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Protecting Your Home From Natural Disasters

Protecting Your Home From Natural Disasters


Winter is a turbulent time of the year, and often coming with it are much harsher weather conditions as well as some risks of flooding and other natural disasters. 

If you want to protect your home this season from the risk of natural disasters there are several things you can do. Building and protecting your house this season is more important than ever, and it will give you the peace of mind for years to come that your house is safe. 

Here are just some of the ways you can invest in your home to keep it safe this winter. 

Consider drainage 

Flooding is a risk in winter more than other seasons because it simply rains more often. To prevent your house from flooding, you need to assess the drainage around your house and fix any cracked drains on the exterior of your property. Be sure to unblock the drains and see about installing another one if you don’t have much already. 

Install sturdy garage doors 

When preparing your home for flooding or wind damage, it is important to have very sturdy doors which can withstand water as well as the force of wind. Install a new garage door as well as doors of your house to ensure you have a solid barrier between yourself and the elements this year. 

Invest in a flood barrier 

If you live in an area which is low down and at risk of flooding often – it is important to consider a flood barrier. Your flood barrier doesn’t need to be huge, but just enough to divert water away from your property to keep you and your home safe. 

Caulk windows and doors 

When there is a risk of natural disaster close to your home, you need to be sure that the structure of your house is solid. To do this, be sure that the area around your windows and doors is solid and doesn’t have any holes or cracks that can provide a weak spot for wind and rain. Use caulk to seal around the windows and the doors and protect your access points. 

Don’t store cardboard on the floor 

If you have a garage or shed alongside your property, one important thing to remember is that you should not store cardboard boxes full of things on the floor. As you know; cardboard is not waterproof and this means if you flood your belongings run the risk of severe water damage. Stick to plastic, or move boxes onto shelving. 

Have plans for cleanup

When a natural disaster does hit, not many of us know what to do. It is important for you alongside planning to prevent damage that you have a plan if it happens. You can store the number for a disaster cleanup contractor in your phone incase the worst does happen and at least you will have an expert team of people to help you in your time of need. Be sure to keep the emergency numbers for other services too, so that when the time comes you are ready to take action.

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Home Hacks: Minor Modifications That Make All The Difference

Home Hacks: Minor Modifications That Make All The Difference

Have a look around your home. How do you feel? Do you feel calm and relaxed? Are you proud to say that this is your home? Or is your eye immediately drawn to all those nagging jobs you’ve never quite got around to finishing? When we renovate and redecorate, we tend to focus on getting the big jobs done and dusted but often, making minor modifications can make all the difference. If you’re keen to take your home to the next level, here are some simple, affordable changes you can make now.

Finishing off those half-baked DIY jobs

Have you got doors hanging off, shelves lying on the floor or storage units, which haven’t yet made it out of the box? If so, it’s time to set aside a couple of days and finish these jobs off. Although they may seem minor, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel much better when they’re done. If you’re not a dab hand when it comes to DIY, and this is why it’s taken so long to get the house in tip-top condition, consider enlisting the help of a handyman. You can save money by doing the work yourself, but if you haven’t got the time or the inclination, this may be a much more appealing option. Ask friends for recommendations, or have a look at the services that are available in your local area online.

interior_design_865875Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Interior_design_865875.jpg

Refreshing the paintwork

Painting is something many people dread, but afterwards, it becomes clear why it’s important to make the effort. It may sound incredibly simple, but refreshing your walls and the exterior paintwork can bring your home to life, and give it a much fresher feel. If white walls have become cream or gray or you’re tired of trying to contend with color clashes or garish prints, which were all the rage five years ago, now is the time to sand down those walls, given them a wipe, and choose some new shades. In the spring/summer months, it’s always good to go for light colors, especially if you have small rooms.

Switching your flooring

Flooring has such a dramatic impact on the look of the room. If you have an old carpet that’s frayed at the edges, you’ve fallen out of love with laminate or the bathroom is sporting cracked tiles, consider switching your flooring. Wooden floors are great in both modern and traditional homes, and they complement most styles of décor. In kitchens and bathrooms, tiles are a practical and aesthetically pleasing option. If you’re searching for ideas, have a look around some showrooms, and flick through some magazines. Once you know what kind of look you want to go for, you can compare prices by visiting stores and shopping online.

interior-1471317_960_720Image via https://pixabay.com/en/interior-design-comfort-indoors-1471317/

When you think of a modifying your home, you probably assume that this means spending a fortune and devoting hours of your precious time to building, painting, sanding, and hammering. The truth is that you can achieve incredible transformations by making relatively simple modifications. Once you’ve got the big jobs ticked off, don’t forget those minor details.

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