupid arguments all the time. So, I guess I want to start doing my part. So, how do I start? Jerry, 28



Tip fromTia:

Well, going “green” is pretty easy. You can start with baby steps.

Recycle your Trash

Recycling your trash is a great start. Some areas will pay you to recycle, some will charge you and some areas are now mandatory to separate your trash from recycling. In a lot of areas, you can just throw all recyclables into one can, so it’s simple. Some people like to go completely “green”, which can be difficult for others. Being completely organic can be a challenge for some people and can be a bit more expensive if you are living on a strict budget. The best part is any little lifestyle difference you make can be an improvement to you and your environment. Your best bet, if you and your girlfriend are under the same roof, is to find out what you are both capable of committing too with improving your life and home.

Eat Better

Thinking about eating organically? No couple or family should ever argue over the amount of “green” one participates in, but that doesn’t mean you can go organic. For example, if your girlfriend is a vegetarian and you’re not, that’s okay as long as you respect each other’s decision, and not be-little each other for your differences. Eat meals together, with regard to one another’s dietary choices. 

Clean Up

If your partner feels the need to separate all the plastic, paper and glass, and you don’t have time to care, come up with a system like having a pile area that you put all those things in, and that allows your partner to feel you respect their decision in what they’re doing. No one likes to feel neglected in their feelings of what they feel is important. As I said, it’s easy for some and difficult for others, but if you know what to expect from each other, it can help in sticking with your environment change.

Green Cleaning Supplies Already in Your Kitchen

A lot of new sciences have discovered certain cleaning products can be
harmful, but most people don’t want to give up the fact of knowing their home is sanitized. Some pro-organic lifers told me they feel some of those “green” products are expensive and don’t seem to work. If that’s one of your concerns, a helpful tip is to use vinegar to clean your counters. Vinegar kills bacteria and will leave your surfaces clean without harsh chemicals. The distinct vinegar smell will dissipate not long after it dries, so if you’re not a fan of the odor, no worries, it will be gone before you know it.

Peroxide is the best for killing mold in places like the shower. Get a spray bottle add straight peroxide or you can water it down, and just spray down your tub and shower. It will leave it clean; some scrubbing may be necessary.

Several products I recommend essential in every house whether you want to be considered “green”, organic or none of thee above, besides vinegar and peroxide, is cornstarch, rubbing alcohol, olive oil and peanut butter. It’s a start up kit to a lot of tips I’ll provide later. Those products can get a lot of jobs done with the reduction of harsh chemicals in your environment or just make life simple. Be sure to keep reading Tips from Tia; I’ll try give you the “green”est organic way to get the job done.

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