Simple Ways to Modernise Your Home

Simple Ways to Modernise Your Home

We all get bored of our living space now and again. A new room often means a new you because a change of scenery can be inspiring. It can totally change your mood. When you think about the word ‘modernizing’, many people assume it applies to major changes like renovations and extensions. However, there are lots of simple ways to modernise your space, without having to break the budget. Take a look at these ideas.

Cleaning supplies
Cleaning supplies



When you have work and a family life, it’s difficult to find the spare time to devote to your home. It’s easier to ignore the clutter and think of it as part of the furniture. Modern design has become more simplistic, so clutter is a big ‘no, no’ if you’re hoping to keep up with the trends. An easy way to modernise is your home is to do a spot of Spring cleaning. It’s time to get cut throat. Throw out anything you don’t need and anything that looks like it needs an upgrade. You may come across more than you’d hoped for during your clean. Don’t panic, follow the link for what’s pest control and get those blighters out of your home.


Lighting is Everything

There are so many new and creative ways to add lights to your home. If one of your rooms lacks natural light, adding more lighting could be the making of it. One of the best lighting trends at the moment is having lights hang over a dining table. It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for guests and can be romantic for partners. If you want to save money on an electrician, you could install the lights yourself.

Change Accessories

Did you know that changing the door handles on your kitchen cupboards can give them an entirely different look? Simple changes can often make the biggest impact. You can do the same to furniture handles and drawer pulls. If you change the theme or colour of a room, you’ll also want to update other accessories to match, like cushions or throws.


Up-cycle Furniture

Shabby-Chic isn’t going out of style any time soon. The great thing about it is you can do it all by yourself. If you’ve got an old dining table or cabinet you want to update, all you need is a bit of paint. Stick to light colours but have fun with it. It’s surprising how a bit of paint can make something look new. If you want to stay on trend, make your furniture two-toned by leaving some of the original wood unpainted.


Your garden is as much a part of your home as your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent sized garden but you have no idea what to do with it, you may want to consider landscaping. You can hire someone to design the garden for you and either you or the same designer can implement the ideas. A well looked after garden can add real character to a home and often a fantastic selling point.

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