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Repurpose Your Old Items into Spring Fun

By Guest Blogger Aimee L.

Repurpose Your Old Items into Spring Fun


paintPhoto Credit: coyot, Pixabay


Spring is here, and people around the country are spring cleaning by scrubbing their houses from top to bottom, clearing boxes out of garages, and pulling weeds and winter debris from yards. You’re probably going through stuff that you no longer use or need or have outgrown. Before you haul it off for donation, consider repurposing it. If you think outside the box and add a little paint, you can turn old items into something new and fun.


Cookie Sheet Memo Board


There’s always an area of the home where little papers pile up. The papers get lost in the pile, so the coupons expire, the memos get forgotten, and the receipts are completely disregarded. A memo board is a great place to store these items so that they’re literally in your face. Instead of buying a boring, corkboard-style piece, repurpose an old cookie sheet and create your own memo board.


To start, spray your cookie sheet with a metal primer, adding a fun color of spray paint afterward. Next, you’ll cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the baking surface of the cookie sheet and use Mod Podge – a popular crafting supply that acts as an all-in-one gluing, sealing, and finishing medium – to secure it to the cookie sheet, allowing it to dry overnight. Lastly, spray a layer of glossy clear paint to the entire board to protect the paint and fabric. Attach your papers with magnets, and you’re done!


Old Bed Spring Reimagined


If your child has outgrown her crib or toddler bed, don’t toss the bed spring. Instead, use it to make a memo board, a craft supply storage center, or a trellis for your garden. Acting as a trellis, the wire frame allows climbing fruits and vegetables and ivy to weave their way up and through the wiring as they grow. You will need to prime the metal by spraying it with a can of metal primer, and then spray paint it a color of your choosing. This will prevent rusting and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Seal and protect by spraying a coat of glossy clear paint. For more structural support, consider enclosing the bed spring in a wood frame.


To use the bed spring as a craft supply storage center, follow the same steps above. In addition, you’ll need items in which to place your supplies and ways to attach them to the springs. Place pipe repair clamps around glass jars (such as mason jars or old spaghetti sauce jars) and tighten the clamps. These can be secured to the springs using twine or zip ties to store pens, scissors, rulers, and more. Attach wire baskets using S-hooks to store glue, paints, fabric samples, and more. You can also use clothespins on the wires to attach some items, and magnets on the thicker edges to attach notes and other papers.


Dragonflies from Ceiling Fan Blades


If you have old ceiling fan blades, table legs or spindles lying around – or purchase them at a Habitat for Humanity Restore or Goodwill for just a few dollars – consider creating a dragonfly to hang inside on a wall or outside on a fence or tree. Start by lightly sanding the fan blades and table leg or spindle. Next, use a marker to draw the wing shapes on the ceiling fan blades. Cut along these lines with a scroll saw or jigsaw, wipe the blades with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry.


Now you’re ready to apply primer and paint to the blades and table leg or spindle. Seal the paint and protect your dragonflies using a clear coat of spray paint. A hinge can join two blades together to make wings, as well as join the wings to the body (a table leg). Use drawer pulls, washers, or other hardware to create the eyes, and antenna straps, metal wire, metal plumbing straps, or other strips of metal for the antennas.


There are many other ways you can repurpose cookie sheets, bed springs, and ceiling fans. There are also other items to repurpose like old Tupperware and kids’ toys. With some imagination and a little work, you can repurpose your stuff into fun, bright, and creative spring décor, gifts, storage units, and more. With other items, utilize the right boxes, and you’ll find that your storage situation is much more organized.

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5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Holiday Party

By Guest Blogger Aimee L.

5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Holiday Party


If you’re gearing up to host a holiday party, there are a few tips and tricks you should use to make sure your party is a hit instead of a flop. By avoiding some of the most common hosting mistakes and using some easy holiday party hacks, you’re sure to throw an amazing holiday party that people will be talking about for years to come.

1. Make your theme known

The last thing you want to do is have people show up in cocktail attire when you’re wearing your snazziest ugly sweater. That’s why you include your theme when you send your invitations. And, let’s face it – a theme makes things a lot easier for you because you can tailor your menu, décor, and entertainment to match your theme and make it a seamless party from beginning to end.

You can stick with tried-and-true themes like Winter Wonderland and Ugly Sweater Contest, or you can get nostalgic with A Christmas Story or White Christmas. No matter which theme you choose, be sure to tie it into your drinks and tablescapes to really amaze your guests.

2. Up your cocktail game

Sure, you can serve the old standby cocktails at your party, but why not get creative and knock the holiday socks right off your guests. Try making festive cocktails by pouring champagne and Perrier over pink cotton candy. Or, try a spiced citrus cocktail with cranberry syrup, vodka lemonade, and gumdrop skewers. Whatever cocktails you choose, be sure they tie into your theme.

3. Think outside the box with your decorations

If you don’t want to go through the mess of hauling a freshly-cut tree into your home, or if you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on new decorations for your holiday party, just think outside the box for your décor. Pile books in a corner and drape with lights to make a Christmas tree. Float cranberries in mason jars with floating candles, or place a sturdy pillar candle in the middle of a hurricane, fill with a few inches of water, and then float cranberries to surround the candle. Purchase some clear balloons and fill them with glitter before inflating them or having a local party store inflate them with helium for you.

If you want to make your home cozy for your party, make some homemade potpourri with oranges, cinnamon, cranberries, cloves, and nutmeg. You can simmer it on the stove in a pot or purchase a small Crock Pot for simmering. Other items that create a cozy feel include essential oils such as peppermint and pine. Use a diffuser or put a few drops in a bowl of pine cones or yarn balls.

4. Don’t forget the games

While you don’t want to make guests feel like they’re running a marathon because you have planned too many activities, you should plan a few games that will keep the party hopping. A few favorites that are sure to get some laughs are Christmas Carol Pictionary and Minute to Win It. Remember to make a list of items you’ll need for the games ahead of time because it’s easy to overlook the supplies for the games in the chaos of preparing for the party.

5. Crowd-pleasing food

Your guests will arrive hungry, and you should have crowd-pleasing food that won’t break your budget or take you hours to prepare. Simple finger foods like bruschetta, bean dip with pita chips, apple fritters, and stuffed mushrooms look like you spent a ton of time making food but take little time to make and are easy to eat.

Whatever food you plan, make sure it ties into your theme (see tips #2 and #3) and is something that you can prepare or at least partially prepare ahead of time. You won’t feel like you’ve thrown an amazing party if you’ve missed most of it because you were in the kitchen practically the whole time.

Throwing an amazing holiday party takes a bit of forethought and preparation, but if you follow these tips, you’re sure to throw one of the top holiday parties this season.

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Image via Pixbay by mwitt1337

5 Low-Maintenance Decorating Tips for Frequent Flyers. By Guest Blogger, Aimee L.

By Guest Blogger, Aimee L.

5 Low-Maintenance Decorating Tips for Frequent Flyers


Image via Pixabay by RebeccaMartinez
Image via Pixabay by RebeccaMartinez

Frequent flyers know the best routes to the airports, the fastest ways to make it through security, and the best luggage for racking up miles. But, frequent flyers may not know exactly how to decorate their homes in a low-maintenance way, so that they can spend more time relaxing at home when they aren’t on the road. If you’re looking for low-maintenance decorating tips so that you can enjoy your home more between trips, you’re going to love our five tips for frequent flyers.

  1. Opt for a No-Fuss Look

Clean lines are a good option for frequent flyers because furniture and accessories or window treatments with skirts and fringe collect dust and pet hair. It’s also helpful to go for a casual and comfortable look. Any furnishings or accessories with extra fabric or expensive fabrics require more cleaning time and more care if there are spills or messes. The less clutter, the less fabric, and the less throw pillows and throw rugs in your home, the less time you have to spend dusting, sweeping, and fluffing, and the more time you have relaxing and enjoying being home.

  1. Avoid Solid Colors

Solid colors show everything, from pet hair, to dust, to scuffs. To hide these blemishes, consider patterns or medium tones for your furniture and bedding. It’s also a good idea to think about your wall and flooring colors, bath towels, and other décor when selecting colors; avoiding black and white is a must for low-maintenance decorating.

  1. Decorate with Low-Maintenance Flowers

It may seem counter-intuitive to decorate with flowers when the goal is to create a low-maintenance space, but choosing low-maintenance flowers gives you a fresh look without extra fuss. Indoor plants also improve the air quality in your home, and it’s nice to come home to greenery after a long trip. And, decorating with low-maintenance flowers adds color, texture, and visual interest to your home in a less-expensive way than pricey accessories.

Some of the best low-maintenance indoor flowers and plants are African violets, aloe vera, snake plants, and peace lilies. If you want to decorate the exterior of your home with low-maintenance flowers, opt for impatiens, liatris, marigolds, peonies, and irises.

  1. Allow for Storage

Storage areas and accessories are a must for low-maintenance decorating, because the less things that are lying around, the easier it is to clean and remain organized. One of the best low-maintenance decorating tips for frequent flyers in terms of storage is to consider the storage potential in every possible place in your home. Think about what needs to be stored and where, and then select pieces that will accommodate those needs.

Choose ottomans that open to reveal storage compartments for blankets, remote controls, and games in the living room. Consider built-ins and window seats for extra storage in every room of the house. Opt for vanities with doors and drawers for bathroom spaces, rather than pedestal sinks. You’ll be surprised how much time you save cleaning when your belongings are organized in storage areas.

  1. Avoid Tile Flooring and Showers

While tile can be beautiful, it definitely will not aid in your low-maintenance decorating efforts. Tile flooring requires a lot of care because it can crack or chip and is difficult to repair. While the tile itself is easy to clean, the grout between the tiles is not. Grout often becomes discolored over time and is very difficult to clean.

Tile in the bathroom is anything but low maintenance, as it attracts mold and mildew. Again, the grout in tile shower stalls is very difficult to clean. Opt for solid materials for tubs and showers because they easily wipe clean and do not require extra cleaning time or effort.

Frequent flyers should be able to relax and enjoy their homes when they aren’t traveling. That’s why it’s important to keep your home as low maintenance as possible. Getting started with our five low-maintenance decorating tips for frequent flyers is a good start.

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