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Extreme Sore Fx!!! By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

Extreme Sore Fx!!!
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I finally got my work-out DVD’s out of the boxes from my parent’s house and finally got a TV and DVD player hooked up and working!!! Eureeka!! (Thank u hubby!)… I was super excited to push play and get my work out on after being such a bum. I finished one day of 21 Day Fix EXtreme from Beachbody and I am so sore I can barely move! I feel kinda pathetic being so sore from something I did everyday, just a few months ago but at least I know I gave it my all.

Walking… I look like an 87 year old woman. Going down the stairs I look like a 2 year old with no certainty I am making the next step without falling down the rest. Sitting …I look like some kind of sad human with hemorrhoids who lost their puppy …and trying to sit on the commode is more like falling and hoping I don’t fall in or off.
Here’s where I’m confused… How am I supposed to work out every day if it literally hurts to even lay down? I feel like my muscles would just totally give out, fail or cramp or worse … I think I’ll do a couple times a week until I get back in shape and then start the actual 21 days.

I find that every time this happens I frantically search the internet for some cure all to the soreness and I never find anything new. I also never find exactly what to do so I figured I’d share because I think it worked pretty well.

So here is how I’m coping with being sore:

1. Start by drinking tons of water

2.Taking some Advil (I don’t normally do this and I don’t know that it helped but I’m desperate)

3.ICE ICE BABY !! It is seriously a miracle how it relieves the pain instantly! I just went from aching spot to aching spot numbing it all!!
now that the pain is a little less intense I’m feeling adventurous…

4. a foam roller is a god sent!!!!! No for real this thing is my best friend that I have neglected it for a long long time. I will never ever do that again!! I started slow with the smaller muscles like my calves and worked my way up, putting more and more body weight on the roller and spent about an hour really getting brave and rolling out all my muscles…. Victory!!! I can now go down stairs!!!

5. Stretch!!! Again starting slow and without bouncing just really stayed still and got deeper into each stretch until it seemed like I was at almost normal mobility.

6. Keep it movin’ buster!! Do not stay still for too long or you will stiffen back up. Even though I was dying to curl up in bed I kept it moving and went about the day suffereing through each step. I kind of thought it was funny how ridiculous i looked, so laughing helps too (except it really hurts !!!)

Anyone else get this sore after not working out for a while?? What tricks do you have? Feels great to be back I must say!! #nopainnogain
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Six Organization Hacks for Your Closet. By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.


Six Organization Hacks for Your Closet


Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

With pants, jackets, and suits, it can be easy for the closet to become a cluttered mess due to daily use of your items. For many people, it can be a challenge to find certain accessories, or navigate through the different racks. To tidy up the closet and keep it organized throughout the year, here are a few organization hacks to take advantage of in the small space.

Add Matching Hangers
Instead of using mismatched hangers of all different sizes and colors, opt for using uniformed hangers that all look identical. Consult with a National hanger company to swap out plastic hangers for wood hangers or velvet ones, which will hold each clothing item and prevent it from slipping onto the floor. This will improve both the functionality and the aesthetics of your space.

Place Shoes in Boxes
Preserve your shoes and keep each pair together by placing them in plastic bins, which will also prevent dust from collecting, and scuffing from piling them all together. You can take a polaroid photo of each pair for an easy labeling method for the boxes to help identify these accessories. Keep them organized by season so you’ll be able to easily switch from winter to summer.

Install Overhead Shelves
Give your closet more room with overhead shelves. This will provide additional space to store purses, luggage, or items that are not frequently used. Buy over-door racks or install some so you can hang accessories or even clothes and jackets you use all the time. This way you don’t have to constantly use a hanger for every piece.

Swap Out Seasonal Clothing
Instead of allowing bulky coats or snow pants to take up space in your closet, store them in plastic bins where they can be kept out of the way when not in use. Each season, you can swap out the clothes on the rack for an easy way of finding what you need.

Group Similar Items
Organize all your products by grouping like items. Store belts on a few hangers, place scarves in a labeled box, and keep certain types of jackets together for a simple way of finding what you need in seconds.

Use a Rolling Ladder
For those with larger closets, a rolling ladder can come in handy by making it easy to reach for items that are stored on top shelves. This will also make it easy to keep shelves clutter-free with easy access.

As one of the most used features of your home, the closet can easily become an eyesore if it’s not properly maintained. With the right tools and practices, you can easy allow it to become organized for a space that is easy to use and allows you to put outfits together in less time.

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Think Fast: First Aid Helps Everyone Should Know. By Guest Blogger, Brooke C

By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.


Think Fast: First Aid Helps Everyone Should Know


Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

No one can be fully prepared to provide first aid for every type of emergency situation. However, there are some basic first aid practices and techniques everyone should be versed in, no matter what. The reality is that some of these first aid helps may seem so basic, mentioning them yet again may be interpreted as a waste of breath. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, too few people take the time to even know the most basic and commonly needed first aid techniques.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
Cardio pulmonary resuscitation or CPR represents perhaps the most basic form or emergency first aid help the typical person needs to know. According to the American Heart Association, 88 percent of cardiac events, many that require CPR, occur at home. A full 70 percent of the population is unable to perform basic CPR in such a situation.
CPR training is available from a wide range of different agencies and organizations. This includes the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, local hospitals and medical centers, as well as many other institutions, groups and organizations.

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation
This technique is absolutely life saving to millions in any given year. You should know the proper way to administer the resuscitation and be able to know when it is truly needed or not. Only 30 percent of the population can do this first aid correctly, but if you enroll at a local clinic, fire station or hospital you can learn when it is needed, how to do it, and when it can be dangerous. Harrison Medical Center says it’s important to refresh the course every year to be sure you are up to date on your techniques.

Heimlich Maneuver
Incidents in which a person chokes can be commonplace. Thousands of people are brought into emergency rooms annually because of chocking incidents, including 10,000 children. Indeed, one child dies in the United States every five days (on average) from choking, according to the American Red Cross.
Because of the truly ubiquitous nature of chocking incident, and the fact that children are at high risk for his type of accident, understanding the Heimlich Maneuver (or a similar, medially approved technique) is fundamental. As is the case with CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation, Heimlich Maneuver instruction is available from a wide array of different groups, organizations and agencies. You should know how to administer it to an infant as well as a grown person.

First aid is important to know, because you’ll never be able to guess when you might need it, and it can save lives. More deaths can be prevented, and you can feel more prepared when you are well versed in first aid for home.

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Insider Workout Tips: Top Clothing Brands for Sweating This Year. By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.


Insider Workout Tips: Top Clothing Brands for Sweating This Year.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

After all that pumpkin pie, getting in shape is a resolution for many of us as the holidays wind down. When setting goals this new year, the trick to keeping them is making them doable. If you know you want to lose weight, make some small manageable goals to get started so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Just start with 20 min of cardio three times a week. As you get better, make more time during the week for workouts, or make your workout longer. Always warm up with fast paced cardio like jumping jacks to get your body warm, and blood flowing. For greater muscle tone add squats, jumps and abs to your routine. You also don’t want to underestimate the importance of the right brand for hitting the gym. Getting in shape and getting in style don’t have to conflict with each other, as long as you check out this list of brands to wear while you work it.

The quirky yoga-style Lululemon Athletica brand has become a major force in women’s athletic apparel. Their form-fitting lines are sure to be flattering as much as sweat-wicking. These clothes are business first, socializing second. It doesn’t have to be yoga, because Lululemon clothing is perfect for any kind of workout, especially one that incorporates a lot of cardio work since they offer a lot of support.
Sometimes you can’t beat the classics like Nike. This brand has been providing the world with comfortable and affordable shoes and sports apparel for a long time. Their jogging shoes have even been recommended from foot specialists in Toronto to Florida. They have quite a line of workout clothes, and they are better than Lululemon for outdoor sports, jogging, and training. Nike has sportswear for both men and women in a wide variety of colors. While not quite as high-end as Lululemon, Nike is the best one-stop shop for men and women looking to put together an outfit for running that can work in both the summer and the winter.

Adidas is a solid choice because of the versatility alone. You can find clothing to fit all kinds of sports and workouts in all weather conditions for men, women, and children. The Foot Clinic says to check the arch support and heel when buying Adidas shoes. If you have longer legs, your heels definitely won’t have to be as high. Their selection is even better than Nike’s, especially for winter sports and workouts.

Between these three brands, you will have a good selection of the fashionable, the practical, the durable, and the versatile workout brands out there. Think carefully about the kind of exercise you want to do, and whether it will require being outside, and if so, in what weather. That will tell you where you need to look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, either. Take what you need from each of the three brands to you are getting the best.

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