Brutal Reality of Sleep Debt

Brutal Reality of Sleep Debt

Having issues with sleep can leave you unalert and subpar in your waking life. Many people suffer from a lack of sleep on a regular basis, thanks to noise pollution, stress, blue light exposure, or many other reasons. There is a brutal reality of sleep debt that we need to take a look at, so we can make sleep a priority for a better lifestyle.

What is Sleep Debt?

Sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep we need and the amount of sleep we are getting.

Its causes:

  • A tendency to slide into dangerous episodes of microsleep sleep while working or driving.
  • A steep drop in the number of killer cells that ward off viruses and cancer.
  • A permanent reduction in the brain cells that help us learn, store, memories, and pay attention.

Myth: we adapt to less sleep each night.

Truth: the brain requires a non-negotiable amount of sleep 7 to 9 hours each night. The longer we go without sufficient sleep, the less capable we are of judging how much rest we need.


The Brutal Reality:

The economic cost of insufficient sleep is $17.88 billion.

Direct costs:

  • $160 million for sleep disorders
  • $1.08 billion for associated conditions
  • $12.19 billion in productivity losses
  • $5.22 billion reduced unemployment
  • $0.61 billion premature death
  • $1.73 billion absenteeism
  • $4.63 billion un-used opportunity…

We tell ourselves lies so we don’t have to change our behaviors:

  • It’s only one night/hour.
  • I’m not that bad.
  • I’ll start next week.
  • But I’m not tired.
  • Alcohol helps me sleep.
  • I am used to less.
  • I need some time.

Impact of Sleep Debt:

  • 89% increased risk of obesity in children and 65% in adults
  • Decline in body function if sleep is less than 7-8 hours.

Sleep Debt Numbers:

  • Only 45% of adults are satisfied with their sleep.
  • 38% dissatisfied but failing to improve sleep habits.
  • 41% not getting enough sleep.
  • 35% wake up tired.
  • 23% take more than half an hour to fall asleep.
  • Link between poor sleep and weight gain.

Sleep Debt Effects:

  • Decreased ability to learn, store memories, and pay attention.
  • Increased risk of viruses, cancer, and microsleep episodes.
  • Increased fat storage, decreased insulin sensitivity, and decreased ability to learn and concentrate.
  • Acting like an anxious brain due to a less active prefrontal cortex.
  • Increased stress, irritability, and decreased ability to sleep.
  • Mood swings, physical weakness, and increased urge to eat.
  • Increased risk of accidents.

Sleep Debt Calculation:

  • Can’t be caught up one-for-one.
  • A loss of 90 minutes each night results in 547 hours or 23 full days of sleep loss.

Truth Bombs:

  • Sleep is a habit and requires a strategic approach.
  • Lack of sleep is due to overstimulation, over-tiredness, anxiety, and fear.
  • Without a sleep ritual, sleep is a matter of luck.
  • Sleep is a learned behavior.

The deepest truth about sleep is that you must learn to accept yourself, as you are, in this moment:

  • It’s the unsettled mind that won’t rest.
  • The broken heart that still bleeds. 
  • The undone tasks that lingers.
  • The guilt that says make amends.
  • The shame that makes you not OK.
  • Sleep is not easy when you are not OK.
  • It is for the innocent and forgiven. 


Sleep Techniques:

  • Increase daytime bright light exposure.
  • Reduce blue light exposure in the evening.
  • Reduce after lunch caffeine
  • Minimise daytime naps to under 30 mins
  • Sleep and wake up at consistent times
  • Take a melatonin supplement
  • Minimise alcohol intake
  • Create a relaxing and quiet bedroom environment
  • Don’t eat too late

Based on all of the above, design a sleep ritual!

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