Postpartum: Body, Mind and Sleep

Postpartum: Body, Mind and Sleep

So, you recently had a beautiful bundle of joy. Congratulations!!

Looking at the little, tiny human that you created has the possibility to take away all pain, problems and woes. However, it doesn’t mean that raging hormones aren’t unpredictable and can leave any mother feeling some postpartum angst.

The Body Betrayal

Some women can bounce back to pre-baby body within weeks. Others struggle. But if you struggle, don’t let that bring you down. Every body is built differently. From the moment of conception, hormones wax and wane until weeks to months after delivery. So go easy on yourself. Walking, along with other exercising routines will, not only, help tone the body, but help out with your mood. Try wearing some best shapewear for women to hold thing up and in as you start to get your motivation and groove back.

Messy Mind

Growing a baby can cause Mommy to have brain fog. This goes back to those pesky hormones being at fault. After delivery, the brain doesn’t just bounce back to sharp. Tiredness is also to blame. Again, don’t beat yourself up over this. It takes time for everything to balance out. Plus, it might be a while before you get a full night’s sleep again. Acceptance and kind understanding is key. Be kind to yourself during this time. Write yourself notes or To Do lists if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help with the baby, so you can take a mommy moment to refresh and renew your mindset.

Sleep Withdraw

Sleeping is essential for every creature under the sun. Most humans get consecutive sleep for about eight hours at a time. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for newborns or new parents. Babies are growing rapidly. Just like the flowers in the garden, babies need lots of sustenance. Yet, instead of sun, babies need sleep… lots of sleep. However, it seems it is never when you need sleep. So, the rule for the first few weeks is to force yourself to sleep when the baby sleeps. It probably won’t be uninterrupted, fulfilling sleep, but it should be enough to keep your body functioning. Wearing clothes that make it easy to nurse every four hours, give or take, can be amazingly beneficial. Comfortable nursing bras, cotton crosscut shirts or a postpartum full shapewear bodysuit can save massive time when it comes to feeding the baby and getting you both back to that precious thing called sleep.

Not everything will go seamless after postpartum, but these few tricks might help you cope until you get structured with your breathtaking newborn.  And remember, if you are feeling sad or depressed, be sure to call your doctor. Do not hesitate. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Many women suffer from postpartum depression. Today, there are many wonderful treatments that you and your doctor can try to help ease the transition.

Being a parent is exciting. Treasure every moment and don’t overly worry about doing it wrong. You’re going to be great! Instincts usually kick in at some point. Just enjoy your baby and the time you spend together. Love them up and soak up the love you receive!

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