Could Your Home Be Making You Ill?

Could Your Home Be Making You Ill?

Most of us look at our homes as places of sanctuary, where we can return to at the end of the day and feel safe and sound. If you have a young family, this is even more important, as your home becomes your ‘nest’ once you have kids. So naturally, it could come as a bit of a shock to find out that actually, your house could be the reason behind family illnesses and health issues. Do a quick stock check on how you and your family have been feeling recently. Have you been dealing with any unexpected or unexplainable illnesses, or just generally feeling a little under the weather? If you’ve racked your brains and have exhausted every plausible option you can think of, you may want to turn your attentions to your house. Plenty of threats lurks within the average home that most homeowners would simply miss. But if your family is becoming unwell on a regular basis, it may be time for you to do something about it. Here are a few unexpected ways your home could unknowingly be making you ill.

Indoor pollution

The whole concept of indoor pollution is a relatively new one – but that doesn’t mean to say that it hasn’t taken a firm grip on many households across the country. Because of how secure they are, homes are often ideal breeding grounds for things such as dust mites and bacterial growth – which can, in turn, spread dangerous bacteria into the air you breathe. One of the most common culprits is your heating system or your air conditioning unit. As time goes on, dust and mold can easily build up in the vents of appliances like this. Be honest: when was the last time you cleaned out your A/C? To stop it blowing dangerous air into and around your home, clean our your filters every few months – or if your unit is beyond repair, considering replacing it with a new model.


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It might be a little unnerving to think about, but any one of us at any time could be unknowingly sharing our home with all manner of creatures and critters. The most common ones are small insects, like dust mites, woodworms, and wood lice. But frequently, larger pests such as mice and even raccoons (yes, in some areas!) can find their ways into your home relatively unannounced. If you so much as suspect that you are sharing your home with some unwelcome guests, make sure you call an exterminator as soon as possible. Many of these pests can carry diseases, so the sooner you get them out, the safer your family will be.

Soft materials

We all know that keeping on top of the family laundry can be a task in itself. But the importance of regularly washing materials such as bed linen and bath mats is integral to your household’s health. Dirty bedsheets can carry bedbugs, which, when they bite you, can make you more susceptible to common diseases such as colds and viral infections. The average family bath mat contains a shocking amount of bacteria, so wash yours as frequently as you can – and have spares on hand for replacement while your normal one is in the laundry.

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