Hurricanes, Extra Tips the News Doesn’t Tell You

By Tia Cristy

Hurricanes, Extra Tips the News Doesn’t Tell You

Let’s say, major weather is hitting your coast. Hurricanes are making their presence known in all states east of the Mississippi, Typhoons are washing out beaches or perhaps, Cyclones are soaking the land down under. You’re getting flooded (literately) from the news stations, with tips to stay safe, but here are a few safety tips you should use when facing a major weather crisis, no matter where you are in the world.

Weather Alert

If it’s a mandatory evacuation, do it. You can only protect your stuff to a certain point. Make sure in the car you have packed all your necessities that you will need for at least a week. You never know if you’ll need them or not, but it’s best to have more than less.

Weather Advisory Necessities

1. Paper

Take a roll of toilet paper and paper towels to keep in the car, you never know when you’ll need them.

2. Nonperishable Food

Bring food. It may take hours to get where you are going and stopping for a bite to eat may not be an option.

3. Something to Keep You Busy

Bring games, easy ones of course. If you have kids, make sure you have games for them and for you as well.

Remember, frustrations can get high in evacuation settings, so be sure to instruct the kids on keeping noise levels down and refrain from arguing, as well as assuring them that there is presently no danger. You don’t want them to panic silently if they see you’re chafed.

What if you don’t have to evacuate

I’m sure you’ve heard all the important things needed to keep close by and dry. Flashlights, batteries, radio, insurance papers (keep in a large freezer bag), food and bottled water are all things you want to have in the house.

Light a Fire

Here are a few more tips the news hasn’t mentioned, and you may not have thought of; keep lighters in a location where they will stay dry and are easy to find, but also get books of matches. This is good to have in case the lighters get wet or lose fluid. Dip the match head and strike strip in hot wax. (Blow out the candle before dipping the book of matches, you don’t want it to ignite the matches by accident.) This will waterproof the matches.

Why Do People Fill the Bathtub During a Storm

Next tip, fill the bathtub with water. This is good if for any reason the water in source becomes contaminated or you need power for your water supply. This water can be used to flush toilets, clean clothes, wash dishes etc. Keep a small bucket next to the tub to transport water to another area to do such things, keep the tub water clean for as long as you can.

One More Thing

And last but probably most important, while still with power, keep your cell phone on the charge. You don’t want to lose power and have less than half battery life in the middle of the storm.

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