Keeping Cut Flowers Looking Fresh

Keeping Cut Flowers Looking Fresh

As Mother’s Day passes and proms and graduations approach, fresh flowers are in the air. Without a little care, those flowers will wither away in days. Here are a few things to do to keep those blooms looking good for as long as possible.

Flower Food Packs

The little packets of flower food that is usually rubberband to the stems of a bouquet is food that will help keep those buds looking healthy for days. It isn’t safe to consume for humans, but flowers love it.

Not Too Cold

Make sure the water that you add to the vase before putting in your flowers isn’t too cold. Flowers don’t like the cold, hence, the reason they wait until warmer weather to bloom in the first place.

That being said, don’t make the water hot, either. Hot water will only cook the flowers.

Cutting The Stems

Unwrap store-bought flowers from their plastic bundling and chop off a bit of stem. You might think people cut stems to fit the vase, and that is true, but cutting off the bottom will remove any damage and built-up bacteria that the flowers might have gotten while in the store.

After A Few Days On Display

After several days, you might notice the water is low in the vase. Add more room temperature water so the blooms can drink.

Also, if you notice pedals and leaves are ready to fall, gently pull them off to let the next pedal open. Roses have so many pedals and can look amazing for days just by doing this simple trick.

By doing these things, your bouquet will look good for days and days. Flowers can be an expense, but having their beauty and fragrance can be worth every penny when it comes to all senses!

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