What to Pack: Holiday Beauty Tips. Guest Blogger, Amy G.

By Guest Blogger, Amy G.


What to Pack: Holiday Beauty Tips.

Photo provided by guest blogger and pixabay.com
Photo provided by guest blogger and pixabay.com

For me, planning a holiday can be very frustrating.
Since there are numerous things you need to bear in mind, you sometimes forget the things that are of greatest importance. Last year I was traveling to Europe and was preoccupied with lots of things and constantly worried about what can go wrong.
This year, I decided to pay more attention to packing instead of worrying about irrational things. This time, I made a comprehensive list of things that I should bring with myself. I actually made a special concerning only my beauty products, because last time I forgot so many things and spent a lot of money getting them in Europe.
So, finally, here it is, my list of beauty products you should bring with yourself to a longer journey. Check it out!

Have your “emergency kit†in your purse

Apart from all the makeup and skincare products that you pack in your suitcase, you should always have your “emergency kit†in your handbag. I always keep makeup wipes, moisturizer, a concealer and my favorite lipstick in the purse. This helps me look fresh and radiant, even if I have just landed.

Bring your toiletries!

Although it might sound a little paranoid, I never completely trust the hotel room service. That is exactly why I always have my toiletries packed. For example, I cannot imagine my vacation without my own hair products, especially the shampoo and conditioner adequate for my hair type. No matter where you go, your hair is exposed to both sun and water and carefully chosen hair products for your hair are always more effective than those provided by the hotel.

Apart from hair products, I also love to have my own deodorant, makeup wipes, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, deodorant, perfume and a shower gel with me. And last, but not the least, you should never go anywhere without your skin-care products. Hitting the road without my favorite cleanser, right facial moisturizer and body lotion would be a nightmare to me.

Apart from your regular skin-care products, you should also pack the ones that you will need at the beach. For example, I always bring Jane Iredale Facial Spritz Hydration Spray that helps my skin stay fresh all the time, as well as a quality self-tanner and sunscreen, which is a must-have item on every vacation.
If you are afraid that you will forget something important, I advise you to sit down and make a list of all the toiletries you use every day. It helps me a lot, and I hope that it will help you, as well.

Photo provided by guest blogger and pixabay.com
Photo provided by guest blogger and pixabay.com

Don’t bring all your makeup!

Makeup is a must when you go on a longer holiday. Also, bringing too much makeup might make spatial problems. That’s exactly why I always restrict myself to a couple of products I like the most.
Don’t clutter your suitcase with unnecessary shadows and lipsticks you will never use. Pack your favourite mascara, eyeliner, a couple of lipsticks, foundation, a blush and your favourite palette of eyeshadows and you are ready!

So that is my list of must-have beauty products for this year’s Europe trip. I hope it will help you not to forget a crucial item when you go travelling! Enjoy!

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