Is Your Home Making You Ill?

Is Your Home Making You Ill?

For many of us, our home is our castle, and it is the one space in which we feel most safe and secure. But is that really the case?


Even though you may think your house is completely perfect, there could be some small imperfections that you aren’t really aware of. And these imperfections could be having a negative effect on your health. Want to make sure that your house isn’t dragging your family’s health down? Here are some things you need to check.


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The Refrigerator


If you already throw out old food from your refrigerator on a regular basis, you might think that you are doing everything you can in the battle against food poisoning. Think again! There are some very sneaky ways your fridge could be increasing the spread of germs. Does your fridge have an electrical coil in it? This freezes once in awhile and then thaws. When it thaws, it drips water, which needs to be cleaned up regularly If it isn’t cleaned, it will evaporate and spread germs throughout your home. And don’t forget to wipe out the vegetable tray every now and then!


Heating And Cooling Systems


One of the biggest causes of illnesses caused in the home is the heating and air conditioning system. Air conditioning can leave traces of water it the system ducts. These small pools are great for encouraging germs and bacteria to breed. All of the bacteria can then cause respiratory problems, such as asthma and allergies. To make sure your family never suffers from these conditions, make sure your systems are professionally serviced every year.


Soft Furnishings


We all have our favorite chairs and sofas that we love to lounge in. And I’m sure you also enjoy spending lazy weekend mornings in bed! But did you know that your soft furnishings and bed sheets could be hiding a dirty secret? Over time, dust mites will collect in these soft items and make themselves at home. Bed bugs could congregate in between your sheets. These can cause skin irritation. While it is impossible to remove all dust mites from your home, a thorough cleaning every couple of months should keep their numbers down to a minimum.


Cleaning Products


You may think that cleaning products are one of the most helpful tools you can have in your home to help you in the fight against germs and bacteria but, in actual fact, they could be doing more harm than good. That’s because the strong chemicals in the products could be carcinogenic and cause cancer as well as headaches and skin irritations. Don’t worry; you don’t have to stop cleaning your home. Instead, you should just make the switch to natural cleaning products. Most of these are organic and eco-friendly, and aren’t harmful to humans or animals.


I hope this blog post hasn’t scared you too much, but it is always worth knowing exactly how our health could be affected by the environment around us. At least now you know how to improve things!

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