7 Easy Ways to Improve your Home with Technology. By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

7 Easy Ways to Improve your Home with Technology


Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.

As we’re making progress every day in terms of technology and inventions, it would be a shame not letting it ease our living and improve the comfort of our home. This could involve pleasure items such as home cinema set or an intelligent TV, or some more practical elements in the bathroom and the kitchen area. These are some of my favourite easy but effective upgrades for your well-earned enjoyment.

1. Smart TV

If your old cathode TV doesn’t cut it anymore with its channel offers and image quality, it’s high time you step up with the new-age flat screen model. You know about smartphones, but what about smart TVs? Apart from being an economical merge of a monitor and a TV function in one, it provides a range of options from browsing the internet to serving as a great panel for design or programming, among others.

2. Home cinema

And where should we put our newly bought smart TV? This versatile device act as a perfect complementary element to an awesome home cinema setting. If you look into the home theatre Sydney area market, you’d find some excellent customization offers. Your movie or gaming experience can be placed into the modest or vast spaces alike, adhering to your possibilities. Take a seat and get transported into your very own media dimension.

3. Controlled illumination

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.

If I only had a penny every time I forgot to turn off main lights once snuggled in my blankets with a good book. Thankfully, the problem is now history with the invention of remote control lights. This nifty gadget doesn’t only help you control the lights while you’re at the premises, but also while you’re outside the house. Your phone and special app is all you need.

4. Robotic cleaner

On one of those days when you just want to chill and forget all the worries in the world, a handy machine to clean up the house would be most welcome. A semi-autonomous quick-sensing vacuum machine has been with us for a while, but the newest series include an extra mopping mode. All it takes is to pick up the touchphone and set it into motion. Tempted yet?

5. Eco dishwasher

On to some other practical upgrades around the house. Manual dishwashing just may be the least favourite home chore, and a common machine has been taking care of this task for quite some time. However, with the rise of green agenda, it’s advisable we minimise the water consumption. High-tech models now reuse some previous-cycle water in the next pre-rinse which lowers the water usage by a third!

6. Tiles and other bathroom surfaces

Bathroom is known as one of the most hazardous places when presence of bacteria is the matter. I have discovered a pretty futuristic novelty in the tiling business. These titanium-dioxide coated tiles aid us in diminishment of pollutants and bacterial cultures. To seal the protective cover, exploit the benefits of hydrophobic sprays that repel dirt for the between-the-tile grout regions. Showers are eligible too.

7. Toilet makeover

In the spirit of sustainable living, there a few more things we can do for our bathroom with the assistance of technological advancements. For instance, double-flush systems can successfully preserve water by providing two levels of flush. Alternatively, utilise toilet bags as water conservers that improve the conventional (wasteful) systems with untouched flushing efficiency.

Your home can be turned into a well-oiled productive setting without some massive alterations. Create an enjoyable atmosphere with technological devices that boost the living experience in the whole house.

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