How to get stuck chewing gum out of hair.


Hi Tia, my mom says I can’t chew gum anymore, because I keep getting it in my hair, and she has to cut it out, and I cry. She says there is something to get gum out of my hair, but she doesn’t remember. What is it? Kelly, 6 and Mom gum in hair

Tip from Tia:

I understand entirely. It takes a creative individual to get their own gum stuck in their own hair. I was a champ at doing that myself when I was your age. Tell your mom it’s alright; Tia can help. And, the best part is your mom can make you do this by yourself.

The best way to get gum out of hair is by using peanut butter. First, get the gum covered section by itself. Then, you want to put a good amount of peanut butter on the gum to cover it completely. You will rub it into the covered strands and the gum will start to crumble.

Oils Breakdown

The oil from the peanut butter will make the gum breakdown and lose its stick. The gum itself will start to ball up and fall out or be easily able to be pulled out. If the gum is still tacky apply more peanut butter to that area until all the gum is completely out. It may take a little while, so have patience.

Wash Up

Child playing

Once the gum is out, wash your hair. The oil from the peanut butter will also leave your hair in a beautiful, silky condition.

Remove Gum from Materials

This process can work on clothes too, except it can leave an oil stain on the material. I recommend if you are going to use peanut butter on
fabrics wash out with a grease fighting soap or a dish washing foam. This should help with removing the oil from the fabric.

You can now chew gum, without the fear of the scissors or a buzz cut. After you do this yourself once or twice, lesson is usually learned; the
gum will stay in the mouth or make it to the trash when you’re done with it.   

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