9 Must-Have Items for the Ultimate Man Cave. By Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

By Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

9 Must-Have Items for the Ultimate Man Cave

2-TVA Man’s home is his castle, but within that castle lies also a man cave. This is space is a manly domain, a lair where he goes to relax, have a couple of cold ones, and unwind. Fumed by the fragrant aromas of beer, sports, and testosterone, and rugged as a man’s personality, this room also represents the man of the house. And because it is so important, a man cave must also show character through the objects it houses. The envy of all the boys, the annoyance of the wife, and your pride and joy: the ultimate man cave has to have some of these all important essentials.

  1. A Personal Comfy Chair

Any serious man cave emphasizes comfort above all else, so it is no wonder that you need somewhere great to be seated during the game. Be it a recliner, sofa, or couch you want it to be the focal point of the room. A good chair also needs a foot rest, so you can put your feet up in the air after a hard day in the office, and catch up on some Z’s in peace.

  1. Wide-Screen TV

Nothing says man cave more than a TV! Be it the game, or the action-packed blockbuster, you want to watch it in style with the boys. A large flatscreen is just what the men ordered, as even when you are grabbing a cold one from the fridge you can still see the score, and you won’t miss out. And even though it’s a man’s world in there, it will be a great way to stay in with the wife, instead of going to the cinema.

  1. Fridge

Having a man cave means you can enjoy a cold beer by yourself, or with the guys. A good man cave fridge should keep the liquid cool and refreshing, and be in reach. If you can go for a double, a smaller one near the screen, and a larger for storing the reserves. Also, look into getting one with an ice maker, you once poker night kicks in, you have the cubes ready for the scotch or whiskey.

  1. Poker Set

Cigar smoke, liquor, dimmed lights – it’s poker night! Having the lads over for a shot at Lady Luck, you will need to have a poker set at the ready. A set will have everything you need: chips, cards, even a blackjack table cover. With this in your man cave, the house will always win!

  1. Pool Table
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Tracey C.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Tracey C.

Once half-time hits, nobody wants to sit through the commercials. A great form of entertainment, pool is a real crowd-pleaser. And since you have it around the house, you can learn great new techniques, so you always hit the eight ball in the corner pocket, and show-off all your friends.

  1. Darts

If pool is not your thing, another all-star classic is the dart board. Because it’s a pretty simple game, you can even make it yourself. Remember, a man cave is all about fun and excitement, and nothing gets your blood pumping, or the testosterone burning than a dead center bull’s eye.

  1. Sports Memorabilia

7-Sports MemorabiliaWant to show off your inner sports fan? Nothing will highlight it more than decorating the cave with sport collectables. You can frame jerseys of your favorite team, put up banners, even putting up signed balls from your favorite players. It will add to the room, and make each game a spectacle to watch.

  1. Manly Blockbuster Décor

Die Hard, The Godfather, James Bond, Scarface, Batman – these macho classics represent the pinnacle of cinematography, but can also be the theme of your man cave. Print and frame up posters from your favorite action-packed screen adventures, get some cool movie-themed action figures to put on the shelves, and even redo the wall paint, so you can enjoy the manliest films in the best setting possible.

  1. Jukebox or Stereo System

Rock on in your man cave with the tunes from your youth. Putting in the sound to your spectacular-looking man cave will be the finishing touch. While the jukebox has that old vinyl feel (and makes sure the kids don’t put Taylor Swift on), a stereo system can really pump up the noise and reveal the inner-rocker in you to your neighbors.

So, there you go – the essential list that will make your man cave the showcase of your home. With these must-have items, your man cave will echo in a manly roar, wow everyone, and allow you to enjoy your favorite activities, reserved for men only.

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