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5 Ways To Make Your Home’s Atmosphere A Lot Healthier

5 Ways To Make Your Home’s Atmosphere A Lot Healthier


When it comes to the quality of a home, there are a lot of aspects that need to be on point. Sure, not everything can be perfect at all times, but different areas should be appropriately worked on. Obviously, the looks matter a lot – you’ll want to be surrounded by the prettiest possible environment, right? Nobody wants to walk into their own home and dislike what they see. You’ll also want everything to be functioning as they should. There’s little worse than know there’s a fault in your home. That burden that constantly follows you around is something that you shouldn’t have to live with! 

Something that also makes a massive difference to one’s home is the overall atmosphere of the area. The feel, the smell, and the overall aura need to be in good condition if you want to be happy with what you have, domestically. How can you do this kind of thing, then? Obviously, not trapping everything in, and having a smooth flow of air would do the trick, but you’ll still need to do a few more things if you want to maximize the atmosphere in many ways. Here are a few things you can do:

Regularly Clean Your Home!

This sounds pretty and plainly obvious, but if you keep your home in a much better condition overall, then it’s going to be a lot nicer in terms of the air around it. Many homeowners prefer to do short stints of cleaning every now and again – and that’s understandable due to their busy schedules. You should really take time out to fix your home’s cleanliness and tidiness pretty often, however. You only have one home (well, most of you do), so you may as well treat it like a palace. Others will be impressed with it, and you’ll get a much clearer space, feeling, and ambience. 

Make Sure The Air Con Is Good To Go

The air conditioning in your home is obviously going to be necessary for when the terribly hot weather hits. The breeze from outside might do the trick, but you can’t always rely on the passages to the outdoor spaces for your cooling needs. If you want nice, cool air flowing through your home and provide and smoother time for you, then you’ve got to have that air-con sorted out! Obviously, the air con will make the entire area healthier, and it’ll keep everyone inside in a better mood. What you don’t want is people becoming antsier and contributing to the bad atmosphere!

And The Central Heating!

The polar opposite is needed for the harsher weather. It might cost a little, and if you’re not exactly rolling in money, then this might be something you ignore – it would help out the place a lot, however. During colder times, it’s not great when the cold air makes its way into your home. If your central heating is working well, then you’re going to be a better position to combat the winter. It’s also something you’ll need should you invite someone/a group over – nobody wants to enter somewhere as a guest only to then be awkward and freezing for the entirety.

Think About Wall Insulation 

Following on from the idea of keeping the heat in: cavity wall insulation helps this kind of thing, too. A lot of the coldness that enters a home gets in through the bricks and the plastering, somehow. If you can negate that kind of thing, then you’re going to be a lot warmer through the harsher days and nights. Foam and other strong, insulating materials are pumped into the cavities between the bricks and everything else, stopping the cold from breaking through. You can call up a company that literally specializes in doing this kind of thing can get the job done in a matter of days. 

Get An Air Purifier 

In order to keep everything in the air healthier, you might need to use other mechanical means. Air purifiers are great as they can remove contaminants in the air, and restore everything to what it should be. You can get some as a reasonable price from your local stores and online. You might even want to go one further and look for the best ozone generator. These things blast ozone around a room and disinfect the air, the walls, the carpets, and everything that can become a little murky. You’d obviously have to be careful around one of these – ozone isn’t something you want to inhale too much of!

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The Ultimate Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Home

The Ultimate Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Home

While your humble abode might not be ridiculously filthy, there’s no harm in giving it a deep clean annually. This can give us the opportunity to declutter, reevaluate our storage, tidy up the nooks and crannies and clean the aspects of the home that rarely see the duster, the polish or the hoover. Deep cleaning is more than getting the wet vacuum cleaner out, you need to consider how you will get each of your rooms looking brand spanking shiny new. Take a look at this guide to help you give your home a thorough deep clean.

Image by Pixabay – CC0 Licence


Each room needs to be cleaned with a fine tooth comb. Each room will require different jobs to be completed. You might need a carpet wash in one room and a chimney swept in another. Go room by room and make a list of each job that needs completing. Your annual deep clean may take a few days to complete as you should finish cleaning one room before starting another.

Before you begin cleaning, you need to clear your living spaces of clutter. This might mean your ornaments or it might mean your bookcase full of CDs, the stereo and your cookbooks. Put them in another room along with your furniture so that you have a virtually bare room. This allows you to clean even the deepest of nooks and crannies.

Any clutter that you no longer want to keep should be dumped, recycled, given to a charity shop or sold. Don’t keep hold of it if you don’t want it. It will take up valuable loft space. Put some of your better quality stuff on eBay and make a bit of money for your efforts. What is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.


Bedrooms are the spaces that tend to hold the most dirt. Without going into too much detail, you spend around eight hours a night lying in bed, so dead skin cells will permeate through the room. At the very least you need to clean your mattress and whip on a couple of new protectors. You may need bed bug removal if you spy any critters and you will want to rub down the skirting boards and bed frames. Hoover your carpet and wash your drapes. When everything is clean you can redress your bedroom so that it becomes your haven of relaxation once again, without as much clutter and smelling fresh and delicious.

Image by Pixabay – CC0 Licence


The bathroom within your home should be cleaned on a regular basis, but there are some jobs that you probably don’t do as often as you should. Open up the plug holes, pour down some drain unblocker, and clean the hair and gunk from your shower heads. Check out the cistern of your toilet to make sure there is no limescale developing and mop the lino. A bathroom needs to be sterile and hygienic so this is the room that needs to be deep cleaned a little more regularly than annually.

Follow this guide, and you will have a fresh new clutter free atmosphere within your four walls. You will soon master the art of deep cleaning your home.

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Think Your Home Is Too Messy To Clear Out? Think Again!

Think Your Home Is Too Messy To Clear Out? Think Again!

We all have a messy home, in some form or another. We have piles of clutter here and there, and we like to straighten them out day by day, but come bed time, they’ll be a complete mess all over again! We try to make changes where we can, such as the room atmosphere or finding new ways to arrange the attic for more boxes, but there always comes a time when we simply run out of room. 

And yet, if you’re someone who wants to have a clear out, but you don’t think it’s quite such a practical move at the moment, think again. There’s plenty of methods you can employ to tidy up a home that’s one mess after another, and there’s always ways to get rid of the clutter at the back of your cupboards, so you can use them as a storage solution once again! 


Make a Schedule to Follow

First of all, make a plan. If you’ve going to be tackling the mess in your home from top to bottom, you can’t rush in without a bit of foresight. You need to sit down beforehand and work out how long it’s going to take, and what would be the easiest to start with. All in all, you need to make yourself a clear out schedule, to keep your dreams of clean living a practical reality. 

Start with the top floor, and then work your way down – this way you won’t dirty the areas you’ve already cleared out and wiped down. Usually the attic is best to start with, to make sure you’ve got plenty of room to store the clutter you want to keep, and then tackle the master bedroom before you hit the bathroom. 

When you get downstairs again, make sure you start in the kitchen! The living room can always come last, seeing as you’ll still require use of it during the day, and you’ll need all of your furniture still in place. 

Rope in Some Help

If you’ve got a big house, and an even bigger amount of mess, don’t venture in alone. Get your friends and family to help out – give them a copy of the schedule, run them through some general rules (so you don’t waste your time supervising!), and then everyone can get on with it. 

Get Yourself a Bigger Bin!

And finally, if you’ve got just too many black bags on your hands than you’re capable of moving and trashing yourself, invest in a bigger bin! And no, that doesn’t just mean you should buy a 45L bin to replace your 30L one… 

Instead, look into something like a skip bin hire. These companies will provide the skip as and when you need it, and when it’s filled to the brim with all of your waste, they’ll take it all away again. It’s quite useful when it comes to clearing out the modern home!

Don’t despair; you can clear out any home if you remember tips like these. 

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Helpful Office Cleaning Tips

Helpful Office Cleaning Tips


Cleaning is a job which you either love or you hate, there is rarely an in between. But it is something which we all have to do now and again to maintain a hygienic home and workplace. When it comes to maintaining a clean office, it is important for us to manage time in the best possible way and to also find ways to make the process easier. This is why today we have some handy tips to help you maintain a clean and tidy office this year. 

Hire a professional

The first thing you can do, which is the easiest way to make cleaning simple as a business, is to hire a cleaner. If you have the money in your budget for it, why not hire a company such as www.crusade.com.sg    to clean your office for you? The good thing about hiring a cleaner is that you have the piece of mind of knowing that the cleaner knows what they are doing and they will save you spending too much time on it yourself. 

Cleaning the windows 

One of the more challenging jobs to do when it comes to cleaning the office is cleaning the exterior windows. If you have a multi-story office, it can be incredibly difficult for you to wash the exterior windows of the top floors. However, instead of forking out for a window cleaner, buy a magnetic window cleaner instead. This consists of two pads, one of which you place on the inside and one on the outside, and it will allow you to clean the inside and outside at the same time!

Organise your paperwork

One of the worst things you can do for yourself if you want to make it easier to clean your office is having piles of paper everywhere. It is important to organise your paperwork not only for productivity in the office, but also for the time it takes you to clean. Make things easier for yourself by clearing out your paperwork, buying some box folders, and placing them on a shelf out of the way of your desk. 

Have a kitchen rota 

One of the worst parts of the office to try and keep clean has to be the kitchen, and the kitchen is something which can be a messy area. This is why it is important for you to take the time and effort to create a rota which involves everyone in the office, including managers. It is important for everyone to feel responsible for the kitchen because this will ensure that the office is less likely to become dirty in the first place and it will also ensure that the cleaning of the kitchen is divided up fairly between everyone. 

Install wooden floors

One of the best changes you can make to the office this year is install wooden floors instead of a carpet. It will be much easier to maintain a clean wooden floor and you will be able to largely avoid using a vacuum cleaner and disrupting the flow of work for everyone in the office.

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I Can See Clearly Now: Top Chores To Tackle Today

I Can See Clearly Now: Top Chores To Tackle Today

cleaning-268134_960_720Picture source

Many of us can get stuck in a cleaning routine from time to time. We tend to stick with the chores that need doing the most or the ones that need our attention there and then. But there are some chores we can just forget to do, the ones that would make a world of difference, but yet don’t always present themselves as urgent jobs. However, if you tackled those today, you could get a head start on that spring clean, and make a real impact to your living space.

We forget about the upholstery

Too often we can focus our attention on mopping floors and cleaning work surfaces and forget that we do have a lot of upholstery around our home that will very rarely get cleaned. Things like couches or chairs, and even blinds or curtains. So maybe now would be the perfect opportunity to use an upholstery steam cleaner and breath a new lease of life into those everyday items.

Do you dust your light fittings?

Dust can settle everywhere, am I right? The skirting boards, the furniture and even under it, you can find dust pretty much everywhere. But when was the last time you gave your light fittings a dusting? Probably not for a while. This is because your lights don’t tend to be at eye level, you won’t notice just how much dust has gathered. So grab a feather dusters and get dusting those light fittings and watch them shine even brighter than usual.

Declutter the cupboards and drawers

Clutter can really zap the energy right out of us, so while we are motivated to get our homes in order, maybe you should focus some of your attention to decluttering your home. You can start small by just concentrating on your cupboards and drawers. Then maybe moving on to different points of your room. Ven just allocating five minutes each day to decluttering can make a huge difference to how clean and tidy your home looks.

Give your windows a clean on the inside and out

During the winter there are some chores that we just want to avoid, cleaning your windows might just be one of them. So you might find that as the winter sun starts to shine through the panes, that they look a little dirty and dusty. Why not use this time to give your windows a good clean on the inside and out, it can make a huge difference to the amount of light it lets into your home. Which could even improve your mood.

Time to clean the appliances that do the cleaning for you

Finally, many of us rely on washing machines for our clothes and dishwashers for our pots and plates, but yet maybe we don’t clean those appliances as often as we should. However, grime and limescale can build up in the pipes which means you could end up cleaning your clothes and dishes with dirty water. So spend some time running through a detergent in those appliances to get them sparkling once more.

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“Sweet” Back In “Home Sweet Home”

“Sweet” Back In “Home Sweet Home”

Most us of have something we don’t like about our home. Maybe it’s the bathroom door that never stops squeaking, no matter how much you grease the hinges. Perhaps it’s the fact that you never have enough space for all your stuff. Or maybe you’ve promised yourself a new kitchen for years, but it’s never arrived because of one thing or another.


We all have gripes. But that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to put things right. Here’s how to put the “sweet” back in “home sweet home.”

Fill Those Spots You Loathe With Stuff You Love

There’s a place in all of our homes that it would be fair to say that we hated. Perhaps for you, it’s the utility room, complete with all its mechanical ugliness. Or maybe it’s a drab hallway, with skid marks along the skirting. Here’s a pro tip for all you haters out there: fill those spaces with stuff you love. One idea is to hang pictures of pets or family next to the spaces that you hate. Another is to place trinkets and knick-knacks to cover up problem areas. Whatever it takes, make sure that you reclaim your home as your own.

Fix A Damp Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than having a damp bathroom. The thought that all those mould spores going everywhere: it’s enough to make you sick. More often than not, the problem is coming from your shower unit. But it’s not an issue you can’t resolve. Shower pods are fully contained units, from floor to ceiling, let a wet room. And, as a result, they’re almost certainly more hygienic than the bog-standard shower you’re using at the moment.

Design Your Home Around Conversation

If you can’t do anything about your home, you might as well design it to suit your family life. Don’t just have all the furniture in the room facing the TV. Instead, think of ways to design the space that will draw everybody into a conversation. Who knows, with a close-knit family, you might not need to move after all.

Get Your Bedding Right

One of the main reasons people hate their homes is because they’re a permanent mess. A little bit of tidying is usually all that’s required to make a world of difference. But the problem is that too many people start off on the wrong foot. People who have spotless houses also tend to be those who make their beds in the morning. So make yours, and don’t start the day on the wrong foot.

Focus On All The Stuff That’s Good About Your Home

Marriage advisors will often tell couples who are having difficulties to focus on the best aspects of the relationship. The same goes for our homes. We can get so bogged down in all the negatives that we fail to see the ways in which our homes are great. If you don’t have a dishwasher, just think about how hand washing is better for your kids. If you can’t afford a great TV, regret not. Just reflect on how much more time you get to talk to your family.

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Don’t Forget To Clean These Items In Your Home (To Stay Healthy!)

Don’t Forget To Clean These Items In Your Home (To Stay Healthy!)

It’s so easy to head to the main areas when cleaning your home. After all, we spend the most time in the lounge and kitchen so it’s essential to clean these. However, even with these rooms, there are some items that we forget to give a good clean. It means we are putting our family at risk of allergies and flu. Therefore, remember to clean these items in your home so that your family all stay healthy.

clean-571679_960_720  Pixabay

Spare room bedding

It’s so important that when you wash your sheets that you ensure you also clean the kids and the guest room bedding. Otherwise, the bedding over time will become a haven for dust mites. The next people who sleep in there could potentially get ill. It’s hard to spot if you even have them in your home. Therefore, wash the sheets at least once a week at 130F to ensure all dust mites are killed. Then you can hang them out to dry in direct sunlight, so they are fresh and clean. And don’t forget to clean the pillowcases and blankets on the bed as well. These are also great places for dusts and mould to hide over time.

bedroom-374972_960_720 Image from Pixabay



A lot of time we hover the flooring and move the rug to the side of the room. But it’s so important that you are cleaning your rug regularly. Otherwise, any bits of food that have fallen down while you were eating might be hiding in there and turning to mould. Also, dust will build up in the rug and end up causing dust mites. Therefore, it’s worth checking the label to see the best way to clean it. You can brush it down and then sponge it or put it in the wash. If it’s something more specialist such as a handmade oriental rug, you might want to find a professional for rug cleaning.

2398024748_08d39caa09_z flickr

Top of doors

When cleaning, we tend to look at things in the room that are at our eye level or below us. Therefore, the top of doors tend to be forgotten when we are giving our home a good scrub. However, dust will be building up and causing your family to have flu-like symptoms. So next time you are cleaning the rooms, make sure you dust the top of the doors so they are squeaky clean.

Kitchen bin

Although our bin is the home for our leftovers and rubbish, it tends to not get the privilege of a clean very often. However, any leftover food and bacteria which has fallen could be building up at the bottom of the bin. It can leave an awful smell in your kitchen which is not hygienic for your family. Therefore, as this article explains, hose the bin down and spray it with disinfectant to ensure it’s clean for your family.


Our beautiful curtains are often overlooked when it’s time to give the home a good clean. But pollen, dust mites, and bacteria can build up over time on upholstery. Therefore, make sure you get them down and give them a clean regularly.

640px-gordijnen_aan_vensterImage Source

Hopefully, you can add these to your list to ensure your family is safe and healthy in the home.

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How to choose the best steam cleaner. By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

How to choose the best steam cleaner

(and get rid of dust mites)


Have you or someone in your family problems with allergies? If you have, you are probably aware of how important it is to live in a clean environment as that dust mites and dust can trigger the allergic symptoms. Great way to remove allergens from your home is by steam cleaning.

Pic 2Today the market is full of the large selection of steam cleaners in terms of price, and when it comes to models, the most popular are Handheld steam cleaner, steam mop steam cleaner and Cylinder steam cleaner. All of them have some pros and cons, and to choose the right one you need to think about what do you need a steam cleaner for.

Handheld steam cleaner

Handheld steam cleaners cost less than the other two types, they are compact, lightweight and easy to handle. They come with a range of different attachments for cleaning different surfaces.  Don’t expect that you will be able to clean big surfaces with these cleaners like floors or carpets; they are intended for smaller jobs, like cleaning car interiors, grills, around faucets, bathroom or kitchen tiles or removing old stickers. If you are looking for something to help you to get rid of the dust mites, keep looking.

Steam mops

Steam mop is a useful tool to have at home if you have a lot of floors that needs to be kept clean. This is a new generation of mop, that you don’t need a bucket for. They have proven to be the best in cleaning hard floors, but more expensive ones with a higher steam pressure, can even fresh up your carpets or clean the stains from your furniture.

If you need something that can be used not only for cleaning floors, but for cleaning other surfaces there is a solution – 2 in 1 steam mops. These models can be used as mops and as handheld steam cleaners. They come with various selections of attachments suited to different jobs. This means that you wouldn’t have to buy two different types of cleaners in order to clean floors, tiles, windows, grill, kitchen tops and a lot of other stuff.

Cylinder steam cleaner

Photos provided by Guest blogger, Marie N.
Photos provided by Guest blogger, Marie N.

Most of cylinder steam cleaners will do all the things that handheld steam cleaners and steam mops will do. These cleaners are usually heavier than mops, but the fact that they are on wheels make them easy to move around.

You are probably wondering if there is a good reason to get one of these steam cleaners instead of 2 in 1 steam mops; yes, there are few of them. First of all, they are easier to use, because you wouldn’t have to carry around the water tank on the handle while cleaning. The second reason is their longer steaming time. Cylinder steam cleaners have bigger water tanks and you will be able to clean longer, without turning them off and filling them up. Some can even be filled up as you clean, so you don’t have to turn off the cleaner to keep on going. The fact that cylinder steam cleaners have more power and higher steam pressure than a mop is the last and, for me, the most important reason to choose them. They are great for deep cleaning and excellent choice for removing allergens, because the steam will penetrate deeper into the fabric and kill all the dust mites and other allergens that live there.

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