How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A More Relaxing Spa-Like Space

How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A More Relaxing Spa-Like Space

You know that feeling of total and complete relaxation, serenity and calm that you feel the moment you step foot into a spa? Imagine having that seem feeling at home in your bathroom – just picture how incredible that could be for your wellness. 

The good news is that it’s possible to turn your bathroom into a more spa-like space, it’s simply a case of taking the time to think about what it takes to create the same tranquil atmosphere, and what you need to do so. 

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For all the ins and outs of making your bathroom feel like a more relaxing space that mimics the tranquility of a spa, have a read of the guide below. 

Remove all clutter 

First things first, a spa never has clutter, it’s always a calming, minimalistic space. So, if your bathroom is packed full of a little too much clutter, that needs to change. Instead of having bottles packing the sides of the bathtub or toys scattered everywhere, it needs to be a clear space. 

With the right storage solutions, such as a bamboo lidded storage box that fits snuggly beside the loo, you can keep all of your clutter at bay. When it comes to bathroom storage, it’s important to remember that you might need to get creative, depending on the size of your bathroom.  

Get the colour palette right 

When it comes to how to make the space feel relaxing, you don’t want it to be packed with bright, bold colours. Instead, you want to focus on natural, earth-like tones, such as seafoam and moss green, like spas tend to do. 

Perhaps you could consider painting your bathroom a nice natural tone. Or, if painting isn’t an option, you can add those colours in using carefully throughout accessories, from a delicate green-hued shower curtain to big fluffy seafoam blue towels. Accessories can be a great way to add a certain accent colour in your bathroom. 

Focus on your senses 

One thing that makes spas so special is the way they are set up to focus on your senses, from the soft playing music intended to calm you, to the subtle fragrances designed to still your senses further. The good news is that you can create this same setup at home. 

Add a waterproof speaker to your bathroom and create yourself a spa playlist on Spotify or your music player of choice. So that you can pop this on whenever you fancy having a relaxing bath. You can add scents through scented candles, reed diffusers and essential oil diffusers, as well as through the bath products that you use. 

Add a sense of luxury

Last but not least, spas are always super luxurious places, so to make your bathroom feel more spa-like, you might want to focus on the luxury that the space offers. 

It’s the little things that make a big difference, such as gloriously luxurious soaps from specialists like Rock Creek Soaps, for instance. Or, treating yourself a gorgeously fluffy robe to hang in the bathroom and slip into after your bath, along with a pair of matching waffle slippers. 

There you have it, everything you need to know to make your bathroom feel more like a relaxing spa retreat

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Removing Nicotine Stains From Fingers

Removing Nicotine Stains From Fingers

In a world of anti-smoking, it is practically law for a smoker to get rid of any trace of their smoking habit. Perfumes and sprays to remove odors are on the market, as well as teeth whitening kits to remove stains on teeth. But what about the stains left behind on fingers?

How to Remove Nicotine Stains

After time, the tar builds up on the fingers that hold the cigarette or cigar. This leaves behind a yellow or brownish stain. Sadly, washing your hands repeatedly doesn’t remove the stain. However, washing hands after smoking can be preventative in future stains.

There are safe ways to safely bleach skin. It’s best to know what you are doing before diving in.

To remove the nicotine stains from your fingers, it will take a few minutes of work, probably, over a period of time.

Steps to Removing Nicotine Stains

Nicotine stains will always find a way to return as long as you are a smoker, but these steps will reduce the stains from being noticeable. If you have quit smoking, you may need to do these steps once a week for a couple of weeks for the stains to be gone completely.

While following these steps, keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes and mouth.

Get a Buffer File or Pumice Stone

Using the file or stone on the stained area will help exfoliate the stained skin. Don’t press too hard. Be gentle; you don’t want to break the skin.

Prepare a Soak

In a small bowl, you can add one of these ingredients that you have on hand. DO NOT MIX ingredients.

  • Lemon Juice
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • (Not Highly Recommended) A Splash of Bleach with 4 parts water

Soak fingers for five minutes. If you feel burning, stop and wash your hands thoroughly. None of these ingredients should burn unless you have broken the skin.

Wash Hands

Use a degreasing soap to remove the rest of the loose tar. Pat dry.

Add Some Baking Soda

On damp hands, rub some baking soda on stains to exfoliate and lighten the remaining stain. Again, this should not burn. If it burns, wash hands thoroughly.

Wash Hands and Moisturize

After you are done with the baking soda, wash hands very well. Use the file or stone again if necessary. With clean hands, apply a thick moisturizer or oil to the hands and fingers to moisturize and lubricate the fingers. This could help in preventing future stains from appearing too quickly.

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What To Do If You Need Your Vehicle Repaired

What To Do If You Need Your Vehicle Repaired

You probably have a special relationship with your vehicle. It gets you from point A to point B and is utilitarian in all of its pursuits. But a car is more than that. It is a comfortable and safe place to spend time with family and friends. It is where you talk, laugh, and sing along with the latest songs. You have meals in there and use your commute to catch up with loved ones. When you’ve relied upon a mode of transportation that needs extra attention for repairs, knowing what to do will save you unnecessary stress and frustration.

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Repair a Broken Windshield Quickly

Your ability to see clearly and safely is of course, a necessity when driving. When the unfortunate occurs, and your windshield is damaged, contact the professional team at They will assess the problem, schedule an appointment, and then come directly to you to repair or replace the windshield. 

Whenever you have repairs done to your vehicle, ensure the company you are working with is licensed and insured. Always ask questions about their processes and timelines so you know what to expect.

Contact the Appropriate Parties

After an accident or whenever any type of damage occurs to your vehicle, it is paramount that you contact your insurance company if the damage was significant enough to prevent you from paying out of pocket. They will ask you a series of questions, including what happened, who was involved, what the extent of the damage is, and if there are any personal injuries. Be sure to document everything with photos.

Whether the damage or accident is significant or not, it is good form to contact the police. They can arrive on the scene and aid in documenting the situation. Insurance companies usually require a police report, as well.

Here is a video guiding you on the steps to take after an accident.

Remember The Little Things

No matter the reason you need a car repair, you are likely going to be feeling a little bit of stress if you are unable to have it fixed quickly. After all, your main mode of transportation will be unavailable. When that happens, it is helpful to be prepared. Keep a large reusable shopping bag in the trunk. If you have to leave your vehicle at a service center, use the bag to quickly clean out and collect items from your car that you will need on a daily basis, including:

  • Personally identifiable items such as insurance paperwork or anything with an address.
  • Mail
  • Phone chargers and cords
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription glasses
  • Tool kit (you may need this in a rental)
  • Food (you do not want it sitting in an unattended vehicle)
  • Travel Mugs
  • Jumper cables
  • Money (including spare change)
  • Car seats
  • Seasonal gear (winter kits, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Double-check the trunk for kids’ gear and backpacks

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Knowing what to do in times of uncertainty will help you alleviate stress and get the task done much quicker. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you so that you can continue on with your great adventures and sing-alongs.

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Keeping Cut Flowers Looking Fresh

Keeping Cut Flowers Looking Fresh

As Mother’s Day passes and proms and graduations approach, fresh flowers are in the air. Without a little care, those flowers will wither away in days. Here are a few things to do to keep those blooms looking good for as long as possible.

Flower Food Packs

The little packets of flower food that is usually rubberband to the stems of a bouquet is food that will help keep those buds looking healthy for days. It isn’t safe to consume for humans, but flowers love it.

Not Too Cold

Make sure the water that you add to the vase before putting in your flowers isn’t too cold. Flowers don’t like the cold, hence, the reason they wait until warmer weather to bloom in the first place.

That being said, don’t make the water hot, either. Hot water will only cook the flowers.

Cutting The Stems

Unwrap store-bought flowers from their plastic bundling and chop off a bit of stem. You might think people cut stems to fit the vase, and that is true, but cutting off the bottom will remove any damage and built-up bacteria that the flowers might have gotten while in the store.

After A Few Days On Display

After several days, you might notice the water is low in the vase. Add more room temperature water so the blooms can drink.

Also, if you notice pedals and leaves are ready to fall, gently pull them off to let the next pedal open. Roses have so many pedals and can look amazing for days just by doing this simple trick.

By doing these things, your bouquet will look good for days and days. Flowers can be an expense, but having their beauty and fragrance can be worth every penny when it comes to all senses!

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Should Adults Consider Getting Braces?

Should Adults Consider Getting Braces?

In the past, most people saw braces as a sign of adolescence. In some cases, you might see late teenagers with braces, but it was rare to see an adult wearing them. However, things have changed since then and the benefits of braces are starting to be noticed by adults as well. If you’ve never worn braces then there’s a good chance that some of your teeth may seem crooked or misaligned. These effects can be more apparent as you get older.

There’s really no reason why adults shouldn’t get braces as they can still perform the same function as they do for children. While younger people will see more benefits from braces, it doesn’t mean that they don’t work for adults–it just takes a little longer. So here are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider getting braces.

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Increases your self-confidence

One of the best reasons to get braces as an adult is to improve your self-confidence. It’s easy to feel conscious about our teeth, especially in social situations where you need to smile. Nobody wants to have crooked or misaligned teeth in a family or wedding photo, so it’s completely normal to want to see an orthodontist to straighten their teeth. This is a common reason for people to get braces and we highly recommend it if you believe that straighter and more beautiful teeth can help with your confidence.

Easier to maintain your teeth

Braces can also make it easier to maintain your teeth in the future. Some people find that flossing teeth can be hard when your teeth aren’t aligned properly, and it can also make brushing a little more difficult. Once you’re done with braces, you’ll find that brushing and flossing to take care of your teeth and gums becomes a lot easier. Your toothbrush will have an easier time reaching into every nook and cranny of your teeth to keep your mouth fresh and free of food debris and bacteria.

Plenty of discreet options

When you visit a dentist about braces, you’ll be presented with lots of unique options for styles of braces. Some of them are like traditional metal braces, but others might be transparent which makes them a lot more discreet than usual. These options are fantastic for people that might feel conscious about their teeth, especially if they’re trying to hide the fact that they’re getting braces. These can be easily taken off as well, making them an extremely convenient option.

Fixing bite-related issues

Finally, adults should consider getting braces to fix any bite-related issues they might have. When your teeth are misaligned, it can lead to bite problems known as malocclusion. If left alone, it could potentially lead to difficulty chewing, broken teeth, or even tooth loss. Braces could fix these bite-related issues by ensuring that your biting force is evenly distributed across the mouth. This can make it easier to consume food and will prevent you from biting too hard which can damage your teeth.

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