The Truth Behind Hair Growth

The Truth Behind Hair Growth

Photo provided by Guest Blogger Ken Thomas
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Ken Thomas

Every head of hair has a process of growth, rest and shed. Genetics determine our hair growth. For example, black women know their hair tends to grow slow. Asian women know their hair usually has a fast growth, but lacks volume. But no matter what your nationality is, this just shows our ancestors passed down the head of hair we’ve been given. So, I guess all we can do is give thanks or blame our genes on the length and styles we are able to achieve. But is there a natural way to help our hair grow better?

Look at it this way, we have this head of hair as our birthright, but now add the abuse we put onto the hair’s cortex with our styling tools, drying heat, relaxers and volumizers. We cause the hair to weaken or break where we don’t want it to. But there are some things we can do to help it grow to it maximum capacity.

·        Maintain a healthy scalp

·        Keep the strands moisturized

·        Remove breakage before it can split the strand any further.

Bringing back health and shine into any hair type can be challenging because some products don’t seep into the strand. In fact, some products will lay on the hair until it eventually washes away. Now those with black hair already know firsthand, their hair is naturally dry and must be moisturized daily by oils that can penetrate into the hair shaft to prevent breakage. Natural oils like coconut oil has the ability to soak into the shaft and repair inside, out.

Those born with straight hair that lacks the volume, might not want to add too much oil to the shaft, but may still suffer from scalp issues that need attention. Coconut oil helps with battling bacteria and dandruff which causes excess yeast on the scalp. In recurring cases of flaky scalps, it best to take a look at your diet and talk to your doctor about adding in an oral supplement or probiotic to combat the yeast overload. Scalp issues can start the hair off in a weaken state, which will deter your hair growth goals.

If you are trying to reach as certain length of hair growth to achieve a specific hairstyle, remember patience is key or it will be like watching paint dry. Have short-term goals in between your long-term goal, if need be.

Look at short pixie styles that will grow nicely into a slick bob style before reaching the shoulder length layer you desire.  

If you have a specific date in mind for your hair to be a certain length, there’s still the options of the extensions. Investing in natural hair extensions can be a great way to go, especially if your genes determine your goals are slightly far-fetched. You can find beautiful choices in weaves or clips. Online places like, has a gorgeous selection that ships free to the US and Canada. You can also talk with your stylist to see what extensions could work best for your hair type.

We all know hair trends change, but investing in natural hair extensions, the extensions have the ability to change since it’s well, …natural. It can be a great savings in the long run.

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