My Nose Has Never Been So Itchy

My Nose Has Never Been So Itchy

Image by Roland Schwerdhöfer from Pixabay

While under the self-quarantine and social distancing effects of COVID-19, we all find ourselves highly acute of certain bodily habits. I can hear a person sneeze from a mile away. And there’s a very distinct difference in the sound of someone covering their mouth when they cough and when they don’t!

There are a few things that we can do to reduce the spread of Covid as well as reduce touching our nose and face. Wearing a mask when feeling sick is going to help prevent the spread of many germs. Keeping hair off your face will help reduce touching your face. As for the nose, well, keeping the nose clean and moisturized with nasal irrigations like the ones found on can help reduce nose itching.

Let’s take a look at why your nose could be itching like crazy during this pandemic and what to do about it.

It’s not paranoid; it’s awareness

Paranoia is defined as being panicked over something that is unlikely to happen. Awareness is when you realize there is a potential for something to happen and you take action on prevention.

So, why is my nose itching?

Particles in the air touch our noses multiple times a day, every day. From dust to a stray hair, we have never thought twice about brushing it away. However, since we have been told repeatedly not to touch our face, we are now fully aware of when we actually want to. It’s being hyper-sensitive to the surroundings of your face and hands.

Is it safe to touch my nose?

Yes. But with the pandemic in full rise, it’s best to wash your hands before you touch your nose and, here’s the important part, AFTER. This has always been the case. Yet, it’s so obvious now with the coronavirus and its ability to be so contiguous. For example, COVID-19 could be on your hands. Then, you touch your nose and within hours or days, it could enter your system. Another example is, the virus is already in your nose. You touch your nose then, touch a surface. The surface now has COVID-19 on it which has the ability to survive for days just waiting for someone to touch it.

So, Washing hands before and after can help reduce this problem.

Reduce chances of catching a virus through your nose

Yep, you read that correctly. The most likely reason for a virus getting in your bloodstream is that the nostrils are dry. This allows the virus to rest within the canal, to eventually, seep through the dermis and enter the bloodstream. An easy prevention is to keep your nostrils moisturized. Saline solution kits and refills for the nose are a good routine to help keep your nose clean and moisturized. If a virus enters a clean moisturized nose, mucus has a chance to potentially cover the virus, which you will eventually expel through blowing your nose or coughing out.

The ears, nose and throat are all connected so well to help prevent catching bacterial, fungal and viral infections. But remember, we need to help the system out by washing those hands before and after, as well as cleaning the nasal kit after use.

How to Stop the Nose from Itching

There’s no great science behind stopping an itchy nose. The nose itching could be a sign of stress from being hyper-aware. If that’s the case, try breathing in and out in a calm manner. Focus your attention on something else. That might cause the itching to stop.

You can also try scratching somewhere else on your body. That has worked for many in the past. It is connected to the nerves being satisfied elsewhere and removing the itch or pain from the original location.

If you have an itch that just won’t quit, wash your hands and get a tissue. There’s nothing wrong with scratching an itch, just be safe and clean about it.

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