You Need To Prepare For Your Silly Mistakes

You Need To Prepare For Your Silly Mistakes


Every single one of us has made a mistake whereby we instantly regret what we did. Whether it be a poor pickup line you made up on the fly, wearing clothes with an ink stain, or perhaps while sliding down the escalator rails and landing on your backside. But, we are human, we will make silly mistakes every now and then. Sometimes however, it can be that one mistake that we could not afford to make. So preparing for your own sticky situations could help you to limit the impact of your errors. 

It’s only a few minutes away

Every single person who has been arrested for a DUI, had the same thought process before they got into their car. They said in their faded mind, ‘it’s only a few minutes away’. Yeah, everyone thinks they can just drive home quickly and avoid getting in trouble; either with the law or with their employer in the morning. So if you think that you could be in handcuffs one day and you need someone to help you, have a trusted DUI Lawyer in your contacts list. They will run you through the process and do the talking for you. They’ll brief you on what to know ahead of any arrest, so you can always protect yourself from making further errors in the presence of police officers. 

Not the kitchen

The majority of home accidents do not occur in the kitchen. Yeah, that’s a little surprising right? With all those knives, successors and heat, you would think that it would be the room where most of us hurt ourselves. Yet, it’s actually the bathroom. All it takes to hurt yourself seriously is a little bit of water. So one thing you could do is to have non-slip rugs on the floor. You should not pick natural materials for your bathroom rug. Cotton and wool absorb water, but they do not relinquish it as quickly as synthetic materials. One thing you could also do is to have a torch in the bathroom cabinet, just in case the power cuts out and you are left in the dark.

Trapped outside

One day you will forget to collect your house keys and you will be left trapped outside. While you’re waiting for one of your family members to roll their eyes and twist the key to let you back into your home, you should be aware of your health. If you happen to get trapped outside during the colder months, you should have some way of keeping warm. Store a large foil blanket, which is used by hikers, campers and emergency services to keep people from hypothermia. These blankets are incredibly cheap, about $5 for a good one is all you need. They are also very storage-friendly because they can be folded into a square no larger than your hand.

Everyone makes silly errors but some of them come back to bite us. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Always be prepared to help yourself when you are knee-deep in trouble, whether it’s with the contacts of a lawyer, a non-slip rug, or a simple foil blanket.

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