Does acupuncture really helps relieve stress? By Guest Blogger, Jamichael M.

By Guest Blogger, Jamichael M.


Does acupuncture really helps relieve stress?

“Silver Needle Acupuncture In Medicine Cup” by Praisaeng
“Silver Needle Acupuncture In Medicine Cup” by Praisaeng

Acupuncture is a popular treatment modality in many chiropractic clinics and medical spas, and it is now being offered as a procedure to bust out stress. Acupuncture involves insertion of very thin needles in specific points in the skin by a skilled and licensed practitioner. This is based on the belief that insertion of needles in specific areas of the skin promotes flow of Qi; the proper flow of Qi in the body makes you healthy, while interrupted flow cause sickness. Learn more about acupuncture here.
Stress is a common and our life is full of it, so we tend to look for ‘quick’ and effective fixes. Acupuncture is now being used to relieve stress. We will examine if acupuncture is a good solution to this common problem.
Yes, acupuncture works wonders for stress relief
There is a reason why acupuncture is popular today, and that is because it works for certain conditions. Acupuncture works for common symptoms of stress, like pain, headache and menstrual cramps. If it works to relieve these symptoms, acupuncture will work to relieve your stress.
Acupuncture works for stress, and this is true according to science. Acupuncture cause stimulation that promotes normalization (reduction) of stress hormones. This results to relief from symptoms of stress. Stressed individuals who underwent acupuncture sessions have better sleep and improved well-being, and those things are more than enough to conclude that acupuncture is an effective stress buster.
Acupuncture for specific kinds of stress
Everyone has different perceptions on the discomfort caused by stress. As our chiropractors in Charlotte have noted, individuals often describe the feeling of being ‘stressed’ as feeling depressed, anxious, frustrated or fatigued.
Acupuncture is proven to reduce anxiety, even in individuals with generalized anxiety disorders. Needle-insertion in acupuncture procedures promotes release of chemicals in the brain that have painkilling properties, as well as stimulating the brain to control emotions. In the same manner, acupuncture works to reduce depression and achieve better pain control. In simple words, acupuncture relieves the abnormal ‘flight-or-fight’ response we feel as stress.
For several reasons, it is a good idea to try acupuncture first when you feel stressed, anxious or have lingering pain. Needle insertion in acupuncture is still invasive, but it is safer compared to use of medicines injected under the skin or in the veins. Acupuncture does not involve use of medicines that can cause serious side effects and addiction; acupuncture may produce mild bruising and some dizziness, but that’s all and is uncommon. For stress relief and resolution of anxiety, depression and lingering pain, acupuncture produces good and effective relief within minutes.
Description of acupuncture treatment sessions for stress relief
To achieve stress relief, the acupuncturist identifies specific points in your skin and inserts needles until half a millimeter away from the nerve. The patient feels sensation of peaceful relief and relaxation during and after treatment. For stress control, best practice recommends six to ten acupuncture sessions per week, and after achieving pain control, fewer sessions afterwards.
If acupuncture did not work for those conditions, you can always go to your doctor to have conventional treatment, and previous acupuncture sessions will not produce any complications.

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