Lipstick Craze in 2017

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Lipstick Craze in 2017


The star of every lady’s makeup routine, its majesty the lipstick, is looking to become a staple on a whole another level in 2017. In recent years, the popular shades have become significantly bolder, but it seems that soon there won’t be any limit to what color you can wear in order to make your pout pop. So, let’s check out the hottest lipstick shades for 2017. You never know, but you might already be a trend setter.

Ombre lips

ombre-lipsFirst it was ombre hair but now we have ombre lips. For some people, this trend is nothing new, but there is a little twist coming in the following year. Usually, ombre lips are done with similar shades, ranging from the darkest to lightest. 2017 promises to change all that. Basically, whatever two, three and even four colors you want on your lips in order to make a gradient, you can use them. As long as these are at least a little bit complimentary, and you know how to apply them correctly, you’re good to go. Therefore, expect the burst of wild ombre lips such as black fading into blue, blue fading into green until you add a final touch of gray or silver to the inner lip.

Electric vibe

So far, all makeup lovers have had the opportunity to enjoy so called neon lipstick shades, but in 2017, electric shades are going to be all the rage. Basically, electric vibrant shades such as really bright blues, greens, purples and pinks reminiscent of the galaxy artworks will be a sure trend to rock with confidence and attractive attitude. These shades might not be for everyone, but there’s no doubt that they’re beautiful and that they will take over the runway in no time.

Really dark shades

dark-lipsAs many girls already know, fall and winter months are usually reserved for bolder and darker lip colors such as burgundy or mocha. There’s no way that these shades could ever be replaced but they will get new trendy additions to the bold family. In that respect, really dark blacks, grays and purples have found a sure way to the 2017 colder weather craze.

Metallic is the new matte

metallic-is-the-new-matteWe all know how popular matte lipstick formulas have been recently and the formula that’s transfer-proof and long-lasting still stands its ground. However, makeup companies have introduced a new concept when it comes to the selection of shades. Not only mattes, but metallic lipsticks as well are slowly making their way to the top. There’s no shade limit with these, so basically anyone can find their perfect color with that cool-looking cast of sheen.

Pastel trend is here to stay

Similarly to ombre hair, pastel hair trend started seeping into other forms of fashion and beauty. It definitely looks like the pastel lip is going to be a new big hit in 2017 as well. Still, pastel shades that decorate your pout are pretty pale and in that regard, they can bring out the yellow in your teeth. So, if you want to be part of pastel trend in 2017, make sure to have regular checkups with your orthodontist and be very meticulous with your dental hygiene.

Like clothes and hair, makeup is one extra way to express your creativity and individuality to the world. Eye shadow is still pretty big in this area, but lipsticks are the hot trend that’s even taking over the boldness and uniqueness of the eye shadow. So, make sure that your lips are nurtured and your smile bright, so that you can enjoy every lip trend that you find fun and interesting in 2017.

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