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Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

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Air pollution is on the rise in general. But have you considered the air quality in your home in particular? So many of us automatically associate air pollution with being outdoors in busy city centres or major cities around the world. But the air in your home isn’t necessarily much different. While you can’t control air quality in the wider world, your home is one place you have a little more control over – and you can take measures to ensure you can breathe easy in the space you where sleep, eat, and generally relax in!


We produce dust in our homes on a day to day basis. It’s essentially an accumulation of skin cells, hair, and other bits and bobs that are dropped on the floor. But while it may seem settled on surfaces, it’s also present in the air. Don’t breathe it in – instead, dust, sweep, and vacuum regularly to collect up as much of it as possible.

Tackling Mold

Mold can spread through your home for a variety of reasons – damp being one of the most common. It can be easy to ignore if it’s isolated to places where it’s out of sight. But mold is much more than an eye sore. It’s unhealthy too. Spores spread in the air and can actually make you sick when you breathe them in. So, if you have mold in your home, don’t procrastinate. Contact specialists like Environix, who will be able to tackle and remove mold from your property professionally and safely.

Investing in Houseplants

Houseplants are said to be nature’s life support system. They naturally draw impurities from the air surrounding them and photosynthesise carbon dioxide into oxygen in order to survive. They’re the inspiration for air filters – and what’s better than the original, authentic deal? If you do invest in houseplants, be sure to do your research and only invest in plants that are appropriate for your home in particular. Many plants are poisonous or toxic if consumed, so if you have kids or pets, are generally better avoided.

Try Out Salt Lamps

Chances are you’ve already heard about Himalayan Salt Lamps or seen them about. They’re attractive lamps, carved from blocks of salt with a bulb inside. But did you know they’re supposed to be great for air quality in your home as well as being aesthetically pleasing? Experts claim that when the salt in the lamp is heated by the energy emitted from the bulb, it draws in water from the air. This water contains all sorts of bacteria and dirt, meaning the lamp draws in bacteria that you would otherwise be breathing in.

These are just a few different options you might want to look into and try out if you’re planning on improving air quality within your home. They can make a drastic difference, so they’re all worth giving a try!

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Succeeding in the Balancing Act of Living a Balanced Life

Succeeding in the Balancing Act of Living a Balanced Life

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There is no doubt that it can be difficult to live a balanced life. You often have so many different priorities that you are juggling, working out how you can find them all in can be tricky. Many people are feeling like their work-life balance is completely out of whack, but things don’t have to stay that way. Of course, there are times when you need to give priority to certain areas ahead of others, but here are the key areas of life with which you are juggling.

Physical Wellbeing

If you are constantly busy working, looking after family etc, it is often your physical health that starts to suffer. After all, it is so much simpler to not do that half hour of exercise and order take out rather than cooking. However, you need to remember that you only get one body, and if you don’t take good care of it, you can find yourself in trouble. Check out some of the advice available on source: https://soundbodylife.com/ to give you a helping hand. One way that you can find more time is to exercise early in the morning so you have already ticked it off before the day has begun.


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If you find that you have been working far too much and your relationship with your family has started to suffer, this is when you will want to start to reassess your priorities. After all, these should be the closest relationships that you have in life no matter what else is going on. You will only get out of these relationships what you put into them. After all, work should be a tool that allows you to enjoy the other more important parts of your life.


Next up on the list of relationships to find time for are your social ties. Ask yourself how often you see your close friends and how active you are being in arranging time that you can all get together. Having a close group of people around you that you love spending time with is one of the keys to living a long and healthy life. If you find that these relationships are being sacrificed, it is probably the case that you are not in balance in your life.


Take a closer look at your financial situation and ask yourself how things are going. Are you making the right investments or looking to increase your income wherever you can? You want your money to provide you with a range of different options. It is a good idea to assess your financial situation from time to time and work out what direction you are heading in. For example, that big promotion at work may provide you with more capital in the short term, but if you have less time to enjoy it, will it be worthwhile?


If you run your own business, of course this ends up taking up a lot of your time, but you should also ask whether you are advancing things in the right direction. Ultimately, it should be providing you with pleasure to run your business, and if you are not getting this, it may be time that you want to reassess your priorities. When you invest a lot of time in something, you want to feel like it is all worthwhile.


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After all these other commitments, are you also taking the time to invest in your local community? Though it may not seem as important as many of the other things we have already talked about, you still want to ensure that you can improve the place you are living as best you can. This is often the final piece of the puzzle with regards to living a more balanced life. It also helps to give you an enormous sense of wellbeing that you are doing something positive in the place you call home.

These six areas of life are the main ones that you need to balance in order to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. Of course, it is sometimes not easy to keep everything in check, so one of the best ways that you can do this better is by making a regular weekly schedule that your stick to. Even if there are some weeks that you need to devote more time to one particular area, you can balance this out in the future. Ultimately, a balanced life is the kind that will provide you with the most fulfillment.

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