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Why Woman Get Uncomfortable. Thoughts of Liam M. (MA-Language)

By Tia Cristy

Liam McRae from ‘Ask the Naturals’ is what some may call a professional dating guru or pickup artist. But ‘The Naturals’ and Liam prefer the title, Social Freedom Coach.

Liam’s style is mature in the world of casual sex. Although I speak of monogamy in relationships, Liam tells stories of the infamous One Night Stand.

Either way, Liam and I could both agree on Sexual Health and it’s importance physically and mentally. This video is a great insight for men to see the reasons they may not think of when it comes to a woman’s indecision about being physical, although she may be attracted to you. Safety and comfort is her number one priority.

By Liam McRae

How to deal with a woman’s crazy behaviour

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Safe Exercising After Plastic Surgery. By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Safe Exercising After Plastic Surgery

Photos provided by creativecommons images
Photos provided by creativecommons images

Indulging in regular physical activity is known to hold many health benefits when it comes to both physical and mental health of people. Not only does implementing a fitness routine help maintain ideal weight, but studies have shown that just 30 minutes of fitness daily can help protect from serious health issues like heart diseases and strokes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity and regulate mental conditions like depression and reduce stress levels.

Exercising after Surgery

Undergoing any kind of surgery, even an aesthetical treatment requires a specific downtime so the body would be able to heal properly. This is why rushing into a specific training regime right out of surgery is not considered a wise idea. Depending on the type of the procedure and its complexity, patients must be careful when starting their exercise regime again. Overall, it is not recommend for patients to indulge in any physical activity at least 48 hours after the procedure has taken place. The best way to start again with the usual fitness regime is to gradually increase the activity levels throughout the first few weeks of the recovery process. Depending on the procedure, it usually takes a few weeks to regain the energy lost during the healing process. For those eager to start their training routines, doctors recommend indulging in some light cardio like a slow-pace walk or slowly cycling on a stationary bike.

Exercising After a Face-Lift

image 2(5)While the recovery time varies among patients, according to doctors at Chicago Plastic Surgery, patients generally make a full recovery after about two weeks. During the first few days, patients feel a fair amount of pain and discomfort and it is really important to say stationary during this period and to rest in order to regain their energy. In the next few days it is recommended to start implementing some light activities like mild stretching, doing dishes and dusting, but you should refrain from any vigorous physical activity. Stretching your muscles is really important as you want to avoid muscle atrophy, but safety always comes first and that is why it is recommended to rely on isometric exercises at first. After a week or so, after you have removed your stiches you will be able to gradually increase your activity levels by taking longer walks or some more demanding exercises. Remember to use ice packs to reduce swelling and not to spend too much time outdoors, especially during summer time as you must avoid direct sunlight at least some time after the surgery.

Exercising After a Tummy Tuck

image 3(3)Because of the complexity of the procedure and the area where it is performed, patients who undergo a tummy tuck cannot expect to return to their regular fitness activities at least six weeks after the surgery. After the surgery has taken place, patients are advised to take short strolls around the house every day without any help for getting in or out of bed. This will help strengthen the weakened muscles right after the surgery and help keep you active. Short walks around the neighbourhood should be the only physical activity at least for the first four weeks of recovery. After this, some low impact cardio can be implemented into your routine. One month after the procedure you might begin with some upper body and leg strengthening exercises but should avoid those exercises that strictly target the abdominal muscles. Once your physician gives you clearance and you feel like your abdominal muscles are ready you might slowly start getting back to your regular fitness activities.

image 4(4)While regular fitness activity benefits you in many ways, starting a training session before your body has healed completely can only make things worse. This is why professionals that perform plastic surgery in Sydney recommend taking things slowly and keeping in mind that everybody heals at their own pace and that you should never push yourself over the limits.

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Selfie Isn’t A Bad Word.

By Tia Cristy

Selfie Isn’t A Bad Word.

Whether you love them or hate them, it looks like Selfies are here to stay, just like anything you post on the web. So, make it one that you can be proud of to withstand the test of time.


Although the word didn’t arrive in the dictionary until 2013, the first Selfie dates back to 1839, taken by Robert Cornelius. The word Selfie is now part of an everyday language in our society. There are several different kinds of Selfies from the ambiguous selfie, you hope no one sees to the one you post, hoping to get a bazillion Likes on Social Media. But all in all, the Selfie is defined as a party of one. Nowadays, Selfie is used loosely as a term, because if you can stretch your arm out to capture a group shot, you technically took the shot by yourself. Quick Lesson: If you ask someone to take a picture for you, it is not called a Selfie. (I’ve actually been asked if I could take a selfies for someone.)

Personally, I’m the queen of the ‘Oh I guess I should capture this memorable moment’ as well as the ‘work’ selfie, which is me in the studio with headphones on, telling the world to turn up their radios.

The Ultimate Selfie Guide
The Ultimate Selfie Guide

I’ve used plenty of cool filters to enhance an artist photo to change up the boring repetitive Selfie. But how cool is it when you can hashtag #nofilter? With the help of this guide on how to take a selfie by Venus Concept, we know taking a good selfie comes down to an art.

Some think, females have it more challenging when it comes to the world of Selfies. Men show off a good smile or show off a rippling ab, and the Likes begin to climb. Ladies don’t be fooled. You don’t need to show off more than a beautiful smile to accomplish the same, seriously.

Tia Cristy, @TipsfromTia on Twitter and Instagram
Tia Cristy, @TipsfromTia on Twitter and Instagram

Start With Your Idea

Is it a fresh face you want to show? Or are you looking to have photo-ready makeup? The fact is highlight your key features whether it’s your smile or eyes. Use a contour makeup in the proper way, and your key features will pop.


Some bathrooms have the most fantastic lighting, but I promise, it’s not the proper setting. Nobody wants to see your toilet.

Outdoor lighting is amazing, unless you have to squint. Find an area that allows natural light to flood in and provide a natural glow to your already existing beauty.

Strike A Pose

Figure out what you want to show with your emotion. Fun selfies are just like that…fun. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. If you feel goofy, do it. Are you sleepy or annoyed? The only one I suggest to stop posting is the Duck Face. Let it go. A survey showed it irritates most men. Sexy comes naturally. A beautiful smile will come off more sexy than you could ever imagine.

Tia Cristy, @TipsfromTia on Twitter and Instagram
Tia Cristy, @TipsfromTia on Twitter and Instagram

Selfies can tell a story or be helpful in communication. Selfies can say, ‘My flight just landed.’ Or ‘Guess where we are?’ I have taken many for myself to see if I like my hair color or style. Selfies can be very helpful in checking your makeup in different lighting as well.

I remember in the movie ‘Clueless’, she took polaroid’s of her outfits to see which one worked best.

Selfies don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, so let your artistic flag fly.

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Favourite Tattoo Styles In 2016. By Guest Blogger Diana S.

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Favourite Tattoo Styles In 2016

Photo provided by creativecommons
Photo provided by creativecommons

Trends come and go but…tattoos are forever? Yes, during the last couple of years we have witnessed all kinds of tattoo designs that have adorned the bodies of those artistic soles. While some past trends have managed to stay popular for yet another tattoo season, others were not so fortunate. Luckily, 2016 is bringing a lot of fresh and exciting trends that will simply urge you to welcome ink onto your skin at least once more.

They Are Back!

Sometimes conceived as grim and often associated with death and other not-so –pleasant occurrences, these tattoos actually hold much graver meaning than first thought. For ages now, skull tattoos have been a popular choice for both male and female audience and it seems like they are the new denim – they never go out of style. 2016 is welcoming this trend once more, only now with some new and fresh designs that are making these ghastly tattoos one of our absolute favourites. Flames, wings and roses are still popular motifs but a lot of attention has been put on combining skulls with floral and nature motifs and adding just a bit more colour and details.

Complete Blackout

image 4(3)A recent trend that has swiftly taken over the tattoo parlours is made for those ink lovers that are not afraid to step up their game and really go to the extremes. The blackout tattoos are designed to cover large areas of your body in black ink, of course connecting these parts with carefully and edgy lines and embellishing the body with bold and striking designs. The origin of black-work design dates back to Polynesian art but only now has it found its way to our present trends. And by the looks of it – it is here to stay.


image 3(2)For those who are still not fully committed to covering their bodies in massive amounts of black ink, there is another ever-growing trend that allows you to add a bit of colour into your world and opt for a let’s say – a more gentle alternative. Contrary to what you might think, watercolour tattoos are not another trend of body paint, but they are actually tattoo designs simply resembling the blurred and diluted styles of watercolour paintings. They include a variety of subtle colours making it a perfect choice for those who wish to embellish their bodies in more cheerful tones.


A genuine blast to the past can now be achieved through mimicking the fine art of crocheting right there on your body. The wonderful crocheted and knitted designs that our grandmas used to make are now a growing trend among those ink fans that are trying to add a vintage vibe to their personalities. A perfect blend of bright, vivid colours with x shaped designs represents a complete innovation in the tattoo design and it seems like the trend is catching on pretty fast.


Are you ready to become one with universe? More people are starting to embrace their spirituality by resorting to mandala tattoos, which represent a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions. These tattoos are focused on balanced structures with a variety of different complex designs that represent your spiritual journey. Whether you want it in colour or you have decided to resort to the sole minimalism of black and white tattoos, it is good to know that this style is observed as one of the best tattoos in Sydney.

image 1(5)Quite similar to fashion, tattoo trends have a tendency of switching with the seasons. From the popular tribal tattoos of the 90s we have managed to arrive here to welcome the latest innovations that 2016 has brought with it. Now all we can do is wait and see what the next season carries in the tattoo department.

Tia’s Note: Be sure to research the tattoo parlor that you plan on attending. It’s important to know and feel comfortable with their process on sterilization and safety.

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9 Must-Have Items for the Ultimate Man Cave. By Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

By Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

9 Must-Have Items for the Ultimate Man Cave

2-TVA Man’s home is his castle, but within that castle lies also a man cave. This is space is a manly domain, a lair where he goes to relax, have a couple of cold ones, and unwind. Fumed by the fragrant aromas of beer, sports, and testosterone, and rugged as a man’s personality, this room also represents the man of the house. And because it is so important, a man cave must also show character through the objects it houses. The envy of all the boys, the annoyance of the wife, and your pride and joy: the ultimate man cave has to have some of these all important essentials.

  1. A Personal Comfy Chair

Any serious man cave emphasizes comfort above all else, so it is no wonder that you need somewhere great to be seated during the game. Be it a recliner, sofa, or couch you want it to be the focal point of the room. A good chair also needs a foot rest, so you can put your feet up in the air after a hard day in the office, and catch up on some Z’s in peace.

  1. Wide-Screen TV

Nothing says man cave more than a TV! Be it the game, or the action-packed blockbuster, you want to watch it in style with the boys. A large flatscreen is just what the men ordered, as even when you are grabbing a cold one from the fridge you can still see the score, and you won’t miss out. And even though it’s a man’s world in there, it will be a great way to stay in with the wife, instead of going to the cinema.

  1. Fridge

Having a man cave means you can enjoy a cold beer by yourself, or with the guys. A good man cave fridge should keep the liquid cool and refreshing, and be in reach. If you can go for a double, a smaller one near the screen, and a larger for storing the reserves. Also, look into getting one with an ice maker, you once poker night kicks in, you have the cubes ready for the scotch or whiskey.

  1. Poker Set

Cigar smoke, liquor, dimmed lights – it’s poker night! Having the lads over for a shot at Lady Luck, you will need to have a poker set at the ready. A set will have everything you need: chips, cards, even a blackjack table cover. With this in your man cave, the house will always win!

  1. Pool Table
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Tracey C.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Tracey C.

Once half-time hits, nobody wants to sit through the commercials. A great form of entertainment, pool is a real crowd-pleaser. And since you have it around the house, you can learn great new techniques, so you always hit the eight ball in the corner pocket, and show-off all your friends.

  1. Darts

If pool is not your thing, another all-star classic is the dart board. Because it’s a pretty simple game, you can even make it yourself. Remember, a man cave is all about fun and excitement, and nothing gets your blood pumping, or the testosterone burning than a dead center bull’s eye.

  1. Sports Memorabilia

7-Sports MemorabiliaWant to show off your inner sports fan? Nothing will highlight it more than decorating the cave with sport collectables. You can frame jerseys of your favorite team, put up banners, even putting up signed balls from your favorite players. It will add to the room, and make each game a spectacle to watch.

  1. Manly Blockbuster Décor

Die Hard, The Godfather, James Bond, Scarface, Batman – these macho classics represent the pinnacle of cinematography, but can also be the theme of your man cave. Print and frame up posters from your favorite action-packed screen adventures, get some cool movie-themed action figures to put on the shelves, and even redo the wall paint, so you can enjoy the manliest films in the best setting possible.

  1. Jukebox or Stereo System

Rock on in your man cave with the tunes from your youth. Putting in the sound to your spectacular-looking man cave will be the finishing touch. While the jukebox has that old vinyl feel (and makes sure the kids don’t put Taylor Swift on), a stereo system can really pump up the noise and reveal the inner-rocker in you to your neighbors.

So, there you go – the essential list that will make your man cave the showcase of your home. With these must-have items, your man cave will echo in a manly roar, wow everyone, and allow you to enjoy your favorite activities, reserved for men only.

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About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

The most exciting ways to spend your days off. By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

The most exciting ways to spend your days off

Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Hard-working people seldom have time for themselves, so when you get a couple of days off it is only natural that you want to spend it by doing something you like. Sadly, it often happens that when that me-time arrives, people choose to sleep longer, and binge-watch their favourite TV show or read Tia’s blog. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there are so many creative and exciting ways to use that time, it would be shame to miss them.

Invite your friends over

When was the last time you and your friends spent some time together, but not in a bar on Saturday night? You can refresh your teenage memories if you decide to make barbecue in the back yard, bring some beer, and spend time just talking and listening to music, of watching a good movie or watching  a basketball match. It doesn’t have to be a party for dozens of people, sometimes only you and your two or three closest friends can have a wonderful time and enjoy a quiet day at home. Watch old videos of yourselves, browse photos from when you were younger, and re-live old memories of your high school and student days. Such casual activity can fill you up with positive energy that will last for weeks to come.

Pretend you’re a tourist

Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Think about it, what was the last time you actually walked through your city and actually paid attention to your surrounding: architecture, monuments, and comfortable places in the park. When you’re a tourist, you take time to get to know the place you’re visiting and learn about it but when you live there, it stops being interesting, and that’s a shame. Browse the web to find out about your city, put on your sunglasses, grab a gopro hero action camera, put backpack on your back and explore the beauty of your hometown. What is more, you can upload the video on Youtube and help many others who would like to come and visit; not only will you spend the day being physically active, but you can have wonderful photos and videos for later.

DIY day

All of us have some DIY projects that we put off just because we don’t have enough time or patience to finish them. So, when you finally get some free time, why not use it in a bit more creative way and finish what you have been intending to finish a long time ago? Make that easy mirror frame out of old CDs, make your own dream catcher, and bring in some twigs and leaves to decorate your living room. DIY day can also mean experimenting in the kitchen with some delicious recipes for soups, sauces, and cakes; so fill your kitchen with flavours from all over the world: Thailand, India, China, Italy, and Mexico.

Muster some energy

Of course, there are also times when you just cannot muster enough energy to walk, talk, and work on your day off, and that’s ok. Sometimes a person just needs some quiet “me time” to feel refreshed again. Spend this day taking good care of yourself: drink a lot of flavoured water and green tea, make smoothies and healthy pancakes, finally finish the book like you have been planning to do for weeks, and go to bed early. Use this time to get a quality rest, and not just lay around, eat chips, and drink beer.

We are all different, and we all have our own definitions of ‘rest’ and ‘fun’, but sometimes we should all step out of our comfort zones and try something new. The quiet ones should spend the day with friends, and those who are always on the move should slow down and enjoy the day.

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5 Top Priorities When Baby Is on Its Way. By Guest Blogger Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger Daniel R.

5 Top Priorities When Baby Is on Its Way


Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

The moment when you find out that you are expecting a baby is a true life changer – and it definitely marks the beginning of the whole new part of it. Pregnancy is often a true roller coaster of emotions, however, it is definitely one of the most beautiful and blessed parts of any woman’s life. It carries a lot of responsibility, and you will have to set up a new list of priorities. Here are five of them which are essential when your baby is on its way.


Choose a Reliable Doctor

Having a clear picture of what you want out of your pregnancy will help you sort out your priorities when it comes to choosing a reliable doctor. Find out whether you are at risk of any complications because of diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity. Decide where you would like to deliver – at a hospital, or maybe at home? Also, take into consideration natural vs. medicated birth, and choose what you think is best for you. Once you have answered these questions, start looking for a doctor to guide you through your pregnancy.


Create a Parent Budget

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

You should be aware of the fact that your budget will drastically change when the baby arrives, so it is essential that you create a parent budget. Write down the amount of money that is coming in and going out each month, and include things like childcare, diapers, toys, formula, and so on. Make sure that you have included all the potential costs, so that you can run your household without troubles.


Purchase Necessary Nursery Equipment

There are numerous ways to save some money on baby items, and one of them is certainly through discount stores. No matter what, there is a list of essential nursery equipment that needs to be purchased before your baby arrives. Some of the required items are federally approved car seat, bottles and brushes for cleaning them, changing table, as well as nursing bras. A diaper bag is also required, and it has to be stacked with several diapers, baby wipes, receiving blanket, plastic bag for soiled diapers, and clean clothes.


Get a Crib

Besides all the aforementioned equipment, a crib is another element that needs to be purchased before giving birth. If you decide to assemble it by yourself, make sure that a manual is used. If there are any pieces left when you are done – do it again until the crib is steady, because it is the only way of doing it right. Also, make sure that it is low enough to the ground, so that you can easily reach in and get baby out with ease. Some cribs can even transform into toddler or full-size beds later on, so it is good to have that convertible option in mind, too.


Prepare Everything in Advance

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Once the crib is successfully assembled, parents-to-be should make their home safe for their future child. Plug-ins for electrical outlets are located at the perfect height to draw the attention of a curious baby, which can be very dangerous for it. This is exactly why you should get special plastic plates which can be placed over outlet covers, which will force the user to slide it over in order to access the power supply – babies cannot do that. Also, there should always be hot water in your home, in order to establish an everyday bathing routine. For that reason, make sure that all hot water problems are solved.

 As you can see, there are many things that need to be taken care of when your baby is on its way. Sorting out priorities is one of the best ways to handle all the situations without stress, so make sure that you have that covered. Predict potential problems, solve them in advance, and enjoy the most beautiful days of your life.

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5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Brand Recognizable. By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Brand Recognizable

Photo Provided by Guest blogger, Daniel R.
Photo Provided by Guest blogger, Daniel R.

Market is extremely competitive today, so launching your business can be very tricky and challenging. What is most important here is that you attract your target audience by making your brand approachable to them, which will inevitably lead to your success. Tia and I know just how hard it is to make your way through and achieve something. There is no universal secret of success.; whether you think that you have no chances because you are just one of the millions who are trying or you are optimistic because you feel that you will succeed, you are looking at a fierce fight nevertheless.
Identify Your Audience

The first step towards winning your audience is certainly identifying who they are. It is sometimes very hard, especially if you firmly believe that your product or service will appeal to one segment of the consumer market, and another one will prove to prefer it better later on. Successful brands know that it will take time to understand their audience. That will make it much easier to connect customers with their products later on.

Create a Recognizable Logo

This step is crucial for brand recognition. Streamline your logo, its colours and font, so that you make it much more appealing to the audience. It should tell your brand’s story, so that the customers who are the people behind it. It is always a good idea to do it in an ‘about us’ section on your website. That will help people identify with your business, so make the logo authentic and catchy. Creativity is what matters here, so try fostering it with positive working environment. JP Office Workstations offer very stylish and contemporary office furniture that will inspire your team and make them utilize their creativity to the maximum.

Optimize Your Website

All of us know that the first impression is what counts, and there are some crucial factors you should pay attention to. The first one is the design of your website, which should be optimised with your target audience and search engines in mind. Make sure that its layout is customer-friendly, that it has social share buttons, and that logo is streamlined. You can also optimise your site using keywords and title tags, which will significantly contribute to how it appears in search engines.

Social Media Presence Is Crucial

Social media have an extremely important role when it comes to raising your brand’s profile, which is why you must utilise them in the best possible way. You will be able to speak directly to your audience this way, which will make your brand more approachable. Make sure that you use the right platform, as well as appropriate strategies – establish the frequency of your posts, and give your best to respond to any customers’ questions as soon as possible.

Give Away Promotional Products

People absolutely love getting freebies, which is one of the most effective strategies a company can use to make its product or service more recognizable. Promotional products have always been a very popular choice when it comes to building brand recognition. Put your logo on pens, Frisbees, tote bags, or even umbrellas, and you will see – people will go crazy about them. No one will pass up a free gift.

As you can see, there are so many things that are important when it comes to making your brand recognizable. It is totally up to you which strategy you will choose – just make sure that it is appropriate for your target audience. If they recognize your product or service, you are halfway there. Good luck!

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Setting the Mood. Tips On Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Setting the Mood.

Young multi-racial couple. Young lovers who are sexualTrying to set a sexy mood can be easy, but some feel they have no clue where to start. The 5 senses are the things to trigger when creating this moment of love.

Sense of sound- Playing a background music that your partner likes is a good way to set a mood. Remember keep it low, only as a background noise so you have no interruptions of communicating.

Sense of smell- Picking scents that appeal to your partner is always a good start. Try to stay away from food smells if you are trying to skip a meal because that can wake up a stomach instead of the libido. (SideNote: Vanilla is known to be a good aphrodisiac for men. Women usually react better with a floral scent like lily or jasmine)

Sense of sight- Looking like you’ve gone a little extra on your appearance is a good way to trigger a complement from your partner. olive oil condiment vegeterian foodSense of touch- Exfoliate your skin, shave and add a natural oil like almond or olive oil to get an extra soft touch.

Sense of taste- Making sure you have a clean taste with maybe a touch of sweet to the skin is always a treat. (SideNote: Sweet doesn’t mean sticky, stay away from flavored lubes until your partner is involved with your plan. Some folks are sensitive to flavored lubes and condoms.)

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Worked Out With A Swiss Ball Yet? By Frank T.

Worked Out With A Swiss Ball Yet?

“Fit Woman In Gym Working Out With Dumbbells” by stockimages
“Fit Woman In Gym Working Out With Dumbbells” by stockimages

Are you bored of endless sit ups, press ups and treadmill runs as part of your cardio routines? I have a fun alternative solution, namely Swiss ball training. Swiss balls can train your entire body with innovative moves that can sprinkle a breath of fresh air through monotonous workout drills.

Often used in Pilates you may know them by alternatives names; yoga balls, balance balls, gym balls body balls or sports balls. But whatever name you call them they are as versatile as a Swiss army knife. They therefore can be used in lots of different ways to target muscles all over your body.

So how do they work?

A Swiss ball allows you to improve your stability and coordination due to the nature of the ball being unstable in the first place. It is aspherical in shape and therefore will move about in all directions forcing you to counteract its momentum so you don’t fall off.
This works your core, something that every workout publication and training program seems to be obsessed with. The core is so important as it is like the central hub that connects your entire body. A strong core will bullet proof your back and work wonders for your waistline and can also increase your agility.

How A Swiss Ball Enhances Muscle Development

As you use a Swiss ball consistency over a period of time, your muscles will start to develop rapidly to handle the stress of the new workload. This occurs as the individual core muscles gradually lengthen and become used to contracting on demand. It’s no wonder that the mammoth 350 pound plus contenders in the World’s Strongest Man contest attribute much of their success to having a strong core.

If you need to lift anything heavy the abdomen has to tighten like a belt to prevent a lower or upper back injury. A lot of the body’s strength also originates in the core, so whether you want to be super-sized or super skinny, core training is essential.
But traditional exercises like sit ups, planks and ab crunches don’t cut it anymore. They do not isolate your abdomen enough, and have a lot of assistance by the surrounding muscles. That’s where new accessories like balance balls come into play. They help you specifically target the parts of the body that have been previously difficult to hone in on.

Full Body Workouts

However, these balls can be used to target more than just the core muscles of the body, which include the abdominal muscles. The outlying muscles of the hips and shoulders can also be trained. An exercised called Swiss ball prone push-ups will engage these extra areas plus if it’s the first ever exercise you start out with, it will allow you to become acclimatized to the ball.

Here is one of many variations on how to perform this exercise.
To begin lie on top of the ball facing forwards (prone). Gently roll your weight forward so that your feet rest on the rear of the ball and your hands take the traditional push up position at the front. Just like a traditional push up, press your weight upwards from the floor.
Start of by doing 10 repetitions of the exercise and build up until you can do 20. If it is too easy for you work up to 5 sets of 20 reps and shorten the rest between sets down to 30 seconds.

You should feel the exercise in your shoulders, triceps and also your abs. For an increased stretch in your abdomen area tighten your abs on the way down. This will build up killer abs if you keep at it for a few months.

Here is a video of the exact exercise sequence.
Youtube Swiss Ball
Losing Balance

Like all things new, getting accustomed to a Swiss ball can be cumbersome, especially if you don’t have good balance to begin with. The trick is to make small movements when starting out and increase them gradually. Over time you will become more proficient. Once your muscles start to build up some strength and your mind to muscle connection is established the movements will get easier.
The next time you see one of those oversized balls in the corner of your gym, take one on.

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