Nothing Mattress: Everything You Need To Know For a Carefree Night’s Sleep

Nothing Mattress: Everything You Need To Know For a Carefree Night’s Sleep


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Most of us don’t think all that much about sleep. But it forms a huge part of our lives. The average person spends around a third of their life asleep, with authority bodies recommending an average of eight hours sleep a night. So it’s time we started paying more attention to our sleeping habits. When we sleep, our bodies get the chance to rest and recuperate. It’s the time our body takes to form new memories, repair torn muscles and prepares you for the next day. So how, do you go about ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible?


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Preparing for Bed

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, a routine becomes important. It gets you into good habits and makes sure that your body is ready to settle down and nod off. Try not to consume caffeine for three hours before heading to bed. It can keep you awake and lead to restlessness. This doesn’t just mean a coffee ban. There’s caffeine in tea too! Also, avoid energy drinks. If you want a soothing pre-bedtime drink, try warm, milky drinks like hot chocolate or malt drinks. You shouldn’t eat anything during this time either. This allows your stomach to digest the bulk of your day’s food and settle down. Avoid using devices with blue light, such as laptops, computers or mobile phones. The blue light will trick your body clock into thinking that it is day time. Opt for reading a book instead.


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Guaranteeing Comfort

You should be able to sink into your bed, snuggle into a soft pillow and nod off easily and comfortably. But for some of us, our beds aren’t as comfortable as we’d hope. You should ensure that your mattress is replaced every eight years. If it’s time that you buy a new one, read up recommendations on Sales staff are always out to sell you something, so reading up on real life reviews and opinions will give you a more balanced opinion when it comes to finding what’s best for you and your budget. Make sure that your pillows are plush (they can flatten out over time) and your sheets are fresh. Change your sheets at least once a week to ensure that everything is fresh and smelling lovely.

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Banishing Distractions


Never work or socialize from your bed. Your bed should be used for one purpose only: sleeping and resting. Put phones away in a drawer to avoid checking notifications when you should have your eyes closed. If you need to set an alarm, try a bedside alarm clock instead of the alarm on your phone. It is just as effective but offers no distractions. Make sure that your door is closed and close your windows if you live in a particularly busy and noisy area. Request that anyone you live with leaves you to sleep once you have entered your room. You should only be disturbed in matters of emergency. If you are a light sleeper, try earplugs and night masks.

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