5 Amazing Viral Moments from Lisa of Blackpink

5 Amazing Viral Moments from Lisa of Blackpink

Kpop artist Lisa is known for her powerful rap, charisma and dance skills. She’s also consistently topped the internet’s trending list for other reasons. Just as fans type in a search for BTS net worth, followers of kpop are also eager to learn what Lisa does next.

When it comes to setting trends, garnering millions of views, and making cool viral videos, Lisa is one of the top personalities that comes to mind. Also known as the “sold out queen,” everything she touches turns to gold.

There’s just something about Blackpink’s rapper and main dancer that makes everything she does look fun, cool, effortless and gorgeous, compelling people are moved to copy what she does. So much so that not long after their debut, she became the most followed kpop artist on Instagram.

Aside from her dance skills, powerful rap, fashion and unique mentoring skills, she also has other amazing qualities that always capture people’s attention.

Here are five times Blackpink’s youngest member went viral for the most unusual reasons.

“Did it work”

Lisa accidentally started the “Did it Work?” internet meme when she released her dance video on Youtube for 6lack and Quin’s song Mushroom Chocolate in April 2020.

She was seen wearing a pair of thigh-high boots that started a challenge on various social media platforms. Celebrities from James Corden, Stephen Colbert, to Dolly Parton tweeting half of their bodies and pairing it with Lisa’s legs. Other accounts seen joining the fun were Netflix, FoxTV and Marvel’s Deadpool.

Whether it’s for the skills or for the fun, you can check out the dance video, grab a screenshot of Lisa’s long legs and post your own version of the did it work challenge.

Thanks for making it possible for everyone to wear thigh-high boots, Lisa!

Star Picking Dance

Lisa has one of the best dance techniques and skills. However, what makes her so special isn’t her perfect dance lines, or that she makes every move look so easy, it’s the way she makes dancing fun for everyone.

Blackpink made an appearance on “Knowing Brothers,” a South Korean entertainment program. The 87th episode aired in 2017 where Lisa went from showcasing some serious dance skills to a fun and energetic Thai dance.

The choreography included hailing a taxi for the “taxi dance,” and catching a star from the sky for the “star picking dance.” Both went viral on Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube, where it became Knowing Brothers’ most viewed video at that time.

Crab Dance

In the 251st episode Knowing Brothers, Lisa gave a lesson on another Thai dance called the “Crab Dance,” in which a simple choreography was paired with a poker face.

She noted that the most important part of the dance is not showing any expression. Her face, devoid of any expression from the beginning till the end, amazed the cast and made them laugh at the same time.

It went viral, surpassing her “Star Picking Dance” and has now become the most watched video on Knowing Brothers’ Youtube Channel with 80 million views and counting. Until 2021, it’s continued to inspire TikTok fans to try it at home.

Swalla Stage

In 2019, Blackpink performed their first set of North American concerts. Although the show amazed and thrilled fans, one moment caught the attention of the online community: Lisa dancing to “Swalla” by Jason Derulo.

The video where the fan was front and center, featured a powerful and charismatic choreography that even had Jason Derulo retweeting the post.

Lisa as a “Tough Mentor”

Lisa added “reality show mentor” in her portfolio when she joined China’s Group Elimination Survival Show “Youth with You.” The show revealed another surprising side of Lisa.

She has always topped the searches and trended worldwide for her incredible ability to change her image and aura. Even her fashion and style vary from time to time. From chic and classy to street and boyish, she can carry all of them flawlessly that you’ll see a crop hoodie for women selling out just because she wore it once. However, in recent years, she’s topped social media searches more than once. Not just for her fashion, performances, or for topping 2019’s TCC Asia’s Most Beautiful Faces, but also her viral clips of being a tough mentor to male and female contestants of Youth with You.

People know Blackpink’s youngest member to be fun, outgoing and the resident happy-virus. However, even though fans know about her duality (ability to change personalities on stage) and professionalism, many were surprised to see her firm mentoring style. Some even dub her the “Gordon Ramsay” of dance.

Her sincerity and passion coupled with her unique and clear style of teaching made for great viewing material. Clips and memes of her that went viral on social media. Meanwhile, videos containing her “tough mentor” persona continue to garner millions and millions of views.

Lisa continues to be an inspiration for both men and women. She has overcome barriers, such as discrimination due to appearance, and even death threats. But she continues to showcase her skills to the world in a way that inspires joy and action. She’s a stellar example of believing in yourself, and working with your skills to produce quality content that can influence people.

Now, Lisa is preparing for her highly-anticipated solo debut in June, and the world can’t wait to see what she does next.

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