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The Best Ways to Obtain Unshakable Confidence

The Best Ways to Obtain Unshakable Confidence

Confidence is something that every woman wants, every woman deserves and that absolutely every woman should have. Getting hold of and especially keeping confidence nowadays can be quite a challenge. 

So, today we are going to be looking at some simple, yet effective ways to build, boost and maintain confidence.


Take A Walk 

We will start with the most simple, yet one of the most effective of things. Simply taking a little bit of a walk. Walking not only has a certain amount of health benefits, but the psychological benefits are also many. As walking reduce, stress, anxiety, and fatigue, you know the confidence is going to take a great big boost all on its own. You can also use your walk to assert more confidence in daily life, a high chin, sway in the shoulders and a smile can make you not only feel more confident but you will seem more confident to the outside world.

Exercise Can Put You On Top Of The World

You don’t have to want to lose weight or get fit to go to the gym, just going alone, can instantly give you a huge boost in confidence. Once we start to enjoy the gym and then we see changes in our body, our whole demeanor changes, we become more confident without even knowing it. If the gym isn’t for you, pilates and yoga have been a choice of many for the boosting of confidence and wellbeing.

How Does Your Wardrobe Make You Feel?

For many of us, how we look will often determine how we feel. So my advice to you is, get out and get shopping or even get online. Dress for the person you want to be. Whether you love hats and want one for every day of the week or whether you take some inspiration from this women’s lingerie producer. Finding what you want and wearing what makes you feel confident and amazing is key.

One, Two, Three.. Open your eyes

I think you know where I am going with this final one. Yes, hypnotherapy. Some people will tell you that it did wonders for them, the new use of hypnotherapy is boosted self-confidence. The therapy works exactly as with the traditional methods. It just involves placing the patient into a trance and gradually training the mind to see something different. Hopefully, in this case, you. 

You Are What You Eat

Confidence can stem from many places and what we eat is one of those places. A good diet  promotes healthy self-esteem along with feeling more energetic and all-around happier. We are all guilty of a little junk food, followed by extreme lethargy. It’s not a call to diet, don’t worry. Even something as small as a 70% great food to 30% junk food is a step in a positive direction and you will see the results in no time.

So there we have it, a sure-fire way to help you along the way into finding your true confidence. Putting these into action is a great stepping stone to a more strong and confident you.

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Making Sure Your Prime Is Your Prime

Making Sure Your Prime Is Your Prime


When you were a kid, you almost pictured how you’d look, behave, work, and feel when you were well into your life as a fully-functioning adult. When your mind wasn’t occupied with the latest fad, you thought about how everything would go. You got a more vivid idea of things during your adolescence because you began growing into it all. But now you’re well into your life as a competent and accomplished grown-up, and you’re now at the stage where you need to live the life that you pictured years ago. 

Obviously, a human being is only ever as old as he or she feels, but the prime of life really spans between twenty and forty years of age. Yes, you can pick specific ages if you’d like to be pedantic, but we’re going with some nice round numbers here. This space of time is when you’re at the peak of your physical, mental, and social powers, traditionally, so you’ve got to make the most of them, right? It would be a shame to see a wonderful human like yourself waste these years. If you want to really ensure that your prime really is your prime, then let’s look at things you should do. 

Eat Good

Inhaling all of the takeaway food and junk food is nice, but it should be something you do all of the time. If you want to be at the peak of your physical powers, you have got to feed your body with the good stuff. You learn about a balanced diet and all of the good foods when you’re little – now it’s time to put what you learned into practice! We’re not saying you should be an Olympic level athlete, but do yourself a favor and keep yourself in top shape.  


Again, you don’t need to be an Olympian. Just doing a few bits of exercise that will get your heart rate up a few times a week should be good enough. Keeping active won’t only maintain your physical prowess, but it’ll also benefit you mentally. When you work out, your brain releases all kinds of happy chemicals that make you feel so much more confident and positive. Trust me, you’ll want that confidence and spirit at this age.  

Visit Doctor Regularly

This is something you should do, whether you’re at a prime age or not. A lot of people fear going to the doctor for a multitude of reasons. Maybe they’re just too shy. Perhaps they feel as though they’re burdening the doc. Maybe they just couldn’t be bothered. Don’t be like those people. If something’s up, you should get it checked. It could be something severe, or maybe you’ll just be prescribed some medication and told to buy some Listen Lively hearing aids. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be glad you went and got whatever problem you had sorted.  

Be As Sociable As You Can

Being around others, especially those you love, will also boost you – mentally and physically. People need to have that comradery for their own sanity, so make sure you spend a lot of time with your friends and family. Solitary confinement during your twenties and thirties would be a super sad existence.

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Tips to Look Better in Your Bikini (That Don’t Involve Exercise)

Tips to Look Better in Your Bikini (That Don’t Involve Exercise)

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It’s summer –  the season of sun, sea, and swimwear. If the mere mention of swimwear is enough to fill you with a cold dread, chances are, like a lot of women, you aren’t particularly confident about the way you look in a bikini. Chances are you also aren’t particularly keen on exercising your way to a better bikini body, and anyway it’s a bit too late for that now! That’s okay because there are lots of things you can do to look better in a bikini that don’t involve exercise…


Ditch the Junk Food


You’d be surprised how much better your bikini body can look after just a few days of cutting out junk and other foods that cause you to retain water and bloat. So, if you’re heading off to the beach in a couple of days, eat clean, and that bot of a belly you’re worried about will be gone in no time.


Buy a Bikini That’s Your ACTUAL Size


I can’t state enough just how important it is that you stop trying to squeeze yourself into that size 6 bikini and buy the 8. By doing so, you will actually look slimmer, rather than larger and no one will know what it says on the label anyway!


Laser the Hair Away


If the reason you’re worried about wearing a bikini is that you have lots of excess hair and removing it causes your skin to redden or a rash to form, look into getting Hollywood Skin Brazilian hair removal instead. It’ll sort out your hair problem and leave your skin looking perfectly smooth for the rest of the summer!


Fake Your Bake

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If you’re pasty and the pale and interesting look isn’t for you, don’t avoid slipping into your swimwear – fake your bake. Fake tanning products are getting better all the time, making it much easier for you to boost your tan at home. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, visit your local Sun Tan City. A professional job will cost a little more, but it will make you look slimmer and give you your confidence back, making it totally worth it.


Stand Up Straight


You’re probably rolling your eyes at the screen right now, but the simple act of standing up straight with your head held high and your spine erect can make a huge difference to how good you look in a bikini. When we slump, we automatically look pudgier than we are, so by maintaining a straight spine, or even better lying down, we automatically look thinner and more toned. Really, try it. It works!


Buy a Swimsuit

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If you’re really worried about baring all in a bikini at the coast and it’s playing on your mind, just don’t wear one. There are plenty of pretty swimsuits and tankinis which will look just as cute and give you. A bit more security when you’re out on the beach. Having fun and enjoying the sun is what’s important, not being able to slip into a bikini!


Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
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