Beauty Tips to Help You Look Like an A-Lister

Beauty Tips to Help You Look Like an A-Lister

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Do you long to look as flawless as Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid or Emma Stone? Do you wish that you could leave the house looking absolutely perfect without having to dedicate hours to an intense beauty regime? Here are some simple beauty tips to help you look like an A-lister in a hurry:

Invest in A-Lister Products

You might think that the stars you see on the red carpet only use the most expensive beauty products that are way out of your reach, but you’d be wrong. Many collections like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills makeup range are more affordable than you would think, and they will help you to more easily achieve A-list looks without too much effort.

Use Baby Oil

If you want to have the same soft, supple, glistening skin that the average A-lister seems to have been blessed with, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. In fact, you just need to spend a few dollars on some good old baby oil, which will do the trick just as well as the more expensive lotions and potions that you’ll find in an A-lister’s bathroom.

Try a Cream Highlighter

Another way to achieve skin that is radiant is by using a cream-based highlighter. Apply the product from your temple to the top of your cheekbone in a c-shape, before carefully blending it, to achieve the dewiest skin of your life.

Contour Your Way to Celebrity Cheekbones

If you want to achieve cheekbones that could cut glass, all you need to do is watch a few contouring tutorials and try out what you’ve learned. Contouring enables you to fake what you don’t have and play up what you do. Stars including Kim Kardashian are big fans of the technique which helps them to achieve a flawless face in surprisingly little time.

Apply Red Lipstick

Nothing screams A-lister glamor more than classic red lips. Stars from Marilyn Monroe to Scarlett Johansson are famous for their beautiful red lips that help them to ooze glamor and sex appeal. If you want to do the same, choose a lipstick that is smudge proof and try out several shades until you find the one that really suits your skin tone.

Use Green and Orange Concealer

You rarely see a Hollywood actress with dark circles, unless the role she’s playing calls for it. It’s not because they get plenty of sleep and avoid partying that their eyes always look so great either – far from it – it’s actually because they know that using green or orange concealer on under-eye circles will mask the problem for a flawless finish once the rest of their makeup has been applied.

Have Hair Professionally Dyed

You wouldn’t catch the average A-lister using a box dye at home, and it’s not just because they have more than enough money to go to the salon. You see, box dye is a crude tool that will not give your hair any subtly. Natural hair is made up of many different shades and highlights, which box dye simply can’t achieve. So, if you want your hair to be as envied as Jennifer Aniston’s, always see a professional hairdresser, especially when it comes to having your hair colored.

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