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Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

Beauty Hacks You Should Know About

Hacks! What is a hack really? Well, it is a way to make something quick. To use a product in a new way. To make things easier. Some are life-changing – like the current photo of how you should be packing your suitcase, and others are just a bit smart, like ditching shampoo and learning to co-wash for people with curly hair. 

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Here are some quick tips to help you manage your skincare and beauty routine a little bit better. 

Sunglasses are laden with sweat and bacteria.

More often than not, people put them straight back on their face without cleaning them. If you have time for a breakout then cool, if not keep a pack of alcohol wipes in the sunglasses case, or your bag – and set a reminder for every day of the summer. Your pores will thank you. 

Ditch shaving cream.

If you are using a razor instead of other hair removal techniques, then next time your shaving use a conditioner instead. It makes the skin slippier, smoother and adds hydration. Many women finding making this switch lessens shaving rash too. 

Cleavage needs some love too.

Sunscreen is not a hack; it is an essential, however; the hack for looking a bit perkier is highlighting in all the right places. If you need a lift, or just really want to feel super confident then try silicone inserts or a great push up bra. If you need a more permanent solution, then Kitto Plastic Surgery might be worth a look. 

Natural make-up remover?

Well, while some of the chemical-filled ones really will do the job, and some micellar waters are for sensitive skin to be even more basic – in a good way – use a reusable cotton pad and some coconut oil. The oil will get rid of every single drop of make-up and is really hydrating. If you are prone to breakouts, then cleanse after as usual. 

Eye cream is essential.

Your eyes take a heck of a lot of damage from the sun, from us not drinking enough water and of course all that laughing we do. It is the first place that is likely to show your age, or even age you. The skin can become dry there too. A rich night eye cream will give some serious hydration. The hack? Use it around your mouth too. It’s gentle enough not to cause a breakout and designed to plump out fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vaseline is still queen.

There are so many other slaves on the market, but if you are looking for a quick fix to pretty much, any beauty problem vaseline is your friend. Dry lips? Vaseline. Chapped knuckles? Vaseline. Need to slick your brows? Vaseline. If you are heading somewhere after work and don’t have your kit with you – a slick of vaseline on your cheekbones will work in place of highlighter too. 


Working on your confidence will be a long term thing really, but you can quickly make yourself feel better by slinging on your favorite lipstick, favorite shoes, and hold that superwoman pose for a few minutes. It will make you feel powerful and ready to take on the world. 

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4 Natural Make-Up Removers You Already Have In Your Kitchen. Guest Blogger, Heather R.

By Guest Blogger, Heather R.

4 Natural Make-Up Removers You Already Have In Your Kitchen.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Heather R.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Heather R.

Although make –up removers and wet wipes are convenient when you simply want to go to bed, they may irritate your skin and eyes. It’s impossible to completely eliminate the active cleaning agents in most products, even after rinsing. The residue builds- up in your skin and eventually leads to high concentration of surfactants, emulsifiers and solubilisers. These substances may dry out or irritate the skin, especially the sensitive one. Not to mention that some make-up removers contain alcohol. Luckily, you can clean your skin in a natural and inexpensive way without any harsh chemicals. Plus, all the ingredients are already in your kitchen!

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Conventional cleansers will inevitable remove the skin’s natural oils. As a result the skin will either become very dry or very oily, as it will start over-producing oils. Although many cleaning products claim to be oil-free, this can actually be harmful and lead to premature aging. Oils keep the skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. Natural oils can serve as an effective make-up cleaning solution without over –drying it. Extra virgin oil in particular is similar to the oils produced by the skin. It is also great at removing any type of make-up, from pigmented eye-shadows and lipsticks to dark mascara.

2. Milk

It’s not surprising that milk is good for the skin. It was popular ingredient in the beauty routine of royals thousands of years ago. The proteins and fat in milk not only hydrate the skin, but also allow it to retain moisture. Although drinking too much milk may cause skin conditions such as acne and eczema, when used topically it has miraculous effects. The ingredient will eliminate the make-up quickly and will soothe your skin. Create your cleaning product by mixing 1tbsp of almond oil and a bowl of whole milk. Then use a wash cloth or a cotton ball to rub it all over your face. It will leave your skin make-up free!

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Heather R.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Heather R.

3. Yogurt

Don’t worry if you ran out of milk. Yogurt can also do the job and remove your make-up. There is an added bonus. Yogurt can moisturize the skin, relieve sunburns and fight acne. You can either rub plain yogurt on your face or include it in a DIY recipe. Combine it with 1tbsp of any natural oil (coconut, jojoba or olive oil). Rinse well with warm water to get rid of the residue. Plain curd is also double – duties as a make-up remover and an exfoliator.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is an amazing natural make –up remover because of its soothing properties. First, you need to peel the cucumber and then grind or blend it into a paste. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and gently rub your face. Wash off the cucumber left –overs with water. The downside is that you cannot store this cleaning paste for long because it will dry out. Keep the cucumber solution in the fridge for no more than two or three days. For more domestic cleaning tips visit: carpetcleaningtooting.org.uk

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me!