The 6 Best Types Of Vehicle For An Epic Road Trip

The 6 Best Types Of Vehicle For An Epic Road Trip

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When planning an epic road trip, it’s important to consider what vehicle you’ll be traveling in. Certain vehicles are definitely not built for long-distance trips and could negatively affect the overall experience. To make sure that your road trip is as comfortable and thrilling as possible, you may want to consider one of these types of vehicles.



While some of us associate SUVs with school runs, they are, in fact, the perfect vehicles for a road trip. SUVs are designed to have a lot of passenger space and a lot of trunk space, as well as enough ground clearance to cover most terrains, from highways to rugged mountain roads. This makes them very comfortable cars that you can pack a lot of luggage in while being able to take on any road (or even venture off-road).

SUVs don’t always have great fuel economy, but many are getting much better. It’s worth comparing the MPG of SUVs to save yourself money on fuel. 


A convertible car is any type of car with a retractable roof. These cars are perfect for enjoying the warm weather and taking in the sights on a long summer drive.

Most convertible cars are saloons or coupes and don’t have much trunk space, which can be a downside when planning a long road trip. However, you can get convertible SUVs such as the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

Off-road utility vehicle

Off-road utility vehicles are designed for taking on off-road terrain. They have increased ground clearance and a springier suspension – more so than an SUV – so that they can take on any terrain. This makes them ideal vehicles for off-road adventures through deserts, mountains, and other environments where proper roads may be few and far between.

Most off-road utility vehicles are quite rugged and not the comfortable ride for a long-distance drive. However, there are others such as the Ineos Grenadier, found at these Ineos Grenadier dealerships that have the on-board luxuries to compete with an SUV. 

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Campervans are essentially vans with designated space to sleep in the back. This gives you the option to save money on accommodation.

The most popular and renowned campervan make is Volkswagen – aside from their traditional 50s camper, they have many other purpose-built models. However, there are other models from other makes on the market to consider, too, such as the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo and Toyota Proace Matino. Of course, it’s also possible to make your own campervan by buying a regular van and converting it. 



Although motorhomes and campervans are sometimes used interchangeably, most people would agree that motorhomes are a step up. They don’t just contain a bed but also other facilities like a kitchen, toilet, and couches – making them feel like a mini holiday home on wheels. 

Motorhomes can save you money on accommodation in a more stylish way than a regular camper van. However, they are more expensive to buy. Due to their size, motorhomes can also be more challenging to drive and may not be suitable for some narrow roads. 

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Touring motorcycle

You don’t have to plan a road trip on four wheels. A motorcycle could be a more thrilling way to enjoy a road trip – especially if you’ve got friends who also own motorbikes. Touring motorcycles are specifically designed for road trips. They have more storage space, a bigger fuel tank, and increased rider room. They are more expensive than regular bikes but are a worthy investment if you want increased comfort and range.

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