Rubbing Alcohol Burns Like the Sun. Stupid Tip of the Day:

A fun day at the beach can be a punishing night if your sunblock wore off, or worse, you forgot to put it on. It’s a fact, that rubbing alcohol burns like the sun when you have an open wound on your skin. That is because it rushes to any bacteria or infection to kill it quickly before it can spread into the blood. It’s the best sanitizer on the planet.

However, to what might be a surprise, rubbing alcohol is amazing for sunburn, without causing any pain.

Rubbing Alcohol For Sunburn

I know it sounds crazy to think about blazing sunburn that aches to the brush of a feather could be extinguished by rubbing alcohol of all things, but it’s true.

The rubbing alcohol can penetrate deep down into the layers of skin and put out the fire without causing pain.

You’re Still Cooking

Summer days are wonderful for your health. When you go out into the sun, the sun warms you from the outside in. However, if you aren’t proactive, the sun can cause severe health issues. Picture a chicken in the oven. The chicken cooks from the outside in. That’s why you have to use the right temperature, so the chicken can cook thoroughly, right? Well, in this case, you’re the chicken. Not literally of course. But just like the chicken, the sun bakes your skin to a nice golden tone, hopefully. However, if the sun is really hot and you are not wearing sunblock, you’re going to burn.

When you come in from the sun, your body is still cooking from the inside. Back to the chicken, when you remove it from the oven, it will cool down on the outside, but when you break it open, it is still steaming. That’s how our bodies are; they’re still cooking until they cool down completely.

Quench the Fire

Using rubbing alcohol on your skin after being in the sun will quench that internal fire, so you don’t continue to burn and end up in serious pain later.

Before you shower or relax after being in the sun, splash rubbing alcohol on your skin, being sure to avoid cuts or open sores. The alcohol will absorb into the skin, putting out the heat of the sun quickly.

Add A Little Aloe

After using the rubbing alcohol on your skin, it will feel tight for a few minutes. That is because it is sopping up the extra oils that are acting like cooking oil in your layers of skin. It will relax soon enough, but if you want to add a little moisture back into the skin quickly, apply some aloe. Aloe is good for sunburn as well, so you’ll get a double treatment on your over-cooked skin.

How Long Are the Effects of the Sun?

You can continue to have effects from the sun up to 3 hours after taking shade. Using rubbing alcohol on the skin will extinguish the continuing burning from the inside, and out. 

Only use rubbing alcohol if you don’t have open wounds and you don’t have any adverse reactions to alcohol.

Be sure to apply sunscreen a half-hour before spending time in the sun. It allows the sunblock to set before being exposed to harmful UV rays. Stay safe when out in the sun. Be sure to have places and areas to take shade when needed. Most of all, stay hydrated when spending time out in the sun.

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When Working with Fiberglass Insulation. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: When Working with Fiberglass Insulation.

More and more individuals are starting to venture into DIY’ing it, when it comes to home projects.

A nice tip to remember when working with fiberglass insulation, rub baby powder or cornstarch over your body, to block your pores from the itchy glass getting in.

Don’t forget to put powder on your face, as well. Your skin will thank you later.

Home projects are a great way to save some money, when done right, of
course. And, it’s been found that couples who do home projects together,
can lead to a healthier relationship, in the bedroom.

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By Tia Cristy

Bleach Kills Everything. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Bleach Kills Everything.

Bleach is a great sterilizer, and it can kill many germs and bacteria. But, it isn’t the strongest fungicide if you have mold. Yes, it will kill molds and mildew. But, it’s best feature is wiping out germs and bacteria.  

Mold has roots that can grow down deep, and bleach will tend to only kill and remove surface mold, sometimes missing the root. That allows the mold to come back again and again, multiplying down at it’s roots.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide on mold is the best plan of attack, on molds. It can penetrate deep into the surface a kill if off, without the return of it, from the same mold source.

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By Tia Cristy

How to make the ground not so slick around your swimming pool.

By Tia Cristy

How to make the ground not so slick around your swimming pool.


I have
an in-ground pool, which we love. But, it’s hard to get the kids to not run
around the pool. We are so afraid one of them is going to slip and get severely
hurt. Is there anything we can do to make the ground not so slick?  Annette, 40


Tip from Tia:

Pools are
lovely to have on hot days, but there is a lot of care that goes
into them, including the number one thing, safety. Always make sure you have a first aid kit close to
the pool, and make sure all pool guests know of it’s location just in case a of
a sudden mishap. Make a sign that has your pool rules, where guest can see them. Be sure to tell the kids the rules together, in a group, so the kids understand, everyone was told the same thing.

Getting kids to slow down around a pool is a constant job. Their
overwhelming excitement to get out and back in the water, as quickly as possible
can make your lifeguard duties, a full-time job. Making a game out of walking
slow around the pool or giving “time outs” for not following pool safety, can
help in slowing the kids down when out side the pool.

A home quick tip to
slow down certain surfaces, around the pool is, cornstarch.

Before the pool bunch arrives
at the pool, sprinkle a dusting of cornstarch around the pool. Use a broom to
spread it into the dry concrete. With the surface being dry, it allows the
cornstarch to dig into the porous spots of the surface. Once the swimmers arrive
and the ground starts to saturate, the cornstarch will do its job absorbing some
of that excessive dampness that creates a puddle, that becomes the slip hazard.
The cornstarch will also start to clump, becoming a slight tread to the
surface. Excessive water, will wash the cornstarch away. (***Important Side Note: Some surfaces are super slick already, cornstarch can enhance some surfaces, as well, I recommend do a test spot on your surface, before you sprinkle the whole area down.)  Cornstarch
is also a bonus to keep little bugs away from the pool too. Cornstarch in the
dry form is silky and very dusty, which most little insects can not move or
breathe in.

This easy tip can help in, slowing down the kids and the bugs, so you can
enjoy the day by the pool.

There are several products on the market to help
with the slick surfaces around pools, do a bit of research before making a
purchase, to see which ones are good for your needs. Talk to your local pool
specialist to make sure which products will work best with your surface and
pool usage.

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Remove Garlic Smell from Hands. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Remove Garlic Smell from Hands.

When chopping garlic, most people don’t wear gloves, which allows the scent of garlic to absorb into your hands. The smell can be quite potent and last for hours, no matter how frequent you wash your hands even with a scented soap.

A quick tip, that actually can remove garlic smell from hands, is by rubbing them on something that is stainless steel. Using a faucet or a tea kettle are good options, the best option is using the refrigerator door handles if you have stainless appliances. (Side Note: Don’t use utensils, you don’t want to risk hurting yourself.)

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