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Tips for Moving That Will Make Your Life Easier

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.,

Tips for Moving That Will Make Your Life Easier


Moving is a pretty straightforward job with a lot of sidesteps. The mere simplicity of the mission in front of you – move stuff from one living space to another – can catch you off guard as complications begin to pile up. In order to avoid unnecessary hiccups, you don’t need particularly complex strategies; all you need are a few neat tips for moving that will make your life easier.

Arm yourself with boxes, labels and markers

Let’s not waste precious time with jibber-jabber about the organization – if you are to tackle the undertaking of a move efficiently, all you need to do, in regard to organization, is to get enough boxes, sticky labels and markers. That is pretty much it.

The only thing you should do is compose a list for packing and unpacking and use the cardboard boxes accordingly. Make sure you have at least double the number of smaller boxes in your possession, and use each of them to start packing. Markers and sticky labels are there to speed up the process as you mark every box for a dedicated type of items.

Pack small, think big

Every packing for a grand move should begin small – in other words, start collecting small items and divide them into “dedicated” cardboard boxes. Try to keep the groups small – even though it is tempting to fill each box to the brim to skip a few tedious walks between the apartment and the car, this is actually a misconception.

The move will be far more manageable if you increase the number of used boxes – it will take you some time, but you are far more likely to avoid damage or breaks this way. You know how the old saying goes – better safe than sorry. The broad strokes of your moving session should be going from small items to the bulkier ones.

Don’t do it alone

Here is an obvious tip people tend to (surprisingly) overlook. It is all fine and dandy if you think you can do this all by yourself, but a move can be a lot easier, not to mention safer, with at least one pair of helping hands. On the one hand, you can “employ” the help of friends and family – a few extra cars or minivans at your service will shorten the moving session significantly.

Additionally, you can opt for a ute hire from Brisbane for a pricing range that is more than fair. In fact, the longer you hire the vehicle for, the cheaper the price gets, so this method really pays off if you are tackling an ambitious move.

Prepare the terrain in the new apartment

You moved a mountain of boxes into the new living space, so now what? It will take ages to unpack and sort everything out and the new apartment needs to be “functional” from the very first day of your move-in. This is why it is important to prepare the terrain in the new apartment beforehand.

If you have nowhere to lie for the moment, put a few mattresses in the rooms, and place a few bars of soap, toothbrushes and paste as well as shampoo in the bathroom. In addition to that, clean clothes and towels also need to be prepared for your stay until everything is set up.

In the end, do not forget to contact your internet provider and install the Wi-Fi in your new household. The last thing you need is to roam around without the internet and all the necessary contacts that go along with it. The same goes for canceling magazine subscriptions for the old address. You need to visit the local postal office and do all the necessary mail management to avoid any sort of financial and bureaucratic disasters. When you move, it is easy to forget such minutiae, but it’s just as important to deal with that as it is to transport your furniture. 

These tips can come in useful if you are not all that good at organization, however, do not forget to double check the apartment or house you are leaving. Have a close inspection of all electrical switches and appliances that are a part of the living space – you don’t want to leave something on and end up with a hefty electrical bill on your hands a whole month after you’ve left the old place. “No strings attached” is the best thing for everyone involved.

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