Home Renovation Ordering: 4 Questions To Answer

Home Renovation Ordering: 4 Questions To Answer

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It is a rare state of affairs when there is only one part of a house that needs renovating. For most of us, it’s a battle that we constantly face, ticking off one problem just as another development takes its place. Still, at least it always means we have a project on the go, right?

Given the fact that your home might need a series of changes to get it to the point you feel you can declare it finished, prioritizing becomes a necessary part of renovation. Rather than just guessing at which project you should focus on first, it’s wise to ask yourself a couple of questions to determine where your attention should be falling.

Question 1: What Do I Use The Most?

If you like to have guests coming to stay, it might be tempting to launch yourself into a spare room renovation and change everything. After all, when we invite people into our homes, we want them to be comfortable. We want the house to reflect well on us.

However, when it comes to prioritizing, this is something that should be pretty low down the list. You should choose to start with areas that are most often used by your family. As an example, a kitchen renovation would therefore take priority over installing a new bathroom in the guest bedroom.

Question 2: What Is Holding You Up?

A classic example of this issue would be the following:

  1. You know the floor in the bedroom needs to be replaced. You have dreams of lifting the cheap laminate, installing proper wood flooring, and creating that modern bedroom sanctuary we’re all supposed to dream of.
  2. However, you also want to repaint the walls as they are looking a bit tired. It doesn’t make sense to change the flooring until you have repainted the walls, of course.
  3. Knowing that you need to paint before you can get to the work you really want to do (the new flooring), you ignore the bedroom and move onto other tasks.

What’s holding you up in this instance is the need for you to paint. As that is preventing you from doing other tasks in one room, that means you should always prioritize the tasks that are holding other things up. The same applies throughout the house.

Question 3: Can You Group Tasks?

Let’s say you have two tasks in different areas of the house: you want to repaint the kitchen and you want to repaint the bedroom.

These could be treated as separate tasks – but they involve much of the same process, the same supplies. It makes sense to group them together for minimal disturbance. You can do the same throughout the house, rather than treating each room as its own separate entity.

Question 4: Do I Know What I Want To Achieve?

Having a finished look in mind is essential for any home renovation. You have to know what you’re doing if you’re going to be able to prepare the steps to get there. Browse for inspiration online and even visit showrooms for furniture stores – it should all give you a concrete idea of the finish you want to achieve.

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