Thyroid Meds. Medication Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Medication Tips on Triggers: Thyroid Meds.

There are tons of medications, that may trigger tons of side effects. Some side effects can be so obscure to a patient, suffering.So, a new thing, I decided to do is, when I hear of a trigger so odd given to me, from one of my readers, to look into it, to let you know,  what may be a possible side effect here. And, of course, recommend you, to call your doctor.

A reader was having very severe foot pain and cramping. After talking more about it to me, and their personal situation, I came to discover that Thyroid medicine, especially after changing up doses, can cause severe lower extremity muscle pain and cramping.   

If one should feel something like that come on after a few months of changing their medicine, call your doctor immediately with your symptoms.

Remember, not all triggers feel good, but they are there for the positive; to tell our body’s when something is right and even when it’s wrong.

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By Tia Cristy