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Planning a Birthday Celebration for Kids – Tips and Ideas

By Guest Blogger, Ian P.

Planning a Birthday Celebration for Kids – Tips and Ideas


If your wallet is thin but there’s a child’s birthday coming up, of course that a birthday party is in order, no matter the circumstances. However, you don’t have to spend a mountain of cash to make your kid happy. Try to skip the pricey off-site party and opt for hosting a birthday party at home. It may involve a little more work, but the important thing is that your kid will be happy all the same. We’re going to give you tips on how to throw a kid’s party on a budget and give you some ideas for fun and games for the guests that come.


Choose a theme

Although a theme is not really imperative, if you want to go the extra mile, you can try to make a themed birthday party:

        If your child is 3-5 years old, a simple theme such as bugs, butterflies or cars can make a huge difference.

        6-8 years old can be Princess, Pirate themed, or any fantasy they love, such as Harry Potter or the like.

        For children over 8, they’ve probably developed a more personalized taste, so you can even try and consult with them about the theme and what can be possible to achieve.


How to organize a birthday party on a budget?

Now that you’ve determined the theme, it’s time for planning. If you do this correctly, you can throw an awesome party and everyone will enjoy.

        If you want to save some expenses, saving on food can help you a great deal. Believe it or not, the time of the party can make or break your budget. If you throw you child’s party around lunch or dinner time, naturally, people will assume there will be food. Instead, have the party at a time when you know people will come after lunch or dinner. That way you can easily get away with having a cake and something festive to drink.

        If you want to save money, time and stress altogether, don’t invite a bunch of kids. That, plus their parents can be a nightmare to take care of. A general rule of thumb can be to invite as many kids as much as your child has years. Or, simply limit it to the closest friends your child has (or the ones they talk about most often), not the whole class in school or kindergarten.

        Many people also spend a mountain of cash just on birthday party decorations, when in fact they don’t realize that children don’t even pay much attention to it. The only thing they are interested in are balloons and maybe party hats – that’s enough to make them feel festive and special, and you can even hand those out to each kid to take home, since it’s not costly.


What about entertainment?

Instead of the built-in entertainment of a bouncy house or gym full of trampolines, play some super fun party games or plan a craft that is both age-appropriate and fit to the theme of your party. Arts and crafts can always be a fun activity for children, and you can also match it to the theme of your party!

Were you thinking how to catch your child’s birthday party in essence? A Photo Booth Hire Wollongong might be a right solution, as children will be thrilled to stand in line and take silly photos, for a party that will be remembered.

Besides that, you can turn to numerous classic outdoor kid games that all guests would enjoy in, such as Kickball, Hide-and-Seek, Tag, Red Rover, Hopscotch and many others. Avoid lapses in activities, that’s when kids chase each other screaming, or run upstairs. Since kids trickle in at different times, offer simple opening activities and ease them into something more serious.



In the end, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. If friends or family aren’t an option, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the event coordinator – you can simply hire a babysitter or two to help. Kids will love to have them at the celebration and you’ll appreciate the much needed extra pair of hands. Your part doesn’t have to be better than others – the goal is for everyone to have fun, and that’s all that matters.


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Ways of Implementing Order in Your Life

By Guest Blogger Ian P.

Ways of Implementing Order in Your Life


Growing up means learning how to navigate life in the best way possible and becoming a functioning member of society. At the same time, we all strive to achieve the feeling of holding all (or at least) some strings in our hands. However, it is not uncommon that most people didn’t grow into an organized adult, and they never learned the basics, which now affects their professional and private life. If you are one of those with an iron will, but without the skill or knowledge on where to start, read on as we present to you the four fundamentals of implementing order in your life.

Work on your mindset

First and foremost – start by finding a way to change your outlook. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve struggled with organizing your life before and had little to no success. So perhaps the best way of going about it is to start from yourself. Figure out what stops you from keeping a timely schedule, from an organized room, from doing your chores, or prioritizing things in your life. The reasons can be of all sorts: from serious ones, like depression, to more easily manageable ones, like fatigue, or simple laziness. Take the time to dig in and find the root of your problems, as that is 80% of the battle.

To-do list

When you’re just beginning to organize your life, figuring out how to stay on top of everything can take its toll. More than likely, it’ll be tempting to quit under the pressure of remembering what needs to be done and when. At this early stage, you will want to have a to-do list. Buy yourself a planner, or a single pad if you prefer to keep it simple. Write down what needs to be done, then prioritize the chores. Start small by making daily lists, then gradually evolve to weekly and monthly goals. You will rid yourself of a lot of unnecessary stress.


This probably goes without saying, but the most common type of disorder we all struggle with is the one in our homes. Cluttered rooms contribute to the feeling of disorganization and loss in our own everyday life. The only solution to this problem is to sort everything out. Clear your wardrobe of old clothes, attic and basement of old utilities, unused furniture and unfinished projects. You can give them away to charity, sell them, toss them, or as experts from cheap storage Sydney advise store them until you decide. Don’t pressure yourself into knowing immediately what to do. Most things can have sentimental value and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Online presence

Oddly enough, time spent online can play a huge factor in the lack of order in your life. Take note of how many hours a day you spend on the internet, and whether it is social media, streaming videos, or doing something of substance. What many of us don’t realize is that, while informative and useful, the internet is a wonderful distraction. When we decrease our daily online activities, we find ourselves with a surprising amount of ‘additional’ time for other, perhaps more productive activities. This can be another good way to bring order to your life – eliminate all unnecessary distractions and time-wasting online activities.


Take the process easy on yourself. The changes won’t happen over night, but they should be on a steady rise. Get yourself a notepad or a planner, decide on your priorities throughout the day, and clear out all the physical clutter to keep a de-cluttered mind as well. Having a semblance of order in your life is not something you earn once, but a skill used constantly. You simply get better at it, and learn to use your time in a more practical, economical manner.

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What Your Face Features Say About You

What Your Face Features Say About You

 by Guest blogger Ian P.


Stipsfromtia.com grouchometimes you just like a person you see for the first time, and some other stranger’s face is simply a put-off to you. Some scientists believe this is not a coincidence. The way your cheekbones or eyes are positioned will send a message to people about your personality, they say. People can sense if you are a trust-worthy or a generous person from features of your face.

If we think about it, if our genes and hormones that run through our body affect our behavior, why is it so impossible to consider that they also affect our facial features as well? A number of scientists have done some research on how people draw conclusions about others based on the shape of their faces and how true those conclusions were. Let us at least take a look at some key facial features and just think about it.

Shape of your face

Close up portrait of Asian/Indian young woman leaning back on sofa looking at viewer.
Close up portrait of Asian/Indian young woman leaning back on sofa looking at viewer.

Before interpreting the shape of your face, compare the ratio of your facial width with its length. According to some scientists, if the width of your face is 60% less than its length, you act cautiously in most of situations during life. If the width is more than 60% of the length, then chances are you have natural confidence.

Furthermore, the bigger your cheekbones are and wider your face is, the more likely it is that you are naturally more aggressive person, as your testosterone levels are high. It is also possible that you are more assertive than others, which usually means that, for example, you are prone to have a higher salary than people with narrower face.

Skin tone

The term “skin tone” refers to the undertones, which are harder to notice, but reflect our habits and the way we live. It is not connected to ethnic differences in skin tone at all. According to some research, a yellowish, golden skin tone is a sign of a good health, as it is connected to the amount of fruits and vegetables that person eats. In case your skin is rosy, it could be a sign of good circulation and it means that you are probably an active person.

Eyes features

TipsfromTia.com Woman's Eyes and NoseThere are several factors connected to the eyes that scientists believe can point to certain characteristics:

·        Iris patterns – crypts, the clusters around the pupil, if present in a great amount, are a sign of a gentle and reliable person. However, if they are shrunk tightly, it is possible that the person is slightly neurotic.

·        Eye color – according to some researches, people who have darker eyes are more charismatic than others. Regarding women, those with lighter eyes will probably feel less pain during childbirth, while those with darker eyes can easily feel tipsy after smaller amount of alcohol. Darker eyes are also a characteristic of people with fast brain functioning.

·        Distance between eyes – the wider the distance between the eyes is, the more tolerant the person is of errors.

·        Size of eyelids – if you have thicker eyelid, chances are you are more of an analytical person, while those with thinner eyelids are more prone to action and determined people.

Nose shape

A recent study suggested that people having a large nose are ambitious and have big self-confidence, meaning that there are usually in charge, even though they can occasionally be too strong in their reactions. If only your nose tip is bit too big, then you are very cautious with your money and you manage it really well. Noses that are not round or sharp usually belong to people that are nice, calm and liked by others. And as last, if you happen to have a longer nose, you are determined, intuitive and always ready for action.


TipsfromTia.com, tips from Tia, Smile brilliant whitening kitHow concise you are when it comes to talking to others can be determined by your lips. People with thinner upper lip tend to be more concise, while those with a fuller lip are more generous in communicating with others.

According to traditional Chinese face reading, having thin lips suggests that you are sophisticated and enjoy when things are done in the right way. On the other hand, People with full lips always search for pleasure and enjoy having new experiences.

Science vs. Chinese face reading

Scientists are not the first one to try to interpret people’s faces in order to guess their characteristics. The aforementioned traditional Chinese medicine has been doing that for centuries. For practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, not only that our faces tell others what we are like, but they also warn us about certain illnesses inside our bodies, depending on our skin.

What’s more, our face can even tell us a lot of things about our past and our future. Starting from the forehead and ending with the chin, you can follow a person’s life path and see what is yet to happen to them. If you don’t like what your face tells about your personality traits or your future, plastic surgeons from Sydney suggest you change certain things about your face, and who knows, maybe you change something else along the way, too.


Of course, our characteristics and our future are not set in stone (or on our faces), which means that there are numerous factors that shape us into the people we are now. However, if there are certain things about you that you didn’t understand before, maybe the answer is in the mirror.

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Things You Should Consider Before A Home Renovation

By Guest Blogger Ian P.

Things You Should Consider Before A Home Renovation

Whether you’ve just bought that dream house you’ve always wanted and it needs a few fixes here and there or your old place is in need of a complete overhaul, home renovation can be an energy draining process. This is true both for those who live in the house they’re renovating, with the workers coming in and out of the place and dirt and dust everywhere and those who don’t but need to check in on the progress every few hours. Here are some first-hand tips on how to avoid making renovations a nerve-wracking experience.

budget-158926_640Consider your budget

It’s always better to spend a few more bucks on quality materials than to cheap out on something that won’t even last to the end of the year. However, you don’t need to go overboard and shop for the most expensive items available. Talk to a friend who’s been through a renovation and double check with your contractor before spending all your money and always set aside additional 10% to 20% of your overall budget for any issues that might arise.

Choose the right contractor

Sifting through the yellow pages and searching the internet are the easiest ways to find a contractor. This said, finding a good and reliable contractor who understands what you want and knows how to accomplish it can be a little tricky. Word of mouth is oftentimes the best way of finding good contractors, so try talking to your friends, neighbors and colleagues from work. Ask for any referrals and proof of previous work before signing an agreement, that’s the best way of avoiding scams and shady contactors.

Set realistic expectations

This is the single most important thing on this list. Having dreams and expectations is normal, but always have in mind that renovations depend heavily on the shape of your existing home, available resources and of course, the budget. Ask yourself, do you really need that expensive marble counter, or can you satisfy yourself with a more reasonable priced one. If you can, good for you, and if not, try doing the renovations in stages. Prices vary from season to season and being patient always pays off in the long run.

building-1080595_640DIY vs. Professional

We often pride ourselves in accomplishing things with our own two hands. And there are numerous little jobs around the house which don’t require hiring an expert and wasting your money away. Changing the light fixtures, fixing the kitchen sink or throwing a fresh coat of paint on the walls is simple for those who know how to do it, but fixing the plumbing and painting the entire house does require calling an expert. If you want to repaint the house but have absolutely no skill with a paintbrush and roller, you can contact Painters Sydney, for example. Just make sure that the job in question is definitely out of your comfort zone before calling an expert.

Do your research

Heaving clear expectations before you start tearing the house down is crucial. Talk to anyone who’s done a renovation for tips and advice or contact a real estate expert. They may charge you for a consultation, but their knowledge on the subject and vast experience can only do you good. Cross-research the best deal available for all the thing you need to buy or try talking to your contractor. He’s probably been doing his job for quite some time and probably know where you can get a good deal.

Home renovations can be challenging at times, especially for those who’ve never done it before. Not only that but most people tend to live in the house they’re renovating, making their everyday life difficult both for them and the workers. If the entire house need work, then its best you stay at your friend’s or neighbor’s house until it’s done. Having a vision is never enough, you need careful planning, a good budget and at least a few consultations with the experts before you embark on the road of renovation.

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