4 Maintenance Tips For Your Car For Improved Driving

4 Maintenance Tips For Your Car For Improved Driving

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Your vehicle is one of the most significant investments you will make. Whether you use it for commuting, leisure purposes, or emergencies only, traveling safely in your auto will help you stay safe on the road and get to where you need to be when you need to be there.

Regular care and maintenance for your vehicle is essential. All drivers know this, but what exactly do you need to do to get the most out of your car?

Clean It

Both inside and outside. Your enjoyment of your car and how well it drives it all depend on how well you clean and care for the interior and exterior bodywork. Use a good screen wash and wax treatments, and regularly vacuum and shampoo car carpets to help you improve cleanliness and hygiene levels. An easy way to keep your car clean is to book it in for regular detailing or heading to a car wash. Alternatively, book a time slot every few weeks to spend some time giving your auto some TLC.


Your tires are your car’s only point of contact with the road, and as such, you need to be sure that they are in good condition at times, especially before long journeys. Legal requirements are 2/32″. To check your tread meets this, you can either buy a tread gauge or you can use a penny. Using a penny, turn the coin upside down so you can see Lincoln’s head. Then, place the penny inside the tread on your tire. The tread should cover some of the head; if you can see the whole head, you need to replace your tires. You should also check you are using the right tires for your driving conditions, too. Be it changing from winter to summer tires or choosing off-road Super Swamper Tires if you drive on rocky terrain frequently to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Check Fluid Levels Often.

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere and get a warning flash-up that fluid levels are low or even out, and you have no way out of topping them up. Fluid levels you should be checking include water, oil, gas, screenwash, coolant, and power steering fluid. Check them regularly and top up when necessary. It is also a good idea to keep supplies in your car so that should you encounter an issue; you can top up until you can get to safety or repair any faults.



Your brakes are made up of many moving parts, and if you neglect to check your brakes, you might find yourself in trouble should they fail. At a minimum, you have your brakes inspected every six months or when your tires are rotated. Alternatively, if you notice a change in your braking, you should have this looked at as soon as possible.

Keeping your car in a roadworthy condition will allow you to extend its lifespan and stay safe on the road. While there are many aspects of car maintenance that you need to consider for complete care health, these points are some you need to keep on top of at all times.

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