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Let’s Get Adulting! Five Things You Must Invest In

Let’s Get Adulting! Five Things You Must Invest In

Time is ticking on and at some point we’ll all have to admit that we’re – gasp! – real live adults. As you grow up, your priorities tend to change – you decide that staying out until 4am every Friday night isn’t your idea of how to have a good time any more, and you also decide that the sort of moody bad boy who always used to win your heart really isn’t worth your energy. The rest of your life starts to change too as your finances change and you decide what you should be spending money on these days. Here are five things that you should start to invest in as you get older…


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Noticing fine lines around your eyes? Aren’t we all? It feels disastrous but at the same time they’re a little bit like war wounds: we’re proud of them because they demonstrate that we’ve grown up over the years it’s taken to get those fine lines, and that we’ve become wiser as well as older. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to moisturise the heck out of them until they start to fade. Make sure that you keep your skin hydrated with a good quality moisturiser – you want it to glow, after all – and wear night cream and eye cream every night.

Staple Clothing Items

Boots, bags, jeans and jackets: those are the clothes items that you need to start investing in because once you find the perfect ones, believe me – you’re going to want them to last forever. Choose great quality materials like buttery leather and well-sewn thick denim with a little stretch in it so that you can stay comfortable.


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If you’re starting to outgrow your Ikea phase it’s time to invest in furniture that doesn’t come in flatpacks and require you to ask your friend’s boyfriend to come over with his screwdriver to put it all together for you. Start picking out items from Plum Goose or other sites that tempt you – add some beauty and style to your home, and pick furniture that will last the test of time.

Your Friends

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Your most important commodity is time, so you should spend it on what matters most to you, which should of course be people. Maintaining your friendships as you get older requires much more time and work than it did when you were at school, so it’s crucial that you overcome that end of the week tiredness to peel yourself out of bed and meet your best friend on Saturday morning for brunch. If you don’t have kids yet, then you might do one day, and it’ll be an even bigger test of your friendship and time – make sure you don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Your Future

More than anything you should be investing in yourself. You are the most precious thing in your life and your future should be something that you focus on. Take classes for further qualifications in your chosen field and put in the extra hours at work, or take relevant volunteering or interning placements. It may be tough in the meantime, but investing in your future will be the best thing you ever do.

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Kids Moving On? Time To Style For The Grown-Ups

Kids Moving On? Time To Style For The Grown-Ups

When you have children in the house, you know the furniture and interiors are going to suffer a few scrapes and mishaps. You might have deliberately styled your family home with the kids in mind. They can be pretty destructive at times even when it’s not intentional! But now they are older, and perhaps moving on to college or University, you might want a change. Why not go for an attractive yet grown-up style to celebrate getting your home back to yourselves?

Having children often means sacrificing those regular decorating updates. Your interiors may feel a little stuck in the past. If it’s been a while since you last got the paint brush out, why not try something completely different? Olives are looking quite popular again this season. These tones are quite soothing and certainly appeal to that grown-up look you may be aiming for.

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Add a patterned paper feature wall to create a fresh new look. The trick is to paint the ceiling first. You might choose a slightly off white with a matt finish here. A new light fitting in the modern style could work well too. Why not try a contemporary chandelier in the living room? Coving and skirting boards should match as they frame the wall. If you’re keen to follow a contemporary style, why not install a lighting wall? LED lights fit behind a faux wall to create a glow. Then you can add your favourite family photos to the wall.

After years of using throws and covers to hide the splits and spills from your kids, it’s time to invest in a lovely new sofa. You might want something like a brown leather Chesterfield to meet your traditional style. Or perhaps you would prefer a contemporary cinema-style recliner? Choose cushions that belong to the same colour palette as the rest of your room. Intersperse them a neutral colour like white or black.

Luxury wool carpets and gorgeous patterned rugs can finish the living room beautifully. Of course, with a spare bedroom in the house, you might move your old furniture up there for a den or games room of your own. Some people like to use the spare bedroom for a hobby or even a gym. You may want to keep it as a bedroom for when the kids come back. Why not give it a makeover so it can act as a spare room for guests to stay too?

The garden is one of the parts of your home that can become most neglected when you have children. Trampolines, scooters, paddling pools and ball games can make a real mess of it. Now it’s time to tidy the toys, remove the pitch paint, and create a beautiful outdoor space for the grown-ups. A decking area for your outdoor dining and a covered seating area could be perfect relaxing with a drink in the evenings. Why not invest in a cheeky hot tub?

Now the kids are older, it’s time to reclaim your home and enjoy all those things you’ve been dreaming of. Your beautifully styled home can also become far more practical and functional with the extra space. What will you do with your house?

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