Tiny Holes in the House Don’t Matter. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Tiny Holes in the House Don’t Matter.

Whether you own or rent your home,whether it’s a house or apartment; structural inspections several times of year, are important. I recommend seasonal inspections are the best time to inspect, because of the weather changes.

Finding small holes in exterior walls and interior walls along with dry wall, can allow many pest to pass through very easily, large or small.

With exterior walls stuffing with steel wool and/or a bag of broken glass and insulation will keep pests like mice, snakes and other larger pests out of your home.

For interior holes use steel wool and patch with compound. Don’t forget to fill in holes around wires and plumbing; spots that are usually overlooked when pests are a problem.

Doing a structural inspection can help in preventing large problems, because you may be able to discover a problem a lot sooner.

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By Tia Cristy