6 Tips to Coping with a Partner’s Incarceration. By Guest Blogger, Erika R.

By Guest Blogger, Erika R.

6 Tips to Coping with a Partner’s Incarceration

Photo Provided By Guest Blogger Erika R.
Photo Provided By Guest Blogger Erika R.

When a person is incarcerated, their family and friends often serve the sentence right along with them.

The difference is loved ones serve their time on the outside, where they’re expected to continue to handle their responsibilities and shuffle on as if nothing has changed.

Unfortunately, when a spouse or significant other is locked up, life can feel put on hold.

Here, you’ll find six tips to coping with a partner’s incarceration.

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Write Letters Regularly

Sometimes regular visits aren’t feasible. When your partner is out of reach physically, there are many ways to stay in touch.

Develop a routine of regular letter writing. Receiving mail is often one of the few highlights of an inmate’s week, and your letters can help keep your bond strong.

Send a Selfie Every Week

Frequently print updated photos of yourself to include in letters where applicable.

Important: become familiar with the facility’s policy on mail.

Sometimes, only postcards will be given to the inmate. In other cases, long letters and a limited number of photos are allowed.

Plan Phone Calls

It’s difficult for an inmate to pinpoint exactly when they’ll call home, but they often have a time-frame.

Try to rearrange your schedule at least occasionally to accommodate that time-frame. This may be the only way to make sure you connect over the phone regularly.

Your work schedule or problems on your partner’s end will eventually interfere with phone calls; try not to let it ruin your day if and when you miss a call.

Find Support

If your significant other is incarcerated, talking to others in your situation can be helpful.

Join an online forum or find a support group locally that focuses on your situation.

You’ll be surprised how many people are going through this experience. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Pursue Interests and Hobbies

Remember that you are not responsible for your partner’s situation, and you need to provide yourself with distractions until you can be together again.

Do not allow guilt to prevent you from enjoying yourself even when times are tough.

Taking steps to better yourself, further your career or work on hobbies you have been putting off can help you maintain peace of mind.

Keep a Journal

For the length of your partner’s sentence, consider keeping a journal or diary.

You can keep this as a safe place just for you, or you can compile it with the thought of giving it to your loved one when they are released.

It’s entirely up to you how to use this tool, but writing down your frustrations and thoughts can be a healthy way to cope with stress.

In conclusion, making the most of every day and staying busy with things that are meaningful to you should help the time pass more bearably.

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