The most exciting ways to spend your days off. By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

The most exciting ways to spend your days off

Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Hard-working people seldom have time for themselves, so when you get a couple of days off it is only natural that you want to spend it by doing something you like. Sadly, it often happens that when that me-time arrives, people choose to sleep longer, and binge-watch their favourite TV show or read Tia’s blog. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there are so many creative and exciting ways to use that time, it would be shame to miss them.

Invite your friends over

When was the last time you and your friends spent some time together, but not in a bar on Saturday night? You can refresh your teenage memories if you decide to make barbecue in the back yard, bring some beer, and spend time just talking and listening to music, of watching a good movie or watching  a basketball match. It doesn’t have to be a party for dozens of people, sometimes only you and your two or three closest friends can have a wonderful time and enjoy a quiet day at home. Watch old videos of yourselves, browse photos from when you were younger, and re-live old memories of your high school and student days. Such casual activity can fill you up with positive energy that will last for weeks to come.

Pretend you’re a tourist

Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Think about it, what was the last time you actually walked through your city and actually paid attention to your surrounding: architecture, monuments, and comfortable places in the park. When you’re a tourist, you take time to get to know the place you’re visiting and learn about it but when you live there, it stops being interesting, and that’s a shame. Browse the web to find out about your city, put on your sunglasses, grab a gopro hero action camera, put backpack on your back and explore the beauty of your hometown. What is more, you can upload the video on Youtube and help many others who would like to come and visit; not only will you spend the day being physically active, but you can have wonderful photos and videos for later.

DIY day

All of us have some DIY projects that we put off just because we don’t have enough time or patience to finish them. So, when you finally get some free time, why not use it in a bit more creative way and finish what you have been intending to finish a long time ago? Make that easy mirror frame out of old CDs, make your own dream catcher, and bring in some twigs and leaves to decorate your living room. DIY day can also mean experimenting in the kitchen with some delicious recipes for soups, sauces, and cakes; so fill your kitchen with flavours from all over the world: Thailand, India, China, Italy, and Mexico.

Muster some energy

Of course, there are also times when you just cannot muster enough energy to walk, talk, and work on your day off, and that’s ok. Sometimes a person just needs some quiet “me time” to feel refreshed again. Spend this day taking good care of yourself: drink a lot of flavoured water and green tea, make smoothies and healthy pancakes, finally finish the book like you have been planning to do for weeks, and go to bed early. Use this time to get a quality rest, and not just lay around, eat chips, and drink beer.

We are all different, and we all have our own definitions of ‘rest’ and ‘fun’, but sometimes we should all step out of our comfort zones and try something new. The quiet ones should spend the day with friends, and those who are always on the move should slow down and enjoy the day.

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